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Garden lighting Solar: an unnecessary luxury or a necessity?

Garden lighting Solar: an unnecessary luxury or a necessity?

Have you ever touch my way alonggarden plots at dusk? If yes, you will surely agree that it is not very convenient. Lighting should be on any site, in addition to its direct function, it is also a great decor. At skilful illumination of the garden, which is at dusk it loses its paint may live a new life and its beauty will be not less refined than it was during the day, but more mysterious, mysterious. Arrange lighting in the garden is possible in two ways - use electricity and street lighting with solar batteries. Let's examine the characteristics of each type of lighting.


What generally happens lighting?

Traditional electric lighting ishousehold character, lanterns and lamps are installed in places where they are needed - in the garage, on the porch, near the gate. Utilitarian lighting enables safe movement on site at night. Practical lamp housing must be made of metal and durable cover, in the domestic lighting using incandescent bulbs.


Externally electric lamps and solar lightsbatteries are no different, but the principle of operation they are very different. In order to create a beautiful fence solar lights, you do not need to think how best to do the wiring

Decorative lighting set up forgarden transformation in the twilight and night. Spectacular lighting - the result of skillful actions of the designer or site owners. It is able to allocate a separate area, and a specific element, and in the garden - a beautiful flower bed, track, water area, fountain, tree.

Decorative lighting

With decorative lighting successfully emphasized the fragile beauty of flowers, glowing balls of flowers form a single whole and create a fantastic evening song

For decorative use different lights - lights that scatter light, built-in lights that can be used on carpet, on a bed, in the gazebo.

The lamp in the form of an owl

Decorative lighting can be used not only to highlight specific areas, but also carry a separate burden, enlivening even the most inconspicuous corner in the garden

The system of garden lighting can be automated by installing sensors. In this case, the lamps will light up when a person approached.

Many gardeners have difficultyOrganization lighting - need to comply with special rules, have experience of working with electricity, otherwise you can endanger yourself and loved ones. This must be done by a specialist. Especially if you want to make interesting decorative lighting, as domestic lighting hosts usually handle themselves. In addition to well-kept and beautiful garden do not want to dig for laying wiring, if it is required to damage the flower bed, plant roots, to hold wires under the facilities.

Solar as a worthy alternative

If you are not familiar in the electricity andYou have the means to hire a professional for garden lighting device, you can use solar-powered lighting. Until recently, this method of lighting seemed a fantasy, but in our days of fantasy things often become reality.

Tile Solar

There is a garden and a solar tilebatteries, enough to place it in the desired location, and it will delight you after dark, the backlight lamps built much harder

Average "solar flashlight" for manyTruckers today is a good solution, besides installing such light fixtures, will be able to reduce electricity costs, because they work on solar energy in stand-alone mode.

Highlighting the composition of the stones

Solar lights can be used to create original compositions. For example, such an improvised Stonehenge full of unsolved mysteries

In these devices a simple principle - inLamp base is a battery that is charged during the day by solar panels located on top. At night, a light illuminates the area due to the energy that has been accumulated during the day. With the advent of a new day again changes the system mode - begins to store energy.

No special difficulties in the use of these devices is not - it is only necessary that the battery does not pollute and are constantly under the influence of the sun in the daytime.

Variety of lighting fixtures

Species solar lanterns thereset, you can choose a lamp in the shape of a flower, or color blends well with lawn. So they shine for longer, it is advisable to place them in direct sunlight

The time required to charge thislamp depends on the weather. The brighter the sun, the faster the battery is charged. Some models are able to store a large charge and work within ten hours. Lamps with solar batteries may be quite a few years to work without interruption, thus it does not need to change anything. There are lamps with solar panel, which is integrated inside the device with a remote solar panel.

Examples of using solar lanterns

Examples of using solar lanterns - on the basis of the design features, you can pick them up at the garden style, to highlight the track or separate compositions

To install lighting, solar-powered, no need to have special knowledge, it is an excellent tool for garden lighting is absolutely safe.

LED lamp

Decorative lamps with LED solar cell, they can be installed in any garden space, move in different zones

LED solar-powered lightinginteresting is that the energy is consumed only for lighting, the lamp itself remains cold, not hot. Tungsten is at work generates heat, spending a considerable part of the energy.

LED lighting will soon cease to berare in our gardens because of its convenience, diversity of devices and independence from the electrical outlet. Your costs for electricity for the garden with solar LED lights will be zero.

Now let's talk more about decorativeproperties fixtures on solar batteries. There are great tools in the form of lamps for lighting paths, garden areas, and miniature decorative lights in the form of various figures - fairy-tale characters, insects, small animals, geometric shapes. There is also a beautiful garland to decorate the trees and bushes, floating lanterns in the shape of flowers that will make the night magical surface water body.

elf lamp

Miniature Lamps with solar batteries are often made in the form of figurines fairy-tale characters. For children it is a miracle - to see the glowing elf, butterflies, birds


Original garland in the form of butterflies, illuminated by solar panels, make any fabulous small tree or shrub in the garden

Solar-powered lights

Large lights solar powered - a real decoration of the garden, for they do not need special care, and to please the owners, they are able to for many years

Garden lighting Solar willromantic and cozy atmosphere in the garden. The garden will be transformed by the use of even 2-3 solar lanterns, and if you use both large and miniature lamps, their soft, measured light will give the opportunity to experience silence, peace and harmony, poured in nature and urban bustle seem unreal and distant in this corner of paradise.

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