How to choose a jigsaw

One of the most common multifunctional hand power tools is the jigsaw. Use it as novices, repair and professionals. Miniature, light and practical device designed for a linear and shaped cutting of different sheet materials.

It can be used when working with materials that are made of solid wood, non-ferrous metal, steel, Plexiglas, plastics. Also, the tool easily cuts plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, gypsum Board, ceramic tile, laminate, brick and many other building materials.

To work with an electric cutting device do not have to possess special skills and experience.

Warning: the important condition to operate the jigsaw is the observance of safety rules.

To choose a good jigsaw you can quickly and easily if you follow simple rules.

What to consider when choosing jigsaws? ↑

How to choose a jigsaw? Video with the basic rules clearly can be viewed here.

Choosing a jigsaw, it is essential to determine functional parameters and technical characteristics of the device. The optimal combination is a function of shape cutting of materials and the ability to process materials of different densities and stiffness. In addition, the exemplary tool should have a special adjustment that allows cutting at an angle.

How to choose a jigsaw

What to look for when choosing jigsaws:

  • the availability of the necessary settings and options;
  • the amount of work which can handle the tool;
  • the type and functionality of the model;
  • price category;
  • adjustment, fasten the special keys.

How to choose a jigsaw

To process a large amount of materials, you should choose a more powerful model of jigsaw. For single use you can buy low-power tool.

It is important: the more the tool features and options, the more effective and better will work. The professionals recommend to choose a jigsaw that is multifunctional.

The price of similar appliances can vary significantly. A professional instrument will cost several times more expensive than a standard unit. To consider only the price factor is not recommended, as even the most expensive model may not be equipped with certain functions and settings. For example, the consolidation adjustment is carried out not by special locks and keys.

Priority when choosing the cutting device is a precision and accuracy of the cut.

Drive and move the saw are the main criteria for selection of jigsaws ↑

How to choose jigsaws to home? Regulation of number of revolutions of the actuator is an important feature of the power tool. It is in practically all types most popular. For home use, preference should be given to jigsaw, which is equipped with this function and choose it. For treatment of wooden materials necessary drive with high revs, as it ensures a higher quality cut.

Drive with reduced speed designed for figure carving plastic panels and metal materials. Precision cutting is achieved due to the strong heating of the cutting and the motor power is high.

To choose the best model of jigsaw, you should pay attention to the presence of the pendulum motion and the possibility of regulation. Pendulum motion allows movement of the holder and the saw in the up-down direction, forward-backward. This increases speed and efficiency of cutting and saving consumable material, energy, and commitment of forces.

How to choose a jigsaw

A good scroll saw works faster and more accurately, when it is the employee requires less effort.

It is important: pendulum motion prevents premature wear of the saw or the working nozzle.

The optimization of cutting of materials directly depends on the regulation of the pendulum motion.

The main functions of an electric jigsaw ↑

Easy to use models of instruments, adjustment of which is carried out without the aid of keys. So, some models have Keyless replacement saw blade. Change nozzle with fixing the lock is much faster and easier than using keys. The clips secure the shank in position firmly and comfortably.

Sawing, which is performed using the key, spend more time, effort and requires certain skills. Model retainers are more expensive, but in this case the quality and functionality justify the high cost.

How to choose a jigsaw

The presence of an angle of the cut is important element an electric jigsaw, which is to pay attention when choosing. To jigsaw was maneuverable, the tool requires adjustment function of cut angle, wherein the base unit should be rotated in the desired direction.

Attention: choosing a model it is important to ensure that the fixation installation in the jigsaw is rigidly and securely.

Fixed and accurate adjustment directly affect the final result of the operations.

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How to choose a jigsaw

It is important to consider the capacity of the apparatus, the ability to adjust the stroke, the presence of the pendulum motion. Electrical equipment of this company has excellent quality and reasonable price.

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