The elements of decoration

Interesting ideas and decorations to give your hands from unnecessary things

Interesting ideas and decorations to give your hands from unnecessary things

Sometimes the basis for creating holiday decorationsare objects mistaken for trash. For example, when sawing the old garden trees or clearing land for the construction of the stumps remain, which uproot and burn. If you look at them through the eyes of a designer, you can see the beautiful natural frames to create flower beds or original floral compositions. And dozens of pairs of second-hand shoes, the old cracked ceramics, suitcases travelers with worn corners? We offer a fantastic idea to give your hands that will turn old things into an exclusive holiday decor.


See what you can make - so to speak from first-hand overview:

New life of old shoes

In every family there is a second-hand shoes, whichI became small grown up kids or simply fallen into disrepair. Traditionally, the shoe worn down at the heel "go" to the country where his life and live anywhere in the track between the beds. But if you show a little imagination - children's shoes or rubber boots turn into original pots for summer flowers. They adorn fences, porches, houses adjoining areas and a playground.

Rubber slippers for flowers

Ordinary rubber clogs for swimming ifspecially designed to have settled in these touching blue flowers. Incidentally, rubber - strong enough material, so additional pots for planting is not required

For vegetable decor fit any, even the unexpected shoes - time, office, and even sports.

Sneakers for flowers

Who would have thought that the shoes - popular shoes today's youth - can be stylish "pots" for green plants. Note that the green and decorated with a pair of sports socks

Children grow up very quickly, leaving a set of pairs of beautiful and strong, not worn shoes. Especially interesting models do not give relatives and bring to the country and make of them a wonderful decor.

Old children's shoes

These are fun "residents" can stay in your country, and in the most diverse corners. The shoe will meet guests at the entrance, boots lined up along the fence, and slippers adorn a wall or ogradku

Several pairs of shoes, despite their "not fresh" look, look so texturally and original, that they should not overshadow luxuriantly blooming or basket plant.

Of the several pairs of old shoes, as well asrelated topics of everyday objects you can create an unusual composition that is appropriate to the country site, not limited to the home. This "family" design finds can be positioned on the front porch, veranda, in the children's corner or directly on the lawn.

Old boots for flowers

One of the options when a powerful image created boots, bright colorful floral arrangements. In this case, it is a decorative center shoes, and flowers - a light frame

Shoe semeika

Before you - a family of several pairs of shoes. Each pair has its own age, a certain mood, and even his character. I wonder if the boots and boots with their owners look like?

Transforms the dishes and cutlery

Unfortunately, the shoes wear and crockery beatsor simply becomes unnecessary. But in the country, none old bucket, no kettle will not remain forgotten! Take in the hands of paint and color the old metal and ceramic plates, jugs and basins in all colors of the rainbow. The paint is chosen according to the material from which made dishes - so the decor will last much longer.

Flower from the old ware

See how bright colors can changeboring garden area. Heroes amazing colorful paintings became the most familiar objects: iron kettle, the water pitcher, and even two large colander

Hand made decorations for the garden canplace everywhere, on lawns, flower beds, among, near the pond or swimming pool, along the fence or greenhouses. A cheerful, sunflowers in the kettle is conveniently located on the edge of the bench.

Old decorated teapot

The smooth, flat sides metal utensilsenough to paint in any color desired, but if on the surface there are chips, scratches or dents, they can mask the colorful drawings and colorful ornaments

Particularly natural look on stone backgroundpaths, wooden fence and lush green products from natural materials. Ceramics made of clay, blends with the colors, besides it is not afraid of no rain, no wind, no random freezing.

Pottery for holiday decor

It was as if someone forgot to late at night with a clean tea set table, but instead of the table - the pelvis to the ground, and instead of tea - the immature green bushes

Among the remains found beautiful old dishesporcelain crockery - delicate cups and saucers decorated with delicate paintings. Expensive and high-quality dishes do not rush to make suburban area - perhaps it will be used in the house.

Vase of porcelain

Teacups and saucers, milk jugs, instead of candlesset on a candlestick, transforming it into a beautiful exquisite vase, which is also very functional and serves as a stand for candy, nuts, flowers or objects for needlework

Do not forget about cutlery, coming out of active use - spoons and forks. No special skills are not needed to make charming hanger for bags or clothes.

Hanger of forks

For the manufacture of hangers and need oshkurennayalacquered board and some old forks. With the aluminum products to work easier - they are easy to bend and take the desired shape, but stronger than steel and not unbend under the weight of clothes

A bit harder to make an unusual chandelier, which is framed or not crystal glass pendants and metal forks and spoons.

Chandelier made of cutlery

To make the chandelier for the kitchen or garden, you need a frame of the old lamp on one or more lamps and a set of table items

These different bags

Due to the strength of the material and the rigid structureold trunks that have not used for their intended purpose, are still lying on the mezzanine, and serve as a mini-kladovochek for Christmas toys, children's veshchichek and reserve bought sleeping kits. Their owners do not even know what we can do to give out unnecessary things through creative ideas. In the first place - a traditional flower garden.

Suitcase flower bed

Opened suitcase fill with soil, using a waterproofing layer and decorate with low flowering plants. In a convenient pocket sewn to the cover, it is possible to store garden shears

The cover resembles a suitcase cabinet door, as conveniently closed and even locked with a key if desired.

Locker from a suitcase

We provide equipment for a suitcase-rack convenient shelves and drawers - and now it is possible to store any household stuff from soap accessories to items for needlework

Large suitcase - beautiful blank for the manufacture of the console or pridivannogo table.

A table of old suitcases

One part of the suitcase turns into a comfortable table for books, table lamp, flower vase, the second - for photographs, collage or set of handy pockets

Old suitcases and trunks fit perfectly into the interior of the cottage. They play the role of supports for the flowers, bedside tables, storage for trinkets.

Old suitcase in interior

If the suitcase for decorating the room look too "in a modern way", it can wear out with the help of small nazhdachki or special colors

Large and big suitcase easily turned into a comfortable sofa.

Chair of the suitcase

For the manufacture of the chair or the sofa would require the wooden legs of old furniture, bright pieces of textiles and durable material for stuffing - foam, batting or foam rubber mats

Pets often choose their boxes and suitcases for games or sleeping, and to finalize the thing until soft and comfortable bed for the caudate other - it is a couple of hours.

Suitcase for dogs

Large comfortable suitcase, a soft blanket, folded several times, beautiful design cover - and in front of you a wonderful holiday destination for a small dog or cat

A flower bed of the stump - detailed instruction

For those who are too lazy to read, watch video instructions:

Some interesting ideas for decorating and gardengarden gives us the nature. The cut old trees, large branches, rocks, river pebbles - all this can be found directly on a suburban area, especially following the repair or construction of roads. We use an old stump and make it lush blooming flower bed.

Stump for natural plant pots

Beautiful and comfortable bed for planting from the stumpIt resembles natural planter. It can be installed in any part of the garden, near the house, pergola or terrace, or, if not removed the stump roots leave in the same place

Step # 1 - Select the "correct" the stump

To flower garden served for years, you need to select strong, healthy, not affected by disease and rotting stump. If the upper part is destroyed, it can be simply cut off grinder.

Choose healthy stump

Do not worry if after removing the extra parts will remain low base - is more important for the device flowerbed width stump rather than its height

Sometimes, there are cottages rotten stumps,which look quite picturesque and is also suitable for planting flowers. They can decorate and turn it into a bed, but will remain a risk of infection by a fungus or disease healthy trees.

How to remove the core

Our task - to remove the core, and in its place establish a container for planting flowers, for example, a flower pot, a few pots or container

Step # 2 - surface and internal parts

Use a hammer and chisel, drill, jigsaw, picks split the middle part and pull out the pieces. This process is time-consuming and takes a lot of time.

Job pick

One embodiment of the core of destruction: first do in the middle of the stump hole using a drill (the more the better), then split the wood chips with a pick and pull out

Sometimes middle poured kerosene and ignited, but in this case there is a risk of destruction of necessary parts.

How to burn the stump

High humidity or bad weather may prevent light a fire, so you need to choose a clear day without rain and to make sure that the wood was also dry

The bark is left in place, but treatantiseptic, as well as the inside. Funds from the fungus and rot sold in building supermarkets. If you have recently built a bath, we constructed a gazebo, a terrace, a bench, a small amount of infiltration is likely to remain in your stocks.

Step # 3 - Preparation of container and soil

The result is a processed stumpsuitable for planting flowers. Now you must choose the suitable container size, and put into place a slotted core. Pour the ground without the container is not recommended, as the stump will be destroyed.

Ready for a flower bed stump

Do not forget about the drainage: before you place a container inside a drill drilled several holes that bring the water to the outside, to the base of the stump

The choice depends on the type of soil colors. Suitable universal primer or a mixture of soil, sand and peat.

Step # 4 - planting flowers

Set the pot inside the stump, covered with soil andplant flowers. Suit undersized fillets pyshnotsvetuschie plants and garden shrubs - most importantly, to the size of the flower bed and stump do not contradict each other.

Pot is not installed properly

Pot set on all the rules, but not the correct size, so visible from the outside edge. It is necessary to fill the entire capacity of the soil, the composition look more natural

Here is the finished flower garden from the stump treated with the stored roots.

Flower from a low stump

For low flowerbed fit any plantcolor with fine and lush buds: alyssum, begonia, ornamental cabbage, petunia, Chlorophytum, marigold, forget-me, violets, daisies, bell, pink, gerbil

High stump - excellent support for large and climbing plants.

Flower of the high stump

Basket plant can cover the upper partNatural pots or the entire stump entirely. For any good landing flowers with flowing shoots: pelargonium, verbena, nasturtium, petunia, surfiniya, fuchsia, dihondra

Unusual use of old logs

Logs left after the construction of a house orgarden clearance, are a versatile tool for decorating suburban area. Of these, make garden furniture, wooden composition in Russian style for the playground toys, stands for flower beds, swing and original tracks.

Do not burn or throw away even the gnarled, bent logs and twigs - sometimes they make amazing things.

Flower of the old logs

An old log covered with cracked bark and moss - the perfect solution for flower bed in a natural style. One gets the impression that the flowers are self-chosen location for habitat

Swing from old logs

Original swing can create a heap of curves and seemingly unusable logs. The seat of a thick hollow stem and a support constructed of multiple curved elements

Even if you have enough skills in woodworking, you can create a comfortable, functional "set of furniture" for a picnic.

Table and benches made of logs

To make the bench, enough to trimopposite sides of the timber, leaving the crust on pristine parts, and for a table will require two stands of the big cut circles and wide worktop

Out of sawn timber, planks and sticks tofree lawn or sandy area, you can create a children's game world. Comfortable shalashika, fun slides, comfortable benches and swings like real cars and trains - children will find something to do while the adults work in the garden.

Logs on the playground

To produce beautiful train-flower gardenyou must prepare several boards, imitating the railroad tracks, lumps 3-4 for the composition, wooden clubs and bars for the wheels to the engine design

Cottage - the ideal place to implementdecorating dreams and design ideas. do not look for material in the store to create the next masterpiece - just look in the pantry or in the garden, and you'll be surprised how many interesting and useful things you can find there.

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