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Highlighting the tracks in the country: the general rules of the organization + select fixtures

Highlighting the tracks in the country: the general rules of the organization + select fixtures

Twilight Garden absorb individuality, makinghis lifeless, and moving on it unsafe. Cleverly organized lighting tracks in the country aims to bring back the beauty of the surrounding area, and along with a sense of comfort, security. Moreover, nocturnal familiar place can be quite different: a mysterious, but no less attractive.


General principles of decorative lighting

Organizing landscape lighting, it is important to be guided by the following principles:

  • For year track lighting should be selected multigrade equipment capable of operating in different weather conditions than a year. Caring for them will not cause any problems.
  • Backlight tracks excluding the balance of light can cause discomfort. Bathed in blinding light, they do not give the possibility to admire the beautifully decorated tree, a pond and a gazebo.
  • Strolling through the night garden, the person feels more confident, if goes in the direction of the dark area to the light, so the front of the house should always appear brighter than other objects.
  • Psychological comfort at night provides the illumination area boundaries.

When planning a garden decorative lighting, it does not matterto overdo it because excess light is able to destroy the flavor of the night garden - its mystery. The easiest way to accommodate one type of lighting along the garden paths. This will create a visual basis for the night garden.

Psychologically, comfortable lighting tracks

Psychologically, comfortable lighting tracks - lights bright enough, but not irritate the eye

What use fixtures?

The choice of light source depends on the desired capacitylighting, weather and seasonal conditions under which will be operated by the lamp, and its preferred color mode (muted, natural or bright). Classification of luminaires on the principle of action:

  • Incandescent lamps. The light output of such a source is only 15lm / W, and he will serve only one thousand hours.
  • Halogen lamps work twice as long as incandescent lamps, with little difference in light output.
  • Metal halide lamps. Luminous Efficacy - 100lm / W. Lifetime - 12 thousand hours.. These lamps produce light close to natural, but they are very hot, so it should not be placed close to the plants.
  • Fluorescent lamps need in a waterproof case. Large lamps with such lamps are difficult to operate, but at a temperature below 5 ° C, they often fail. These lamps produce light resembling lunar. Light output - 80lm / W at a service life of up to 15 thousand hours..
  • sodium lamps give a bright orange-yellow light. Have a record light output - 150-200lm / W and a lifetime of up to 28.5 thousand hours..
  • LEDs. Their emitted light depends on the type of crystal. Luminous Efficacy - 160lm / W, service life - up to 34 years.

Classification on the basis of the creation of lighting:

  • Lanterns and lamps torshernogo type most commonly used for the main road tohome. They are done in the "retro" or "high-tech". It is important that the light source was below the gaze of man, not blinded it and does not interfere with the perception of the surrounding landscape.
  • Marking lighting. Fixtures such as "Ballard" or "light bar" is not so much illuminate the space designated as the direction of movement. They are often used on secondary paths.
  • Glowing stones paving. LED tiles used in the process paving, together with paving slabs or paving stones. It perfectly fulfills the backlight function.
  • Devices Solar. These mobile devices have a variety of designs, and are used for decorative purposes. Their batteries are charged from the sun, and at night automatically switch LED light-emitting diodes, working through the night.

If the light paths in the country will be organizednot only on the basis of devices with solar panels, should develop its system at the initial stage of realization of the landscape project. Hindsight may incur additional charges.

Exterior luminaires should be in harmony withthe design of the surrounding space. The abundance of decorative elements and light modulations in conjunction with numerous delights overload the visual perception and create an irritating sense of chaos. In this case it is better to do concise or hidden light sources. But the rigorous terrain can vary stylish lamps of unusual shape.

LEDs mounted in tiles, light up the track

LEDs mounted in the tiles perfectly illuminate the track, but for them need special care

Snails Solar - decoration of any track

Snails Solar - decoration of any track, but such lamps models still have to search

Video example of mounting the LED backlight

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