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Decorative plaster koroed your hands

If you are looking for unique, practical and high-quality material for the walls of your house or apartment, the decorative plaster woodworm is the choice for you. This finish is becoming more popular. You could see him in private houses, administrative and public, because this finish is suitable for external treatment of the facades and for interior walls. Its name speaks for itself. The coating is reminiscent of the wood processed by the bark beetle. It was after this insect remains such a figure.

Decorative plaster koroed your hands

In addition, the bark looks good, it has remarkable properties and characteristics. Decorative plaster woodworm has a high resistance to atmospheric agents and temperature changes. Plus, colored plaster will not fade under the influence of ultraviolet light. All this makes the bark ideal for use both outside and inside. Let’s analyze in detail what is this stuff, what are its pros and cons, and how to apply decorative plaster bark beetle with his hands. The article also will be auxiliary live.

Beetle – what it is and what it eats ↑

Woodworm is a type of decorative plaster, which belongs to the structural type. There are two kinds of bark beetle: acrylic and gypsum based. Acrylic plaster you can buy ready to spray. The same plaster mixes are sold in dry form, with the possibility of mixing in place. If to describe the beetle, it looks like a conventional composite plaster, only with inclusions of small pebbles-granules. They at the grout with your hands give the effect of tree bark.

Decorative plaster koroed your hands

Each manufacturer has its own recipe for the mix. However, most often in a plaster pellets are marble or mineral grit. Its size varies from 0.1 to 3.5 mm. the bigger the baby, the higher the grain of the bark, and Vice versa. The layer thickness also depends on the size of the granules. Why such plaster has become very popular? Due to its characteristics.

Characteristics of bark beetle ↑

The properties of the material contributed to the fact that it is so popular. Advantages of the finishing mass, and we will try to tell about all.

  1. Mineral fillers and polymer components, which are used instead of sand, give the bark ease. No unnecessary stress on structural elements of the building.
  2. Bark – eco-friendly material, without the inclusion of toxic and harmful substances.
  3. Plaster can withstand negative temperatures (-55 ?C) and positive (+60 ?C). Has fire retardant and does not emit harmful substances under the influence of sunlight.
  4. Durability. She is not afraid of external factors, mold and mild chemicals. If necessary it can be rinsed with water, cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or wipe with a sponge, that is quite practical.
  5. Is resistant to mechanical damage, able to withstand medium-sized shocks.
  6. Her base color is white but using dyes it is possible to obtain any other, adding them to the mixture. In addition, acrylic mix you can buy already painted. A third option is to do everything with your hands: after drying of plaster to paint it.
  7. The ability to apply plaster on any surface: concrete, brick, cement, plaster, polystyrene, plywood, chipboard, OSB.
  8. Affordable price and availability.

Decorative plaster koroed your hands

Not to mention the beautiful appearance of the treated surface. Patterns created on surfaces, will delight you and your guests. Having defined the characteristics, you can proceed to the technology of applying the plaster with your hands.

Stage 1 – procurement of materials and tools ↑

First you need to buy the bark. We will solve, what plaster you are going to take, prepared or dry mix. It is now important to determine exactly how much to buy bags. The consumption of bark beetles following: 1 mTwo requires 2.5–4 kg. All depends on the thickness of factions and layers of plaster. Calculate the total surface area and purchase the right amount of material.

But one material you can not do. To him the necessary tools. The list is small:

  • a set of spatulas;
  • plastic and stainless grater;
  • bucket and mixer.

You are now ready for application of plaster woodworm.

Stage 2 – preparatory work ↑

To bark lasts a long time and not eliminated, a wall is mandatory to prepare. This includes a complex of works:

  1. Cleansing from dirt, grease, mold, dust, etc.
  2. Filling putty of all irregularities, holes and cracks.
  3. In the end you should get a perfectly smooth surface.
  4. At the end of the primer, to enhance adhesion properties.

Decorative plaster koroed your hands

If you are working with acrylic mixture, it is possible to proceed to its application. When used as dry plaster mixture, it is required to prepare on the basis of instructions and proportions from the manufacturer. Take the bucket, pour the water back. Its recommended temperature of 15-20 ?C. Add the dry mixture.

Please note! Run the batch in that order. Woodworm needs to be added to the water, but not Vice versa.

Decorative plaster koroed your hands

Stir the contents with a drill with a machine / whisk until the consistency of sour cream. Watch. To avoid lumps. When ready, the beetle should stand for 10 minutes to Mature. Before work again stir the plaster.

The Council! Each plaster has a shelf life in a ready state.

He indicated on the packaging. To extend it, just adding water will not work. In order to save as much prep material as you can use for time of life.

Step 3 – applying a decorative layer ↑

Decorative plaster woodworm – is simple enough. At first glance, it may seem difficult, but it is not as it seems. The technology is fairly simple and reminiscent of plain plaster walls.

Decorative plaster koroed your hands

Using a small spatula, apply the bark on the grater made of stainless steel. Movement from the bottom-up transfer the mixture floats on the surface in one uniform layer. Try to do all for 1 of the races, and the remnants of a grated drop back into the bucket. Why? Already there are very few stones that form the pattern. Causing this «milk» on the wall, the plot will be different. Therefore, the process is this: caused on the surface, removed the remnants with a grater, dumped it into the bucket and put a new batch. How to applied decorative plaster woodworm you can see from the video.

Treating a small area, not more than 1-1,5 mTwo, the same trowel to remove the excess of bark beetles on the wall. Just run it over the surface at a slight angle. Residues may send in another bucket, because the excess will be no baby. Allow the solution to stand for 10-15 minutes and you can begin to formation of the pattern. For this purpose you will need a plastic grater.

Decorative plaster koroed your hands

The pattern may be different. It depends on the movements that you will overwrite the bark beetle. This can be done:

  1. Horizontally.
  2. Vertically.
  3. Circular motion.
  4. Diagonally.
  5. Phillips.

Decorative plaster koroed your hands

Satirev surface, you can start processing another parcel. It remains to wait for drying and you’re done. If desired, the surface can be painted, to give sophistication. View video, how it can be done easily and quickly.

Some of the subtleties and nuances of the application of bark beetle ↑

As you can see, the work is not difficult, but requires attention. Still, I want to mention a few things that you should consider when working.

  1. Work out the square meter, and the plane, because you need to do the grout. It is advisable not to leave the plane of shadows and bring it to the end. When you do not have time to cover the whole plane, attach dividing strip in the form of masking tape from top to bottom. After application of the bark the tape need to be removed. Re getting started, apply same tape, just on the edge of the dried bark. This is to ensure that the join was invisible.
  2. To speed up the process will help helper. While you will be to put the beetle on the wall, it, as it dries, will form a picture. Thus it is possible to double the performance.
    Decorative plaster koroed your hands
  3. Do not use in hot weather. In this case, the mixture will be to dry faster, but this is not required. You can not manage to carry the picture, and in the worst case, the bark will crack.
  4. For painting use exterior paint from the same manufacturer.

That’s all you need to know. View video how to do decorative plaster woodworm with their hands.

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