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Dry creek with their hands at their summer cottage: all about the device, "Stone River"

Dry creek with their hands at their summer cottage: all about the device, "Stone River"

What are the only methods used are not decoratingdesigners to transform the conventional plots of land in a fabulous corner for rest. Dry creek - one of the most popular tools of modern landscape design in which not a single drop of water, but only stones, simulating stream dried up riverbed. The main advantage of this "juicy" design element is that deciding to create a dry creek with his hands in the garden area, the embodiment of the idea does not require significant material costs.


Everywhere applied decoration elementIt is descended from the sun of Japan. In the land of the rising sun the water element is associated with purity and lust for life, and the murmur - a symbol of the transience of time. Dry streams are very popular in Japanese gardens, are always present in areas where the water is at any reason can not be applied as an element of landscape design. Dry creek in the garden, as an imitation of the elements, you can create the impression that the water supply line only dried up, and the first drops of rain will fill it again reviver.

Dry creek decorate any site

Dry creek would be the optimal solution for all areas of garden style

The advantages of a dry creek to water

For a number of key benefits of this element of landscape design should include:

  • Ability to create a dry creek with their own hands, without any special effort and considerable financial costs.
  • The speed of erection: in the choice of location, the designation of the stream bed and filling it with stones takes only two or three days.
  • Easy to care for, which is limited onlymaintaining the form bed and removing weeds. At that time, as the care of the water stream requires timely cleaning of lime deposits and algae.
  • Making a dry creek plants is not restricted. While for planting in a natural water body selection is limited to moisture-loving plants and flowers.
  • Is it safe for small children. In addition, dry streams, in contrast to the natural water bodies, are not found mosquitoes that cause so much trouble for a good rest.

For a dry creek bed does not require the purchase of costly compressors, feeding systems and water purification is a necessary attribute of everything natural reservoirs.

Stone streams at different sites

Dry creek would be the optimal solution for all areas of garden style

Choose a design and form stones harvests

Proper planning of the dry riverbed of accommodationcreek in the country will allow to disguise the shortcomings of the terrain. Narrow twisting stream visually enhances the space, visually making a small garden somewhat larger.

The device dry creek - a fascinating and easyby occupation, allowing to implement on your site ideas to create original decorations, which will underline the refinement of landscape design.

Contours "drawn" on the basis of the Stone creekforms and features of the landscape garden plot area. Circuit painted sand, allow pre-determine the shape of the future construction of a harmonious and combining it with the existing décor. The form can be corrected easily, "prescribing" the new contours of the thin line of sand, selecting the best option that fits into the landscape of the area. Having defined the shape and size of the stone buildings, you can proceed to the choice of the nature of the material and its quantity.

Loose border stone creek

One of the secrets that reveal how to make a dry creek that simulates the flow of water, is the elimination of clear boundaries and heterogeneity of structures

The stream of different widths along the flow of water

More beautiful and natural looks dry creek in the area, which has not the same width in the course of the simulation flow

For the decoration of the stream suitable for both largecobbles and gravel. The combination of stones of various sizes, colors and textures allows you to create spectacular compositions, which will be a bright addition to any landscape design direction. Get a stream of gray-bluish tint can be achieved by the use of oil shale, basalt and gneiss.

Red-brown shades becoming reservoirsmade of granite, marble and limestone. Spectacular decoration brook can become pebbles painted with waterproof paint, which gives a light light in the darkness. No less original look stones uncovered a layer of lacquer. Playing shimmering in the sunlight stones give the compositions a "wet" effect.

Creek decorated with glass stones

The illusion of the flow of water can be easily obtained by adding to the composition of the stones loose glass beads or pellets

To harmoniously stone creekcombined with the natural landscape of the area, in the arrangement of buildings, it is desirable to use local breeds of stones. To create the effect of flow suitable flat pebble stones, for the coastline - the larger boulders. Rough terrain successfully decorated with waterfalls made of stones lighter shades.

Laying stones on harvested circuit

Choosing a place and define the contoursStructures and materials composition, you can begin construction. As indicated by the contour of the sand is dug "trough": the land is removed a layer of depth 15-30sm. The surface of the "pit" is aligned with a rake. In order to avoid the proliferation of weeds which can spoil the whole beauty of a dry creek should be covered with a dark bottom of the non-woven covering materials, leaky and air, such as geotextile or lutrasilom. Alternatively, it can also perform a thin layer of concrete or a polymer film. Lined and carpeted with the surface can now make out the stones.

Restraint and brevity in the stone building

The main requirement for registration of stone composition - brevity and moderation

Laying the stone reservoir begins with the "banks". Booth and stones used for pressurization inside edges, pebble used for laying the crevices, small pebbles poured itself riverbed stone pond.

Making stone pond plants

A compulsory element in the design of the stone creek are plants. Dry creek of colors allows you to get the maximum effect of the similarity of the stone structures with this reservoir.

Choosing plants for the decoration of the "banks"Stone Creek, you can use any shrub, dekorativnolistvennye and Flowering plants. The main requirement - floral arrangement should be in harmony. When selecting plants also takes into account the illumination area, soil composition, humidity and temperature regimes. When making the bed of the creek stone, it is desirable to use plants that do grow in the water.

Making stone creek flowers

Against the background of small pebbles look spectacular plants, the color of which is associated with the water element, for example: eritrichium macrophylla or Ajuga reptans

With water areas are also attachedplant blue-green shades with long leaves. Spectacular decoration stone stream will be plants, flowers which are painted in luscious shades of blue. Among all kinds of shades of blue flowering beauties for registration of the reservoir fit: lobelia, obrietta, blue fescue, Ajuga reptans, bearded iris, Bruner macrophylla.

A good supplement composition may be Chinese reed grass pampas, sunflower purple loosestrife, host, day-lily, sedge plantaginaceae.

Driving plants landing

When planning a pond on his stonesection, you can use a variant of registration of plants: 1 - bamboo-listokolosnik 2 - species Bearded Iris, 3 - lobelia, 4 - Ajuga reptans, 5 - bell Poskharskogo, 6 - hybrid forms Aubrieta, 7 - Brunner macrophylla, 8 - pearlwort shilolistnaya, 9 - Ajuga reptans krasnolistnyh 10 - Arundo donax

By creating a dry creek in the country for the balance of the composition, it is desirable to use more natural elements. Very impressive against the background of the brook looks decorative wooden bridge.

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