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Glass multicolor garden plot: the use of glass for tracks

Glass multicolor garden plot: the use of glass for tracks

Glass - an amazing material, caused thousandsyears ago from molten sand in the crater of the volcano, is now used in many sectors of human activity. Designers and architects are happy to use the aesthetic, functional and eco-friendly building material in their projects, creating expressive "mirror-glass" building. The use of glass designers found in the landscape design.


What is a glass gravel?

Glass is widely used in rubblearrangement of drainage systems, as otsypok when laying slabs for the bridge, as well as fillings sinuses ground near the stone walls. Due to its decorative qualities of the glass is often used for decoration of flower beds and garden paths registration. Broken glass, applied for registration of the site, of course, have no sharp edges.

Colored pieces of crushed glass

Glass shards and sand decorative made special steklomolkah by intensive crushing and friction, in which the sharp edges simply erased

The main advantage of glass is that itability to refract light, so that by the composition of it shimmer and "play" in the sun. Glass perfectly combinable with plants and without causing them any harm, because it is chemically inert material.

A key advantage of such inorganic dumping a long service life. It does not crumble, does not burn and retains an attractive appearance for several seasons.

Tracks from the glass gravel

Tracks are covered with glass crumbs, awesomelook at any time of the day, mysteriously gleaming in the first rays of the sun, playing with all the colors of the rainbow in the afternoon and solemnly sparking against the setting sun

Glass Garden by Andy Kao

One good example of a successful applicationdesign glass gravel area is the work of landscape architect Andy Cao. In one of their projects, "Glass Garden in Echo Park" garden paths, he designed glass bottle crushed brown and terraces - transparent beads of green and blue shades. Grainy glass surface successfully emphasizes the unusual texture of winding paths, ponds and flowerbeds with exotic plants.

Glass Garden in Echo Park

Depending on the weather and time of day, type of glass beads changes. But still a scattering of glass on the tracks look more attractive after the rain

Glass elements of landscape design are perfectly combined with the natural environment, thereby creating a stunning effect of the penetration of "artificial" to "natural".

Retaining walls made of glass blocks

Italian landscape designer Pino Signoretto for decoration of garden paths and does use large glass blocks, laying out of them retaining walls

The order of execution paths the glass

Tracks glass can perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape. Visually linking the various parts of the garden, they create a single tableau.

Azure tracks in the sand

Outside the glass cover of the season are the perfect replacement colors and a season play the role of a nice extra

Option # 1 - dumping of crushed glass

When making tracks used oplavivshiesyashards of glass with a diameter of 0.3-5 mm, which can be purchased at specialty stores. On average, the cost of such dumping ranged from $ 1-25 per kilogram. When choosing the material for backfill is better to give preference to color glass crumbs, because against the backdrop of the garden lush colors colorless fragments simply can "get lost".

The only drawback of the material - from the surface very difficult to clean up litter and woody debris accumulates.

Motley pattern in the open air

Colored glass beads is better to draw the track, placed in an open area and not in the shade of trees

The device tracks from glass granules takes place in several stages:

  1. Layout. With the help of a rope and wooden pegs outline the contours of the future track.
  2. Excavation. At the site with defined boundaries remove the top layer of soil depth of 10-15 cm, forming a so-called bed.
  3. Laying geotextiles. The bottom of the pit carefully rammed and carpeted nonwoven material, which will warn "sinking" into the ground glass granules and slow down the germination of weeds.
  4. Making dumping. On the prepared substrate pour a layer thickness of 2.5-3 cm from the glass gravel.

Stacking of crushed glass tends totime silt. The reason for this are its mixing with the fine particles of sand and soil. A layer of geotextile helps prevent siltation and extend dumping services.

Although scattering of glass beads, and performs the function of mulch, maintaining humidity and distilling snails, but it can not completely protect the surface of the germination of weeds.

Tillage herbicide

Warn the germination of weeds through dumping on the track surface will help the processing of the upper layer of turf chemical herbicide such as "The Hurricane," "Tornado" or "Roundup"

If the garden path with little timeprosyadet, then you just simply pour the second layer beads. Caring for such a path is to periodically rake rake glass pieces.

Option # 2 - "second life" of glass bottles

A more economical option is to use the track arrangement of old glass bottles.

Beautiful track of the bottles

Bottles of colored glass can serve as a basis for filling the surface tracks, and create original skirting

Create an interesting pattern on the path of the bottles is quite simple:

  1. Is planned with the help of pegs boundaries of the future track.
  2. According to the planned contour shovel to dig the ditch, buried on polshtyka.
  3. I dug a trench to fill 2/3 of layer of dry sand.
  4. We spread pattern, pushing the bottle necks in the sand down.

When constructing a track of the bottle should bedent in the sand so as to obtain a smooth surface as a result. Forming patterns, experiment with colors and shapes - the more the use of shades, the more colorful turn lane. Laying out pattern, the voids between the bottles should be filled with soil or sand.

To give maximum lined pathflat surface, take a flat board and place it on a lined pattern of the bottle bottoms. Walk on the board several times. This will distribute the load evenly across the surface.

An excellent frame glass will perform trackslow beds of drought-resistant plants and succulents. These plants are able to benefit from the proximity to the glass and are not afraid to get burned from multiple reflections.

As to curb these tracks can alsosmall stones speak of arbitrary shape, laid out in rows. They will perfectly blend in with the surface of the track and give a finished appearance.

Glass multicolor garden plot

With these luxurious paths even the most unremarkable of land capable transformed into glass multicolor

Well, if it is possible to illuminate the glass surface. When properly organized light shimmering in the glow of street lanterns path will be a real dominant landscape.

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