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Fences and fences for beds: Top 9 best design options

Fences and fences for beds: Top 9 best design options

When you create flower beds on their own plotthe question arises: how to combine all the beds in the overall composition. I want to plant different flowers, and in large quantities, but there is a fear that together they will create a common landscape. Afraid it is not necessary. If you set the same Wheelbarrows, the landscape will receive complete the effect. That fence or fences underline the unity of style, connect all the links in a single chain of flower beds. Let us consider the most interesting options for their design.


Selection of the height and type of fencing

First, decide what you needfencing. If his goal - a separate flower on the lawn or track, then put enough light low fences for beds. If the colors need to be protected from pets or kids who may, for example, get hurt on thorns or roses bud break, the fence should be chosen higher, so that it did not want to jump about 40 cm.

Plastic fence

Finished plastic fences are used only for decorative purposes - to emphasize the flower bed border. They can not hold the bulk soil in high beds

Quite a task is performed on the fenceflowerbeds, raised above the ground. They must keep the edge of the flower bed, so that the soil does not sprinkle. And in this case, the light design will not help, because they themselves must be strengthened, so as not swayed by the wind. For these purposes it is better to pick up the stone, brick, concrete or glass fencing bottles that are easy to install with their hands, suitable for beds of any geometry and height.

Another problem which can solve the fence,- Lock the roots of perennials. There are plants, such as ferns, with roots so quickly crawl out of the flower bed, that they should be in time to stop. For this purpose there fencing plastic tape that dig deep into the soil for 2/3 and there create an impenetrable wall. Top tape look easy miniature borders and become a beautiful circuit for a bed.

Curbing tape

Curbing tape is often used as fence beds from the lawn, because it does not let the grass roots in a flower garden

What barriers can be made of wood?

Fence of driftwood

Wood is a natural material, it looksorganically on beds in a rustic style, in a landscape where there are wooden benches, carved figures or objects of rural life (well, a decorative wagon, etc.). The easiest option decorative Wheelbarrows - laying on its edge curved trunks. In this case, a first border, and after poured earth and planted plants. Be sure to clean the bark from the tree, so as not to spoil the beetles.

Fence of driftwood

From tree trunks form the geometry of the future flower beds and then poured it with soil and planted plants

The border of the chocks

Most beds okantovyvayut wooden chocks. To do this, cut the same brevnyshek, assessing height so that dig deep into the 20 cm. Then each churbachok free of bark and treated with antiseptic to avoid rotting. A good option - wrap bottom brevnyshek in the roofing material, which will not allow moisture from the soil spoil the fence. To fence was smooth, dig a groove depth of 20 cm on the perimeter of the flower bed, tightly put in it a log and covered with soil, tamping well. This fence can stand for a dozen years, if lumps protect from moisture.

The border of the chocks

Wooden chocks should have the same diameter. Then the fence will look monolithic and neat. But the height can be different

Fence from boards

Instead brevnyshek can be made of boards decorative fences for beds. On sale they have almost no, because ousted plastic model with imitation wood texture.

Kind fence

Typically, when building a house from the owners often remain all sorts of scraps of boards, and of which you can make a kind of fence

Very impressive looks of the fence lining residues. Threaded form it put on the beds, and the upper edge of the tapered triangle.

willow fence

Very gentle and elegant enclosure isfence of willow branches. To create it, you must first prepare the bars. Willow growing near the many waters, but better to cut the branches in early spring. At this time, it is easier to clean off the bark, and twigs are mobile enough. Prepare an armful of branches, it is brought to the site, free of bark and begin the installation until pliable willow.

willow fence

Easy to weave willow fence allows to raise them to any height to protect the flower from the raids of animals or children

Installation is as follows:

  1. Along the perimeter of the flower bed pegs driven in the same diameter and height, which will serve as a support for the fence. Try to put them in close proximity to the fence turned strong.
  2. Begin braiding from the edge of the flower beds, which is invisible from the front.
  3. Each branch should braid the pegs so as to obtain an alternation: one peg vines overtake the front, the second - behind etc. The ends of the branches of the nails nailed to stakes, so that they did not stick.
  4. Each row rattles hammer to branch denser went at each other. Then, after drying your fence it will not show through the large holes.

There is an interesting video on the topic:

Options fences of stone and brick

The device curb stone

Stone fences under the power to make everyonecottagers, because the material is full of the garden, in the fields, and even near the forest. Installation will depend on the size and shape of the collected stones. If you want to make edging of large boulders, building them in a row, it is enough to dig a trench, fill it with concrete and it put all the stones, tightly clutching each other. If you need a fence higher, it is best to gather up a few flat stones. The first number is put on a concrete pad, and the rest are placed by a concrete solution, which is added to the strength of the construction adhesive for exterior use.

The fence of flat stones

Flat stones bonded together with cement mortar, even if the fence is low, you can just put them at each other

Glowing stones

Last fashionable "chip" - the glowing stones. There are commercially available fluorescent paint that covered the fence, and it accumulates day by the sun's energy. In the evening, all beds will be highlighted discreet subdued light, making the territory will become a special mystique.

Glowing stones

Glowing stones can be created from natural stones, promazyvaya special paint or plaster, which includes a luminous substance

Brick fences

If you create a brick wall, just enough to dig the ground blocks the corner. Due to the smooth edges, they will firmly hold each other without any cords.

Brick fence

Aligned at an angle of the building blocks to create a solid and integral fencing, but require periodic touch-up or whitewash for greater aesthetics

For higher fences bricks put inseveral rows on the same principle as in the construction of buildings: dripped groove, it is poured concrete, becoming the first row of bricks, joining sides with cement mortar. The next series begin to put so that the joints of the bricks were in the midway of the previous row of bricks. Seams are jointing, to give a beautiful view.

The enclosure of bricks

Brick fence in several rows is performed on the basis of the chessboard: the joints between the bricks in different rows do not have to match

The use of scrap materials in the work

Glass bottles

You can create your own hands for a fenceflower beds, which will cost inexpensive, and will look very peculiar. To do this, do not be afraid to experiment with materials that are at hand. For example, glass bottles. Despite the apparent fragility of glass, this material can withstand and frost and scorching heat, but not so on the thin plastic. If you create a flower bed is not one year, it is best not to use plastic, namely glass bottles. To fill up the strength of their inner space with sand. You can also paint the gravel and fill it, especially if the bottle out of the ordinary, no stained glass. Gravel will give your fence the desired color, and outside this bed will look unusual.

Poured into a transparent glass bottles colored sand or gravel, you will attach the fence a certain color to great effect

Mounting Technology for all bottles of the same: their half digged in the earth. Most often, Mr.orlyshkami down. If you conceive the installation neck up, then surely close their identical caps and place a slant. This will give the flower garden a special charm. Above all, you can entwine necks bright rope or chain.

That's about as it looks:

music discs

Easy to assemble their own hands rather unusualfence for flowerbeds of music CDs. Each house eventually accumulate heaps of damaged discs, but if you connect to the collection of their own children, they will cause the material and from his friends. All wheels must bind to each other, so that they become links in a single chain. Expect that each chain should have approximately 6 discs. More will sag. Finished units are fixed on the perimeter of the flower bed dug pegs. You can do in a row, and if the imagination is not let up - even in 2-3 rows. Such fencing shines from afar, and all passers-by will certainly look back on your flowerbeds.

The fence of the dishes

To create a fence does not need to look for ready-made forms. The farm will always be available materials and things that can be used in the decoration of flower beds

Do not be afraid to experiment! Even if at first your fence will seem not so impressive, you can always correct them or supplement. But the landscape immediately acquire the features of a single style, perfection and harmony.

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