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Rain chains as a decorative alternative to drains

Rain chains as a decorative alternative to drains

Many gardeners like to enjoy the sound of waterand especially for the pose in the areas fountains and streams. But there is a much easier option - rain chain. However, listen to the melody flowing streams you can only in the rain, but often for relaxation that is enough. But there is a chance to save on gutters and replace them with original, very rare in our part of the decorative element, which also collects water from the roof and shows the beauty of its movement to everyone who is nearby.


The principle of rain chains

It is not surprising that the invention rain chainsIt belongs to the Japanese, knowing how to create around himself relaxation pockets. In their culture, the contemplation of the water is considered one of the most calming factors. The Japanese came up with instead of the traditional gutter, which is quite unknown flowing streams, rain chain. It is an open structure through which water moves cascading, flowing from one container to another.

Most often, tanks are holed belowDecorative pots in the form of a cone, located funnel up. For a small rain jets go into the through hole from the bottom, with a large - flow down from all the edges of the pot. Between a container fastened decorative chain, making the whole structure and was named "kusari doi", which in Japanese means "rain chain".

Top fixed structures on the ledge directly under theplace the water flow and the bottom of the chain is securely fastened to the ground anchor or tie the load and lowered it to the bottom of the receiving water (barrels or specially dug a tiny pool, which will collect the falling drops). This is to ensure that during strong gusts of wind chain is not swayed and did not hit a building.

Reason for rain chain

The design of the rainwater circuit performs an important element beautiful header, which is fixed to the edge of the chain protection from the wind

For a suitable climate such a design?

For all its originality rain chainIt causes a lot of questions. The most common - whether they are appropriate in cold climates with severe winters, because if there cluttered up the snow, after the slightest thaw it can turn into a block of ice. But this ice sculpture weighs a lot. Does it tear off the ledge?

Rain chain of forged elements

On a metal chain with ornate designs look beautiful drops of moisture in the winter, it takes the form of a luxury ice pillar

In fact, it all depends on the choice of formrain chain. In Japan, where the climate is mild, design often use a lot of the same capacity, but in the Nordic countries is somewhat different form. For example, in Norway, where love like decor elements in kusari doi rarely used pots. Usually hung original large chain, with convolutions and flowery patterns, which in itself is a masterpiece of the art of blacksmithing. The water flows through it no less beautiful, resembling a babbling brook, but in winter it does not get stuck on anything. The frame is only slightly obledenevaet, covered with icicles and frozen droplets that looks unusual and very attractive.

As you can see, the rain chain can be hung in any climate, choosing the design, taking into account the severity of the winter.

Rain chain winter

To the winter rain on the circuit can not gain a lot of ice, you can choose the model of the large units without the use of tanks

The most original form Kusari Doi

Find in selling the shape and color of a rain chainthat would meet the design section, is quite difficult, because in our country, this element of the decor is a rarity. The most common include standard conical pots without pretensions to high art. Models handmade are very expensive. Only one thing: to create a masterpiece of their own. And many gardeners it turns out pretty good. Let us consider the most interesting form of rain chains, which can make yourself.

Rain chain of pots

The most popular model is considered a rain chain structure of metallic copper pots that resemble flower pots as it looks organically in any terrain

The design of dummies or baby watering cans

Of the old conventional pots or plastic watering cansYou can build a chain to the original country style or any of the rustic style. The basis on which will keep the whole structure, must become a decorative chain. It is easy to find in any flower shop (used as fence for flower beds or paths).

To her equidistant hang kettlesor watering so that spouts fell just above the hole to collect water in the downstream capacity. Then the water will fill the kettle as long as it comes out of the spout. And from there - to the next container. And so - until it reaches the bottom of the kettle chain. Last tip (lower capacity) is located above the barrel of a groove or storm sewer.

Rain chain of dummies

When you create a rain chain of dummies is important to fix the correct container to the top of the spouts water flowed just in the lower hole

Model "Tea pair"

A good option for a rain chain or verandasother small structures can be a form of tea pair. To do this you will need a metal service, such as those made in the old days of copper, iron and so on.

  • The beginning of construction (ie, the tip) to make tea, tying him up handle, nose down.
  • Near kettle handle drill hole on the housing, through which water will fall into the container through the spout and draining further.
  • Glue the cold welding saucers and cups in pairs.
  • Drill in each pair through the teaa hole that should be slightly greater size of the chain links. It is necessary to free to pass a couple of tea across the chain and fasten it to the right place.
  • Weld the inside of each cup a small hook that will capture a couple of tea on a chain basis.
  • Hang the finished elements of the chain at regular intervals.

Now you can literally "serve tea": fill with water from a hose upper Maker, and see how beautiful the liquid will flow from one cup to another.

Possible rain chains

If the home has vintage tea sets made of copper or other metals which have not used as intended, - turn them into rain chain

Rain chain of galvanized buckets

A simple but durable option consideredconstruction of small galvanized buckets. They are brilliant, spectacular and perfectly combined with the drain system of metal. Most advantageous to look chain with buckets volume to 3 liters.

Rain chain of buckets

To rain chain galvanized buckets looked stylish, all additional elements (chain, hooks, receiving waters) should be too shiny and metallic

The principle of the installation is as follows:

  • Calculate the required number of buckets, the distance equal to 3-5 chain links between them.
  • Drills done in the bottom of each container opening through which pass freely-chain base.
  • All notches in the drilled hole cleaned file.
  • Each bucket handle pliers attached metal hook in the form of the letters S, for which the capacity will be hung on the chain skeleton.
  • Tethering chain-foundation to the eaves.
  • Pass through it every bucket and fix it on the hook links, trying to maintain the same distance between the elements.
  • Fasten the lower end of the chain or sluga couple of large nuts and hide them in the bottom of a large container to collect water. In this situation, will look successful 15-liter bucket or galvanized steel 40-liter jar made of steel, stainless steel.
Rain chain of buckets

Rain chain of small buckets look good on small lodges and verandas, built in the spirit of rustic style

Options circuits without tanks

To exclude the possibility of freezing ice on the water flow in the colder areas - create a rain chain without tanks. foundations chain decor options may be several:

  • Plastic grapes (Typically buy them to decorate the kitchen or dining room). Tie up their bundles, and the whole year of your gutter will resemble the vine.
  • metal sheets. They are cut from copper since it has a propertysparkle and give different shades of bronze-brown tones that resembles the color of autumn leaves. Be sure to cut the veins of each leaf-vacuum to increase the degree of permeability of water through the circuit. The leaves are fixed on the basis of a chain-groups of 3-4 pieces.
  • Bright balloons. The chain of large balls and looks stylishrich, especially if they have a gold-plated or metallized color. Search these balls should be in the department of Christmas tree decorations, and after the holidays, when they depreciate and cost several times cheaper. Balls suspended cascade, each chain link - 2 pieces on opposite sides.
  • Umbrellas and fountains. The role of the umbrella can play on the bottomsplastic bottles. They have a relief, like a petal shape. The bottom of the bottle is cut, leaving 7-10 cm in height, and a hot metal object made in the bottom of the hole. Prepared vdevayut elements in the chain upside down, fixing each hook element, fixed on three sides by an umbrella. To make a fountain, it is necessary to cut only the top part of the bottle, and the rest, almost to the bottom, cut into thin strips. Bore holes, as described above, but the elements are not fixed upside down, and down to the arc bowing strips beautifully.
Rain chain of leaves

At the cascades of metal leaves, petals and similar forms of water it is difficult to stay, so they rarely grows winter ice

Chains of plastic bottles

If you want to decorate the porch rain chains in the playground, try to build original and fun form of plastic bottles

Come up with a way of rain chain can be any host. The main thing - to have a little imagination and a desire to make your site unique.

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