Finishing materials

Walls plaster with their hands

Thanks to the variety of finishing materials to change the design of the apartment is possible to match any style. To avoid wasting a large amount of money on materials for processing, should pay attention to the plaster. The photo shows that this finishing material is beautiful looks in different styles of interior.

Walls plaster with their hands

General description ↑

Decorative plaster allows you to not only save time during the repair, but also allows you to create beautiful decor. Usually the plaster is placed under the finishing material, but the decorative mixture is used without any additional materials. This allows you to save on repairs and to create an individual style of decoration of the room.

Even if all the walls in the rooms of the house will suffer the same composition, they still are not the same. This is due to the fact that the generated pattern can not replicate. Wizards long ago learned to mimic the topography of different surfaces, so you can arrange an apartment can be almost any style. For example, if you use white plaster with a minimum of patterns, you can decorate the room in classic style.

Coating of the plaster can withstand the harmful effects and therefore can be used both indoors and for the design of the facade of the house. Its feature is that it’s very hard to stain. But even if the surface gets dirty, easy to wash.

Please note! The material is environmentally friendly and does not emit harmful compounds when using the premises.

The described solutions allow to decrease the acoustic permeability of the walls, so the landlord does not need to spend extra money on insulating material. As a decorative filler in the mixture is generally used sand, thickener, dyes.

Plaster ↑

Decorative plaster can be divided into 2 main types:

  • facade;
  • interior.

Walls plaster with their hands

Facade designed for outdoor use and more resistant to the external environment. The interior is only used indoors. They are divided into several types according to the composition of the mixture:

  • mineral compositions;
  • silicate;
  • latex.

There are also classifications according to the type of pattern that is obtained after applying the mixture. Walls plaster is one of the easiest ways to create unique designs in the room. After watching the video with the process of applying the solution, you can determine what shade and texture is more suitable for your home.

Preparation of walls to the application of decorative composition ↑

So the plaster is well stuck on the surface, it is necessary to carefully clean the wall with their hands on the old cover. If the wall has otslaivayutsya plaster, it should completely remove their hands. After this you need to seal the existing in the wall cracks. If plaster is applied type «woodworm», such actions will be enough. If applied Venetian, need to perfectly level the surface.

Walls plaster with their hands

After priming the walls and drying should determine if the entire surface of the walls will be covered with plaster or some sites will use a different material.

It is important! If you are using multiple materials, you should divide the surface with masking tape.

To work you need the following tools:

  • spatulas having different size;
  • grater, made of wood or plastic;
  • Ironing Board made of metal;
  • containers for mixing;
  • cushion.

Walls plaster with their hands

Walls plaster with their hands

Application ↑

To the plaster was necessary for consistency, you should prepare a solution with his own hands on the basis of the recommendations on the packaging with the mixture. It is worth remembering that you need to prepare a solution with the expectation that it will be used immediately. During the whole work cannot be done a long break, as the plaster will harden and will be unusable.

Walls plaster with their hands

Apply the plaster with your hands you need with a spatula. After it hardens, use a grater, with the help of which creates the specific pattern. Below the result justified the expectations, you should first practice on a small area and only then begin to finish the room. To create any terrain and lack of tools such as the spatula and grater. Sometimes the craftsmen use their own hands.

The most common are the following patterns:

  • rain;
  • circles;
  • waves;
  • crossed the line.

Walls plaster with their hands

In the presented photo shows the different styles so you can choose what is suitable for your apartment.

The most straightforward way of applying the solution with their hands is the use of a special shaped roller. With the help of this tool, it is sufficient to apply the plaster on the wall and roll it over the surface. In the video you can see all the tools he needs for work.

Walls plaster with their hands

If you can perform all actions slowly, the composition will quickly dry up and be unusable. To avoid joints, you should monitor the uniformity of the composition distribution on the surface. During the whole process of working should dip the trowel in water to clean it.

Walls plaster with their hands

The drying of the plaster usually occurs within days after application. After this it is necessary to treat the surface with fine sandpaper. It is necessary to remove from the surface excess.

Methods of applying plaster ↑

Are often used most common ways to create a pattern with their hands on the surface of the walls with plaster:

  1. Scales. The applied layer of the composition with their hands should be about 3-5 mm. After applying the plaster in a certain place of the wall to make vertical strokes with a spatula. The thickness of the tool used must be equal to approximately 10 cm After the creation of such relief you can paint it in any color.
    Walls plaster with their hands
  2. Rock. This type of terrain begins to be created from the top corner of the wall. The thickness of the applied composition should be equal to 3 mm. the Second step is rubbing so that one edge of the trowel didn’t touch the wall. Movements occur down. The arm does not come off from the surface. In the end it should be a terrain resembling the surface of the rock.
    Walls plaster with their hands
  3. Cave. With this method of applying the plaster after it is on the wall, it should be aligned and then pressed against him polyethylene. Tear off the material in about a day. This will result in a pattern resembling a stone surface.
    Walls plaster with their hands
  4. Venetian plaster. This type of finish involves the creation of their hands, even strokes over the entire surface of the wall. After the composition has cooled, you need to Polish it to a fine-grained emery paper. At the final stage of surface finishing is painting over the plaster and wipe it with the convex parts of the surface with a damp cloth.
    Walls plaster with their hands
  5. The original pattern. Using decorative plaster it is possible to create a variety of patterns using scraps of fabric, stencils, pieces of foam and other materials.
    Walls plaster with their hands

All the ways the walls can be used even by someone with no experience in this kind of work. To understand how to apply the solution on the wall, enough to see a video showing the process.

Tips for applying plaster ↑

To avoid problems during the repair it is necessary to observe a few rules:

  1. During handle, pour plaster need to wear a respirator to avoid breathing in the particles of used sand. If there is no mask, suit and gauze bandage.
  2. To prepare the solution, you should pour the mixture into water and stir until the moment when the vessel is not a homogeneous mass. Only after this it is necessary to add dyes.
  3. When the plaster is applied with a difference in a few days, its shade can vary, and so it is not necessary to stretch the work carried out in the same room. If you neglect this rule are visible transitions between the sections of wall where the plaster was applied with a large time difference.

Walls plaster with their hands

It is worth remembering that the choice of a material such as decorative plaster, you need to install furniture in the room, done in the right spirit. For example, the classic light chests can not be combined with the finishing material. When decorating the walls the plaster should choose more items made of metal. If the furniture is wood, its color should match the walls.

To get more information is to watch a video about the use of plaster. The information will allow you to apply plaster and choose the most appropriate style.

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