Finishing materials

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

Modern technology walls give the opportunity to change the apartment beyond recognition. One of the common materials that displace the standard coatings are a liquid Wallpaper.

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

They can be made in different colors and have a different texture. Because of this, any apartment owner can pick up the perfect finish.

The advantages of liquid Wallpaper ↑

In addition to the attractive appearance, liquid Wallpaper has the following advantages:

  1. High durability. This kind of coverage is not destroyed by water and will not be damaged from mechanical impact.
  2. The ability to remove contamination. This means that the liquid Wallpaper is easy to remove the drawings of young children.
  3. Long service life. These Wallpapers usually are maintained more than 10 years.
  4. The ease of applying. Liquid Wallpaper is easy to apply, even a person who never was engaged in such business.

Also, the advantage of liquid Wallpaper is in the fact that damage to a certain area it is easy to replace. It is enough to carefully remove part of the Wallpaper on this site to do them again.

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

Deficiencies ↑

If you compare the liquid with the traditional Wallpaper, it is worth noting their high prices. Because of this, the total amount spent to repair the apartment may be significantly more. Also, this coating loses in number of shades. But over time, this deficiency will be remedied as new types of coatings.

Also the disadvantages include the inability to clean from contamination. For getting rid of stains will have to cut a certain part of the coating. But this feature is a disadvantage only in comparison with washable materials. When compared with conventional Wallpaper, then this feature is an advantage.

Surface preparation ↑

Before gluing Wallpaper must carry out preparatory work. First you need to completely get rid of the old coating. As a result of such actions should be kept dry concrete wall. If in the process of repair in the wall of a detected metal elements, they should be removed or shaded with oil paint. This must be done in order to cover the future has not appeared traces of rust.

To the prepared surface shall meet the following requirements:

  • white color;
  • uniformity;
  • the absence of cracks and potholes;
  • strength.

For sealing the protruding rebar can be used a layer of putty 2 mm thick. Also before you start to glue the Wallpaper, it is possible to make the wall perfectly smooth with a level gauge. This step is optional, but thanks to such actions the appearance of the Wallpaper better. If the entire wall is slightly inclined, in this case, the alignment is not necessary, as it does not show up on the Wallpaper.

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

After leveling the surface should be primed. This applies to a standard plaster, which is applied in 3 layers with a break of about 3 hours. Only then can you begin applying the special composition for liquid Wallpaper.

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

Preparation of different types of surface ↑

Liquid Wallpaper can be applied to:

  • bare concrete;
  • brick wall;
  • drywall;
  • wooden surface;
  • walls in old houses.

When finishing each type of surface should take into account the features of the application. In an example, a concrete or plastered brick walls, which should be applied plaster mix. If this is not done, the surface will absorb dyes elements, and when you create a white Wallpaper color will be darker than intended. If the concrete wall is weak and crumbles partially, then it is necessary to apply a firming soil.

If we talk about old houses, they should be thoroughly primed wall surface, causing the composition in 2 layers. But you can do without the primer if you apply an oil or alkyd paints.

In the apartments where you installed plasterboard partitions, many are beginning to putty just the seams of the sheets. But this is wrong, as after applying Wallpapers on them may appear white stripes. Before you put Wallpaper, you need to use makeup to cover the entire surface of the wall. After making such work should be painted with wall water-based white paint.

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

In the processing of wooden surfaces it is necessary to consider that some elements of wood can be deformed under the influence of moisture. To prevent change of form, it is enough to apply 2 layers of primer and then paint the surface with a composition water-based.

Preparation of a mixture of ↑

Before how to make liquid Wallpaper, you need to pre-calculate the time since the creation of the mixture can occur about 12 hours. This means that you start to knead the solution should be at the stage of priming the walls. In the package for cooking usually includes the following components:

  • decorative fillers;
  • the pulp;
  • adhesive in powder form.

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

All of these components can be packaged in different packages or mixed. In the first case it is necessary to pour out all the contents into a large bowl and mix until a homogeneous composition. If the package contains all of the components are together, before you fill them with water, you should remove matted clumps.

Important! Decorative components should be mixed in water first and then add them to the basis of.

To make liquid Wallpaper with your hands efficiently, it is necessary to stir the composition only in the amount of water specified in the instructions. During preparation of the mix Wallpaper not just part of the package. Violation of this rule will result in changing the proportions and the uneven coloring of a future cover. To prevent damage to the fibers, it is better to mix with your hands (it’s safe, as liquid Wallpaper no harmful components).

But remember that the instructions for some types of compositions is indicated and the method of mixing by the construction of the mixer. Infusion may occur within 6-12 hours. Prepare the mixture a better with the expectation of covering one wall or the entire room. This is to ensure that the surface was not visible transition between the surfaces, which is apparent when creating Wallpapers for several batches.

Usually, 6 kg of a solution enough for approx 6 square meters. But you should be prepared for the fact that consumption will be higher. The solution prepared may be fit for another few weeks after creation.

Features of application ↑

To apply liquid Wallpaper, you need to have the following tools:

  • metal or plastic float;
  • the spray gun;
  • trowel;
  • spatula.

If you use multicolor compositions, then it is better to distribute on the surface with a clear plastic float. After applying approximately one square meter of the territory should be spread to these places was not formed lumps. During this process, you can create drawings, setting the direction of the fibers. In the corners of the Wallpaper are levelled towards the middle of the wall. After the entire surface is coated with the composition should wet the trowel to level uneven.

Instructions for applying of liquid Wallpaper ↑

After the mixture is prepared, you must wait approximately 12 hours and then stir again. The number of hours indicated on the packaging, so mistakes will be difficult. If the composition is too thick, you can add a liter of warm water and mix thoroughly.

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

Next you need to take the mixture with a plastic trowel in small portions and evenly distribute it over the surface of the wall starting from the corner. During the movement of the tool needs to fit the wall and to form an angle of approximately 15 degrees. Begin to apply the composition, preferably of light angle toward the dark. This allows you to see surface irregularities.

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

After applying you need to wait about an hour and installing side lighting, to consider the surface. In contact with the wall of light will become visible to many irregularities which can be eliminated soaked in warm water with a spatula.

Some types of liquid Wallpaper can be applied using a sprayer. In this case, the surface will be more smooth and it will not need to smooth out. The advantage of this variant lies in the simplicity of execution. During the finishing temperature should not be below 15 degrees, otherwise, the composition begins to solidify. You also need to monitor the humidity. If her level gets higher, the Wallpaper in some places can be hard to stay on the wall.

The Council! To faster dry, the room should be aired.

Where the use of liquid Wallpaper ↑

This coating is mostly applied for finishing of walls and difficult terrain. To use Wallpaper in rooms with high humidity. Such compositions can be applied on various surfaces, so the landlord can make the finish even metal walls.

But that Wallpaper lasted a long time, before their application you need to use a special primer. It is important to note that for white Wallpaper is better to buy light compositions, not to distort their colors.

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

Liquid Wallpaper used for papering bedroom, living room, children room and other rooms in the apartment. They can be used to hide surface defects and the creation of the original interior, because thanks to the variety of colors you can create almost any style.

How to care for the Wallpaper ^ a

Feature of this coating is the ability to absorb moisture, so the Wallpaper is not washable. Also, do not coat them with varnish, as it prevents the ingress of air. For cleaning dust and dirt enough to vacuum. But in some cases, this cleaning is not enough. In an example, the contact with the wall surface of the meal, after which there was a stain.

In this case, you must perform the following steps:

  • moisten with warm water place pollution;
  • cut the covering part with a knife;
  • apply on site new Wallpaper.

Replaced site may look lighter than the rest of the wall, but this will change over time.

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

Application of liquid Wallpaper with your hands

How to choose liquid Wallpaper? ↑

The selection criterion is not only the color and texture of the material, to buy such coverage should also take into account other factors. One example is the drying time. If the repair needs to be done in the near future, is to acquire compounds that dry up for a short period of time. If this parameter is not important, then the choice is limited to color, texture and price.

When buying liquid Wallpaper the particular shade you should think in advance, what the interior will be created in the room and how the wall color will blend with the furniture and other items. Also building to pay attention to the date of manufacture of the composition. If the production time exceeds 2 years, the Wallpaper is soaked in less water (about 30%).

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