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Music Feng Shui wind with their hands from bamboo and other materials

Music Feng Shui wind with their hands from bamboo and other materials

Talisman of Feng Shui, which is called wind chimes,Air bells and even a windmill, someone is using for the purpose of decoration, but someone truly believes that he is able to protect against negative energies and attract positive in the house. In any case, add notes of live sound in your space does not hurt. The more that a variety of shapes and materials allows you to choose an option for all tastes. By the way, why not make such a talisman own? In this case, made with his own hands the music of the wind feng shui bamboo or other materials will certainly bring good luck. After all, you invest in it only the positive energy in the process.


What materials are made of such a talisman?

Air bells are made of differentmaterials which are selected depending on the purpose of their use. For example, if they are made of hollow metal tubes, the music wind represents an element as metal. Placing it at the door or window, you can count on the fact that the positive energy does not fly away, and the negative will not get inside the home.

Clay windmill is an elementearth and glass - air. Music brings a wind of bamboo tree in the power house, which help growth and development. In most cases we find available products that are made of hollow tubes - made of wood, glass or metal. But if we do want to make the air bells, nothing limits us in the choice of materials. On the contrary, using imagination, you can make a completely unique and peculiar little things that accentuate the personality and style.

As ideas from which to push off,We will offer you several options. Almost every house there are sea shells. They remind us of the sea, but sometimes remain unjustly neglected. You can breathe new life into them, using as a material for the windmill.

Music of wind shells

For such a wind chime I need a minimum of materials: seashells, branch and fishing line. However, there may be difficulties with the drilling of holes in the fragile shell

The original mascot will be if the wind with his hands the music made from the leaves and beads of amber:

Music of wind leaves and amber

This option will produce the desired sounds magical, but if properly carry out all the measurements and place beads next to each other so that they can fight each other

Experts recommend not to rely in the selectionmaterials on the "maybe" if you want to windmill served as a real mascot. It must listen to the sound of classical product variants.

Metal and glass wind chime

According to experts, every personsubconsciously selects those sounds that are most favorable for its specific energy. That is why someone loves the sound of glass wind chimes, and other soothing metallic ringing

Thus, the materials can be used in almost all of what you have enough imagination:

Master class: Bamboo wind chimes bamboo ... without

If you like the muffled notes of bambooAir bells, then you surely must be a push for growth. After all, according to Feng Shui wind chimes hollow tubes of this amazing plant is able to give strength to new beginnings and implementing bold plans.

But let's get back to what we wantmake a windmill with his own hands. This means that you need somewhere "to get hold" bamboo. Remarkably, if you managed to find a blank from this plant. For example, as such, you can use the old bamboo fishing rod. Some stores sell bamboo stems for bouquets. However, even if the arms will not get a real bamboo, do not worry. We turn to you wonderful bamboo wind music feng shui without it!

For example, serve as a great alternativecardboard tubes. They are easy to find at almost any hardware store. Now the workpiece is necessary to alter our needs. For this purpose, they cut into pieces of varying lengths, one necessarily making angled cuts. The next step - preparing for the construction of mounting holes. Drill holes at the ends of a straight cut.

Cardboard tubes

Select the number of tubes for wind chimes can be arbitrarily or examining the recommendations made by Feng Shui: for every number in this science symbolic

To no one doubted that yourFeng Shui wind chime made of bamboo, it is necessary to work on the appearance of cardboard tubes. Their paste multiple layers of paper, and for creating the effect of knots in some places in the tubes fastened rings of cord.

Music Wind - pasting paper

Lace better enclose the first layer of paper, and then putting it on top of another two-layer

Top also need to glue the paper that shpaklyuyut, dried and painted in the color as close to natural bamboo. On the ground, "nodes" should you need to work with paint to a tone darker.

Blanks for tubes

Before you start staining, plastered surface should be sanded tube, so that it becomes smooth

While the "bamboo" dosyhaet, you need to preparemount design. As such, using a wooden plate or a ring that also trim to your liking. Now you can collect design into a coherent whole, do not forget to hang on a string or fishing line wooden circles so that they were inside the hollow tubes.

Blanks for tubes

These are the circles with rocking will knock about "bamboo" walls and issue pleasant sounds

Now, when our product is ready, you need to think, where to hang a wind chime.

We select the place for a windmill

Feng Shui experts emphasize: few know how to make a wind chime. It is equally important to find the best location for the air bells. For example, for the purpose of scaring away evil spirits (ie, negative energy) pick a place near the entrance to the house or apartment or near a window. Do not forget about the music of the wind, when the window or door of adverse effects directed. This can be a corner of another house, or acute-angled building, monument or water tower.

The music of wind

If you have your own house, sometimes specialists can advise wind chime on the street - the nearest tree or porch

Sometimes the help of a windmill fallsto resort, as in the apartment itself poorly placed doors and windows. If the window opening and the entrance are located opposite each other on the line between the place the music of the wind. In the corridor is too long, too, appropriate use of the mascot, which would defuse the situation in a negative zone. Because windchime like divide the space into parts.

Recall that bamboo windmillable to attract energy house for the realization of bold ideas, as well as luck. If you pursue this particular goal, then we'll show you where to hang a wind chime for such an effect. Namely, her place in the northwest of the room.

Finally, sometimes not needed, and expert advice,to understand that there need to place air bells. If you feel inexplicable tension and discomfort in some part of the house, hang out there created with his own hands the music of the wind. It will dispel dismal and will prevent quarrels and omissions between the inhabitants of the dwelling.

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