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Creating a garden in a bottle: a master class on the device florariuma

Creating a garden in a bottle: a master class on the device florariuma

At one time the fashion was art of bonsai -cultivation of miniature dwarf trees that seem virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Today, one of the trendiest areas of landscape design is to create a mini-greenhouse. If you like to tinker with plants, garden in a bottle you will certainly be interested. It was created by a very interesting work, and the result will please you with their uniqueness and elegance.


So, how to make a garden in a bottle? You think it's hard? Actually, no, and then, after the creation of the garden, caring for the minimum required.

What we need to create a mini-garden?

Creating a garden in a bottle - not too time-consuming,but very exciting experience. First of all, it is necessary to choose a suitable container, it may be interesting bottle shape, although it is to use the bottle is not necessary. The choice can be stopped in the fishbowl, wide glass or a chemical flask. Suitable and miniature glass decanter.

Mini terrariums

Examples of vessels that can be used to create a garden - it may be a glass and a bottle of any shape, but the narrow neck reduces the possibility of you arrange a terrarium

Convenient container for a mini-garden

This bottle is to create a mini-garden is very convenient- It is quite large, which allows plants to grow nice and wide neck a convenient way to plant the plants, creating soil and decorate the inner garden view

The necessary components for mini-garden design: soil, charcoal plants, drainage mixture (gravel, sand, gravel, concrete block), a small shovel, children can be a small spray bottle, a pair of long chopsticks, a knife for cutting the plants, empty reel. As decoration, you can use seashells, pebbles, small twigs and driftwood, glass decorative stones, artificial insects. The vessel will occasionally need to be cleaned from dust and traces of moisture - it is convenient to use a sponge attached to a stick or spoke.

Difficulties at registration can cause the vessel with a narrow or long neck - in this case will need to extend the tools - they can primotat to sticks, brushes or spokes.

Required tools

The necessary tools that you need tocreating a garden in a bottle - a sponge roll, spoon, knife. In this case, they are mounted on a brush for painting. You can also use the spokes, thin sticks

Prepare soil mixture under florarium

If you use a hydrogel, there is no needto use coal and drainage. This does not need a garden watering. The composition of the soil for the garden: the earth for flowers, peat, humus, river sand, gravel or brick chips, a mixture of turf and clay.

We turn to the process of creating our florariuma. Following this step by step master class on creating a garden in a bottle, you do also without too much difficulty wonderful mini-greenhouse that can be positioned and at home, and in the summer in a cozy corner of the garden or the yard - in the gazebo, on the veranda.

The order of the work:

  1. Pour onto bottom draining container (3.2 cm) from the top sprinkle charcoal (1 cm). In case of excessive moisture coal will eliminate the odor.
  2. Pour on the coal moist soil (2-3 cm).
  3. Use an empty spool of thread for leveling soil.
  4. Make indentations in the soil (best with a spoon attached to the spokes, or a knife).
  5. Plants should be prepared for transplant - neatly dug up with a lump of earth around the roots. Too long roots cut off - the plants must be developed slowly.
  6. If you are going to use one plant - Planted in the middle of it, if there are several, one in the center, and the rest at the walls. The narrow neck of the hand does not fit - use sticks here.
  7. From water atomizer spray the soil and plants.
  8. Getting garden decoration in a bottle - is located in the vessel pebbles, shells, driftwood.

At this stage of our garden ready now sponge clear the wall from the soil and traces of water and close the vessel.

We select the desired moisture balance

We reserve our garden when closed for two days, andWatch for condensation on the walls of the vessel. Usually wall misted slightly - this is normal. If moisture remains, therefore, excessive humidification. Open the container and leave for a day open, during which time the moisture evaporates. Close the jar and again monitor the humidity level - if condensation has formed - the humidity level is too low - spray the garden with warm water. After you find the optimal balance, you can easily control the level of humidity.

Plants in a mini-greenhouse grow slowly, but still sometimes they need to be trimmed, to monitor their growth and condition.

Garden in the flask

Beautiful garden in a large flask - here feels good and whimsical Saintpaulia, and moisture-loving ferns. We plant enough room to grow, they can be beautifully arranged

Since the mini-garden - a greenhouse inside the vesselformed tropical humid microclimate, so water the plants is almost no need. soil moisture level and adjusts the air plant. Spraying or pouring it is only needed if longer produced condensate.

Plants suitable for cultivation in the bottle

For tropical climate, respectively, andPlants are chosen mainly come from the tropics: Dracaena braunii, sansevera trehpolosaya, arrowroot belozhilkovaya, common ivy, Easter cactus hatiora, belotsvetkovaya spiderwort, Fitton, cereal and p, Royal Begonia, kriptantus, rotundifolia pelleya, xiphoid pteris.


Fiton - one of the most suitable plantsGarden creation in the bottle. Its leaves have a multi-colored streaks that looked very impressive against the backdrop of the decor and the glass vessel, it is unpretentious, the leaves have a delicate form

Saintpaulia in aquarium

For a mini-garden suitable even Saintpaulia, butit is necessary to place them in a container a little more, for example, in an aquarium, and not cover. In this case, the decorative adds a high vessel with water in which the algae grow

Video examples and tips from the experts

Well, as the saying goes - you have to see:

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