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Glowing stones for landscaping: receiving light decor section

Glowing stones for landscaping: receiving light decor section

Garden in the garden - a place thateach host can be turned into a cozy corner, using interesting ideas offered by modern landscaping. And the garden can look attractive and mysterious, at any time of the day - and in the sunlight, and at dusk, in the dark of the night. Glowing stone garden decor like we have been used relatively recently, they were able to revive the night landscape, make it colorful and fantastic, but the day of framing neat rounded stones will make a beautiful flower bed, pond, stream, or garden path.


Stones, glowing in the dark, have not onlydecorative function. This light source, which is usually enough to navigate in the garden at night. Located along the track around the pond, at the benches for rest, they will shine with a soft pleasant light for the eyes, without disturbing the harmony of the twilight in the garden.

Variety of luminous stones

Plastic stones luminosity catalysts

These stones look almost as natural, daythey accumulate light, and at night illuminated. They weigh much less than natural stones, so they are easily transported and placed in the right places. They have a long life, to care for them is simple - you can wash the artificial stones ordinary detergents. Glowing landscaping stones can be used for decoration of garden ponds - they are not afraid of water and form a beautiful illumination of the pond, fountain, pool.

Decor beds

Decor flower beds with colorful plastic stones. Stones of different colors and look good in the daytime, and at night

Homemade glowing stones

The stones for the work you need to choose your own. It is best to use pebble - her beautiful rounded shape, which can be used successfully to issue any object garden. Pebbles can be placed, and along the tracks and around flower beds, put a pile of stones in the center of the flower beds, individual plants to decorate the garden. How to make a glowing stone? It uses fluorescent paint, sold in DIY stores. After staining, when the paint dries, the top stones are varnished for outdoor use.

You will have a beautiful garden decor, andfunds will be spent quite a bit. The luminescent pigment in a paint composition termoustochiv, its quality determines the quality of the paint itself. If you buy a good paint, glowing stones on the site will retain its properties for more than ten years.

Hollow polymeric structure with LEDs inside

Such stones are not too similar to natural, in the daytime they are translucent and resemble rather some kind of alien objects.

Stones with LEDs

So look stones with LEDs

LEDs have long life - up to ten years. Production of luminous stones LED by special companies. Their big advantage - a variety of shapes. You can choose for the garden, several varieties - large boulders, pebbles, or very small stones that resemble rock dust. Their placers is especially beautiful and unusual look in the dark, resembling a starry sky.

Such stones are quite expensive, but in ordergarden to look original, not necessarily to buy them in large quantities. Sometimes beautiful glowing boulder in an alpine slide is able to create a romantic atmosphere.

Stone chippings

Placer rock dust in the night garden. It can be used for small objects - a narrow path among the greenery, small beds

Examples decoration

Contour frame objects

Luminous object looks wonderful as nearand with the distance, or height. If you like to go out in the evening on the balcony, you will surely take pleasure flowerbed that the contour frame glowing stones. Contour frame is also well suited for paths and ponds.

Glowing stones

Contour frame paths using green glowing pebble

Flower bed from a height

The striking contour edging flowerbeds andnearby objects in a gravel garden. The stones can be laid by a solid line that clearly viewed contour and positioned in the middle of the stones at a distance from each other

spot framing

If the contour frame mound of stonesalmost continuous, then at a point of much less used, and the light of each pebble is seen separately. For many, this type of decoration and illumination is preferable - some stones look more impressive, and is required of them. Some like a dotted pattern of colored stones along the track, others prefer a luminous strip of single-color stones.

Multi-colored stones

Spot lighting track with colored stones. This illumination in the garden can also be arranged, if you are going to visit on holiday - they can be surrounded by an arbor, fountain, benches

Yellow stones

Spot lights stones of the same color. Large glowing semicircular stone - complete replacement lamps for lighting only costs will be less

Single object to illuminate a small composition

If the garden is small, one big glowing boulder will be a very good look, highlighting the bush, tree or other object. His light will be softer and more mysterious than the light of a lantern.

Large stones configuration

Large stones configurations today can be found only polyethylene and with a lamp inside

Patterns of luminous stones

stones are used to create patterns withLEDs. Their flat shape and durable material makes it possible to walk on them, they can make even track a specific shape that will look especially beautiful in the dark from a height. There are also special stones that can be placed in the water and create a luminous path through a small creek or small pond.

Track pattern

Track from the translucent stone with LEDs. With such stones can be spread pattern in one or more rows

Stones in the water

The path of glowing stones in the pond can be purely decorative, and this path, you can walk on. For this purpose, a special durable stones

What good is this type of lighting and decor?

And that's what:

  • Glowing stones are able to select all the desired objects in the dark, and the need to use flashlights while eliminating what is the energy savings.
  • Luminous decorative stone can any object in the garden to make the original, create a special mysterious romantic atmosphere as a whole.
  • The ability to create interesting compositions by mixing stones of different colors, different degrees of luminosity.
  • At nightfall, people who are on holiday intheir cozy gardens, in no hurry to go to bed. All of us want to walk outdoors under the stars, listening to the singing of crickets and cicadas, enjoy the silence of the night. Therefore, landscape design offers a considerable number of new products just for twilight and night time. Glowing stones - one of the best means to create a calm soothing mood, after a walk through the gardens, mysterious lights shining, so nice. Such decoration is able to create a mood, a positive influence on the psyche.

Using the glowing stones in the garden, you can ownhands to create a real fairy tale that will delight you every time at dusk. And it does not require big expenses, you need only give vent to fantasy and imagination, which are prompt, at which locations to place the composition of the glowing rocks and stones which make better use of.

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