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BOLARS decorative plaster

Main component of plaster for decorative BOLARS is real marble chips. The advantages include a variety of color palettes, good resistance to climatic influences and high moisture. Very tolerant of temperature change and can withstand heavy frosts.

BOLARS decorative plaster

Features decorative plasters ↑

In order to turn the house into a modern work of art or to change the design of office, hotel or your own home you can apply modern decorative plaster for finishing the BOLARS. Mixture for decorative finishing there are different types:

  • On the basis of vinyl. A mixture of vinyl based used in the finishing of small items. It is inherent in such properties as resistance to physical shock and high moisture.
  • On the basis of minerals. Such mixtures have the property «breathable effect». They are protected from the intrusion of mold and different kinds of mechanical stress.
  • On the basis of silicone. The mixture, which added silicone substances that have certain properties of stability to different environments: temperature changes, high humidity and mechanical damage.
  • On the basis of acrylic. This kind of plaster has a high rate of vodootlivnoj. It is good to use in rooms with high humidity like swimming pools, showers, bathrooms.
  • Based on silicate. This type of plaster can be safely used as a facade on the outside and interior repairs to walls. She is not terrible effects of moisture and contamination by mold. The composition includes additives in the form of pebbles.

BOLARS decorative plaster

Composition ↑

BOLARS crystal finishing compound based on silicate. Used for facades and internal walls. Consists of supplements that provide strength and resistance to various types of exposure. This lime, cement, fillers of marble dust, polymer additives and special fillers. These components reinforce the structure of the mixture. The FIRST crystal is plaster, which share several characteristics:

  • the good performance of waterproofing properties;
  • good frost resistance;
  • a high ratio of strength and resistance to physical damage;
  • economical expenditure of material;
  • the integrity of the structure after complete drying.

BOLARS decorative plaster

During production, the mixture is Packed in 25 kg. Used for finishing works. After application forms a textured surface with a content of stones. Withstands temperatures ranging from -40ZeroWith up to 60ZeroS. Often used for thermal protection of buildings.

It is important! With plaster BOLARS crystal work on the prepared and cleaned surfaces of brick, concrete or drywall. The surface should be previously aligned by any filler compounds.

Preparing ↑

Before applying it is necessary to properly prepare the decorative plaster. To do this, carefully read the instructions and observe it clearly.

  • The dry mixture is combined with water (the amount specified in the instructions) and very well mixed.
  • The resulting solution was left for ten minutes, and then again well kneaded.
It is important! Divorced the decorative plaster you need to use three hours.

BOLARS decorative plaster

The resulting mixture has the appearance of a cool zameshennoy clay. Although the solution is not liquid, but it has high rates of coupling with the surface on which applied. Its elements are very quickly penetrates into cracks and holes and clog them. Thus provides waterproofing and thermal insulation of buildings. In the process of drying the solution is aligned, so it does not require additional grout.

It is important! Before applying the plaster surface should be prepared.

Surface is cleaned from different kinds of stains, mold, and dust. Cracks and bumps sravnivayutsya putty mortar. After cleaning the surface be sure to primer. To do this, you should use a primer deep penetration BOLARS. If the walls are made of concrete, for this procedure, use a solution applying mortar.

Application ↑

As mentioned above, the mixture for decorative finishing FIRST gives a number of advantages. If the front of the house is covered with this plaster, it provides a breathable effect. So indoors you can do without the device special ventilation devices. BOLARS is often used for the process of warming. To do this, use a special application technique. First applied to the bowl of plaster and not waiting for dry, using a trowel with teeth to form a furrow. During the process of setting of the plaster re-applied the primer FIRST. The finish layer is polished using a wide spatula. In conclusion, produce a painting with acrylic paint. Is also widespread the use of plaster BOLARS in the interior.

Applying their hands ↑

In the application of decorative plaster for interior decoration applied a number of techniques. Try to identify the most popular and look at the technology of their drawing with their hands.

Textured plaster with a trowel ↑

Unsurpassed textured surface can be created using different tools. The most simple, affordable and commonly used is the trowel. Decorate the surface after applied one layer of plaster. A trowel applied a small amount of solution and the relaxed movements of the hand applied decorative plaster on the surface. If you change the direction of movement of the trowel, you can create your own unique pattern. In order for the application was easy there are a few rules of work with the trowel. Its surface must be polished. When applying the plaster the surface must leave ragged ends for a better connection joints.

BOLARS decorative plaster

Method of spraying ↑

One of the simplest ways to create a relief surface. To realize this process requires the use of tools such as brush or small broom. Technology is the alternate nabryzgivanii layers of plaster. Initially sprayed one layer. Then after drying the previous one, sprayed the next layer. Repeat the process to achieve the desired effect. The procedure of spraying is performed using blows of a broom stick, resulting in a spray of plaster fall to the surface. Nabryzgivanii can be made using a grid. The grain size of the spray will depend on the size of the grid cells. The spray can be applied with a plaster of the same color or change colors of each layer.

BOLARS decorative plaster

Method «hatch-fleece» ↑

To implement this technology uses a brush with a very fine wire bristles. On the surface of a layer of plaster and then comb with a brush, causing a specific pattern: in the form of waves or shells. The direction can also be selected as desired. In this form, leave the surface to dry completely. After completion the process of drying from the surface, remove loose particles of the mixture. This is done using a soft sponge.

BOLARS decorative plaster

A method of forming with a roller ↑

To create a unique interior of the walls can use a regular roller or a roller coated with a pattern. The technology is very simple and economical. To start, apply a smooth, uniform layer of plaster. Waiting for complete drying and produce the markup. In order to obtain uniform and looked holistic should stick to the markup. Then by wetting a roller with acrylic paint put on a surface a specific pattern.

BOLARS decorative plaster

Conclusion ↑

Decorative plaster BOLARS can be safely used for decoration of public buildings as it is resistant to mechanical deformations. Even in the most problematic areas can withstand various types of impact and flaking. Also deserves the attention of a wide range of applications. It can be applied on almost any surface: concrete, brick, concrete, plastered surface or drywall.

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