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Garden "keyhole": the high ridges on the African style

Garden "keyhole": the high ridges on the African style

"Keyhole" in Africa, the home of theplanting method, called the garden, but our understanding is, rather, not a garden, and high bed. It is very convenient for those who like to engage in gardening, but not ready to experience back pain. With this garden, you can grow enough food to feed a small family. The idea of ​​creating such a structure arose in Africa due to the fact that the climate of the continent requires the efficient use of water resources. For Africa and other regions with a hot climate "keyhole" - this is what you need. However, we have this idea too pressed.


The principle of such a device "high beds"

The name of the African garden not invented by accident. If you look at it from above, we see a shape that reminds the classic image of a keyhole. In the center of the construction will be a basket for the compost to which organized a comfortable passage. The diameter of the garden will not exceed 2-2.5 meters.

Plan beds

In this regard, bed is available in two perspectives: a top view and a sectional view of the collection. One can see the reason why this building got its exotic name

As soon as the container with compost willwatered into the soil the beds out of it will be released nutrients. If you continually add kitchen waste and windfalls in capacity, stocks of mineral needed micronutrients in the soil will be continuously updated.

If your local rainy climate, thencompost baskets to build a better cover. This will help to regulate the admission process in the soil beds nutrients. The presence of the cover will reduce evaporation and keep the level of heat generated in the process of fermentation. The capacity for the compost must necessarily rise above the soil surface.

The lid on the basket

In this case, the cover acts as a receiver of rainwater. This is an option for arid areas where water needs to be stored, which value it

To protect plants from excessive heat orfrost top, you can build a protective canopy. It is better to make removable. In hot weather it is necessary to create a shadow. In the cold film stretched over the canopy transforms a bed in a greenhouse.

The European version of

This European version of the "keyhole" is clearly used as a spring in a greenhouse. This is evidenced by capital fencing and convenient facility for film

Plants are planted in the sector situatedaround the basket. The primer should have a slope in the direction from the center of the structure to its edge. Such sloping hills will increase the planting area and provide good illumination of plants. To improve the soil fertile artificially organize his bundle.

The first layer is laid on the bottom of the sector. It consists of compost, cardboard, large branches left over from pruning. Then laid mulch, manure, wood ash, dry leaves and grass, paper and straw, worms. Everything is covered from the top layer of soil. Then again, followed by a layer of dry particulate materials. Alternating layers occurs up until it reaches the planned height. The topsheet, of course, consists of the most fertile soil. As the filling of the beds, each new pour a layer of moistened. It is necessary to seal materials.

Garden sectional

Very clearly the layers of filling, sloping shape of the slopes and irrigation method can be considered for this scheme. As you can see, at a construction cost may be minimal

In operation, the garden can be modified,to be as convenient as possible for its owner. What you need to add compost ingredients - it's obvious. But the ground is also possible to pour. If desired, easy to make up the wall and the fence, and the central basket. This garden is most conveniently located not too far from the kitchen: it's easier to restock compost. Decorative Sadiku can give flowers planted at the perimeter fence.

Initial construction

To start building might look like this unpretentious. If the idea is likely to appeal, you can increase the area of ​​the garden, raising walls and giving the slope of the ground surface

The advantage of the method of the African

Originating in Africa, the idea quickly took over in Texas and appreciated in other tropical regions of the US. For dry and hot climate, it is most effective.

Protected from the sun garden

Sad indeed universal. In this case, it is protected from excess sun, that, too, is out of place

Such "keyholes" can be used anywhere, because they have many advantages, which we list below.

  • The resulting structure, taking into account a thorough fences can be considered warm. If necessary, it is easily converted into a greenhouse in early spring. Suffice it to build a dome over the film.
  • This bed helps in the recycling of foodWastes which are simply placed in its central part, providing new plants with essential nutrients. For this purpose, suitable cleaning and cutting vegetables and fruits, wash kitchen water garden waste.
  • To build a "keyhole" do not need expensive materials. It can be done literally from construction waste, or what is commonly thrown away as useless.
  • Sadiq does not need to allocate a large portion ofunder its construction. Total of 2.5 meters in a circle exists even at the melenko their summer cottage or in the yard. But you will have a wonderful garden, elegant bed and amazing vineyard.
  • For what purposes only do not use this garden! In a variety of climatic conditions it helps to grow herbs, melons and vegetable crops, flowers and vines.

If the climate in your area is warm, consider thatyou are lucky. After using the "keyhole", you can shoot in one year two crops. In this garden of a wonderful and kept the nutrients and moisture.

Simple construction

This "keyhole" is made from virtually all that prevented its owner live. Key elements - mesh netting and black film between layers which is all unnecessary household waste

Building a "keyhole"

Equip such a garden is simple enough on its site. Spend a little time and materials, and soon you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the original structure.

It is necessary to clear a small plot of land. Dern him can be removed using shovels or ploskorez. The dimensions of the future structure should be determined independently, the proportions we propose to use those specified below. Sadiq should not be large. You need only 2-2.5 meters of free space - this is the diameter of the circle. At the "keyhole" small care for plants it becomes easier.

Parameters facilities

A small area of ​​just 2-2.5 meters exists at each site. Under traditional beds you had to allocate much more space

We note the center of the beds and insert into it a pole. We tie a rope to it to continue to use the resulting design as a compass. With the help of two sticks attached to the rope at the right distance, drawn with two circles. Large circle - the place where will be located outside the garden fence, locates small compost bin.

The soil should be loosened. In the center of the construction set ready container for compost or do it yourself. This can take, for example, solid stick and plug them into the ground circumferentially spaced approximately 10 cm. Binding between them a better not rope, and wire. So it will be safer. Here and obtain compost basket. Its perimeter is closed geotextile.

Shopping and geotextile

All stages of construction can be considered in detail in the video at the bottom of the article, but this image demonstrates exactly how to use a geotextile

On the outer circumference of lay bricks orstone fence. Do not forget about the entrance area, which should provide us with passage to the center of the structure. To do this, we leave section whose width is approximately 60 cm. Cart fill prepared compost. Get high bed of fill layers as discussed previously.

Lovely garden

Each structure may look great, "keyhole" - is no exception. And all around is the beds will grow beautiful flowers

If the garden will be used totrudging growing plants, do not forget to provide support for them. Exactly how a plant will be located, it is better to think in advance to all the inhabitants of this building in plenty enough of the sun, and you yourself would have been easy to take care of them.

More information about the capacity to compost

More often than not make the basket already described methodweaving. As a base used not only of wood, but the metal bars. Good for the same purpose pipes from plastic or aluminum profile stainless steel. The frame can braid or branches, or wire. It is best if the material will not penetrate into the compost.


Just look at what can be a variety of baskets for compost! You have the opportunity to show all their imagination

As the protective membrane can be appliedgeotextile, which cover the perimeter of the basket. Used alternatives: the canister with the cut off top or plastic barrels. To get from a "basket" can penetrate into the soil the nutrients, along the perimeter of the barrel or canister made holes.

What material is better to make the fence?

As always, the choice of material from which tobuild a fence, it depends only on the imagination of the master. Bricks and stones - this is only the most obvious building material from which such fences do more often. It is possible for this purpose to adapt the structure of the carcass type of pipes and sheeting, gabions, boards, bottles, fence, bales of straw.


The pictures posted above, you can also find different types of protections, but these options are also in their own interest

Effectively look plastic, glassbottles and even two rows of mesh netting, the space between them can be filled with a variety of scrap. You can use the same or cement blocks to build a monolithic barrier made of concrete. Materials, by the way, has successfully combined. The height of the fence is also varied.

Video example of a device of this mini-garden

This type of gardening, as already mentioned,He came to us from Africa, and its first promoter in Russia became Sendacow. Watch the video, which clearly shows all under construction "keyhole" in the method of the homeland.

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