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Spruce Konica glaucoma: planting and care at home + landing in open ground rules


Can we consider the conic house plant

Major suppliers of softwood potted plants - Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland. These are the countries in which the flower business is put on stream and they can grow in a pot, even the most sophisticated culture.

Conifers are considered to be almost unusablegrowing in the home, as they need a long period of hibernation and low temperatures at this time. And all the Christmas trees, which are sold in pots, grown only for temporary use. Konica - not the exception, but only dwarf conventional hybrid bluish firs, formed as a result of mutation.

Two Christmas Time Christmas trees will survive in the heat- And then 90% plant death occurs. But there is still a 10% probability of a conic hold until the spring, only to land on the street, and in exceptional cases - and tame the climate to your home. If you were given the New Year barbed beautiful dwarf - get ready to fight for her life. This is not a houseplant, and its life cycle is to be in tune with the temperature and humidity in which spruce grows in the wild.

Saplings Glaucoma conic

Miniature spruce Glaucoma conic attracts buyers compact conical crown, which was formed as a result of mutations, without human intervention

Features care of potted plants

So conic tree appeared in your apartment, and you have to do all of it to survive at home.

Choose a place in the house

First, find the coldest place in the house. It can be a window sill on the north side, a place inside of window frames double, glassed-in balcony or veranda. The ideal temperature - 3-5 degrees. The higher the temperature - the lower the chances of trees to survive, as the winter conifers rest time. And it can provide only low temperatures.

You can decorate the conic beads and tinsel, but in a warm room on a holiday only make time for a couple of hours. In a short time, fir will not have time to enter the state of stress from temperature changes.

Konica New Year

If you want to decorate bought the plant, or use floral sprays, as the krona will not be able to breathe normally and dies

If loggia at strong frosts freeze - wrap the pot woolen cloth (an old sweater, scarf and so on.), To prevent freezing of moisture on the roots. Crohn's sub-zero temperatures is not afraid.

We provide moisture

High humidity - the second factor is normalplant development. The needles are very sensitive to dry air, so you need to put the pot near a humidifier, which will constantly blow on the crown. In his absence - put on both sides of the plant bowl with water and spray needle 5-6 times a day.

Watering, on the contrary, must be ample sothe root system is asleep too. It is enough to maintain a clod of earth moist. To avoid drying - on top of the soil, cover sheet of paper or newspaper, cut a circle. They will not hold air, but do not give moisture to evaporate quickly. Watering should be sprayed with water and which stood for several hours and warmed to room temperature.

The problem may be that under allsills home will heat the battery, which will give the bottom too much heat and drain the earthen room. In this case, the pot is not on the window sill itself and raised on a hill, like a homemade stand, inverted pots, etc. Home -. Higher remove from the heat source.

adjustable lighting

Conifers are very sensitive to the direct rayssun. They cause burns needles. Therefore, you should choose a window sill on the side where the sun happens only after lunch (not the south side). The diffused light - an ideal option. It should be once a week conic roll to each side of the tree got a light feeding. If we ignore this - from the premises needles begin to turn yellow, crumble, and the tree will be "one-sided".

Yellowed needles tree conic

Uneven falling onto the crown of tree light leads to the fact that part of the needles turn yellow, and then - showered and tree loses a nice view

In the absence of a shaded window sills suitimprovised cover, placing between the plant and the window frame a large sheet of white paper (above tree height). This is especially important to do at the end of winter, when the February-March sun begins to bake, and the plant has not yet come out of hibernation and therefore very sensitive to temperature changes.

transplant Rules

Usually, potted plants are transplanted into a freshthe ground immediately after purchase, because they are sold in the substrate, which is called the "conveyance". Earth can not carry across the border (this is a requirement of an international convention), and therefore intended for sale abroad trees sit in a sterilized peat or coconut fiber. They do not provide the ideal conditions for the development of culture in the home environment.

While the seedlings are growing in nurseries - watering andfeeding conduct airborne manner without affecting the soil. Houses such conditions nobody will provide. Therefore, bought the plant trying to immediately replant in the fertile soil.

Forest ground to a conic

Herringbone require slightly acidic soil, which can get in the coniferous forest and sterilize in the microwave for 10 minutes

Spruce glaucoma is very choosy to transplants. Impaired root system survives for about 3 months, so the tree can be transplanted only in the spring. In the winter, all the seedling is still dormant, and if it is to provide the cold, in the transport substrate is quietly survive until March.

Another thing - a warm room. Peat in the heat dries instantly, and therefore likely to survive in it at your Christmas trees will not. But if there is a cold room, the Christmas tree still need to cross in a larger pot and covered the bottom and sides of the container normal soil. Ground anyone to disturb the roots do not have to leave this operation until the spring.

Strong vegetans spruce glaucoma

If the winter you find in the supermarket Christmas tree with a lot of young shoots - give up her shopping, since it is unlikely to survive in the house

The only case where transplant delaycan not - much vegetans herringbone. Those. in the shop during the sale it managed to produce a lot of young needles and acquired a very decorative appearance (by the way, a lot of trees in the supermarkets!). If the plant started to grow in the winter - so it did not provide conditions of rest, we woke up at the wrong time, and fresh shoots - a sign of "desperation." Konica tries to death to give as much as possible "offspring" - young shoots, which can be identified by a bright light green color.

The root system will give all the power to the growing season, anda substrate supply not. As a result - the death of the plant. Often, these firs - rotten roots, as the base of the neck of the substrate during the transportation of strays in whom, and from there the moisture evaporates. Not supplied oxygen, and thus created the conditions for rot. Therefore, these conic Christmas trees are transplanted in soils ready for conifers immediately after purchase. This use is not handling method, and completely shake down the substrate with tree roots and planted in fresh soil.

Be prepared that after transplanting tree resetof the needle, will stand long dull and young tips of the branches wither. This is a normal reaction move emaciated and improper storage conditions of trees, and you just have to hope that it will withstand stress. You can only help him, keeping about 10 degrees temperature and normal humidity.

The dead spruce conic

Too wet soil causes rotting of the root system and imminent death of seedlings, and it is already impossible to restore the grayed crown

How and when to "feed" the plant?

During hibernation and immediately after transplanting conifersnot fed. At this time, the roots do not need a lot of power, otherwise not strong tree vegetation starts too early. Spring needles begin to process Appin or other biological products, especially those branches that dropped needles. Growth Stimulator awaken dormant buds and help to restore the plant to its former decoration.

For irrigation use special fertilizerconifers. They will support the desired level of soil acidity. "Feeds" the plant every 2 weeks from April until mid-summer. Then - stop feeding to herringbone time to go until the winter to hibernate.

How to choose the right tree for the house?

If you like the European tradition of decorating the New Year tree container and you are ready for the challenges of care at home, then choose spruce conic in the store by the following features:

  • Do not buy glaucoma, decorated for the holiday with sequins and artificial snow. These decorations are applied to aerosols and clog pores needles. Sapling still die.
  • Gently stir the barrel. If it wobbles in the pot, then the tree recently transplanted here from another place. The roots thus necessarily damaged, and the chances of survival of the plant becomes a bit.
  • If the amount is too small pot towardscrown - do not take this tree. To develop a good crown, at the trees need to be strong roots. And probably for the transplant into the container of the root system was cut off shears and crown life support stimulants.
  • Caution on the part scratched the ground. If the tree grew in this land from the very beginning, the roots zapletut all the space, forming a tight ball. This is a good seedling.
  • Stump roots not woven together, they say that the conic grown specifically for the holidays, and in the future it will not survive.
  • A lot of young shoots at the ends of tree in winter - a signal that the tree was awakened late. Soon it will start to hurt.
  • Healthy Christmas tree has a dense, uniformly colored needles, neogolenny bottom of the trunk and get out of the drainage holes of the pot roots.

In general, ideal for pot cultureNew Year's interior is not considered a conic, and Araucaria. This - the only ephedra, intended for cultivation at home, so easily survive the winter and transplantation, and a warm room mode.

The root system of conic glaucoma

If you see a lot of pot root shot down into a tight ball, then herringbone sat in the ground more than a year

Araucaria - ephedra Housing

Soft needles Araucaria look no less interested in the Christmas tinsel, but you will be sure that the seedling will survive after the holidays

If you do choose transplant failed and hebegins to die - tear with Christmas trees all healthy sprig of 7-10 cm in length and place in a glass of water, dilute root growth stimulator. Perhaps, in the spring, some of them start up roots, and you will have your plant material.

Sprout tree conic

Sprigs of trees necessary to tear his hands to keep at the end of thickening, called "promenade". It accelerates the formation of roots

Features of landing in open ground

Since glaucoma is not intended to coniccultivation at home, you can save it, landed in open ground. Plant a tree near the porch and decorates every year in the winter instead of tormenting heat in the room. However, glaucoma is not growing rapidly, gaining for the year of 10-12 cm, so that the meter will instance only after 10 years.

Container trees, as we mentioned above, it is best planted in the spring. But if you use the method of handling, it is possible and until October (2 months before the onset of frost-stable).

Site Requirements

Konica likes moist, well-drained acidicsoil. Ideal - loam. Stagnation of water to its roots - certain death. If the site is located in a low-lying place, landing at the bottom of the pit poured a layer of broken bricks, expanded clay or coarse sand. This will prevent the root system from stagnant water.

Place for landing should be sunny. It is desirable to find a shading area to needles not roasted summer in direct sunlight. Can be planted near the fence, the wall at home, in the ensemble with higher conifers.

Seedling Glaucoma conic

The first years of conic seedlings grow up, so are not very decorative, but at this time they should be planted in open ground

Planting instructions

The procedure works like this:

  1. When planting the tree is carefully removed from the container, taking care not to break the earthen room and immersed for 1-2 hours in the water.
  2. If planting in the spring / summer - is freed from the rootssubstrate, straighten the roots in all directions and are planted on a hill rolled in fertile soil. You can buy 10 kg of finished or bring the land of pine forests.
  3. When planting in the summer rainy week is selected,sapling had to get out of stress state before the heat begins. In the summer it is necessary herringbone pritenit creating above it a kind of non-woven fabric canopy.
  4. In the autumn planting roots not tormoshat, but only gently straighten the ends tangled roots, leaving a lump in one piece. Since the plant is injured and less time to get stronger before winter.

And of course, after planting the land is filled with peat to preserve moisture, and in the fall - to insulate the roots.

Glaucoma conic in the landscape

Glaucoma conic can be planted as a solitaire or be the center of a small flower bed, but it grows very slowly and becomes spectacular after 10-15 years

What fears Glaucoma conic?

The most dangerous time for Christmas trees - the end of winter. At this time, the sun's rays and snow reflects badly burned young conifers, why it becomes red and then - crumbles. Places burns recovered slightly. Therefore it is important from the beginning of February to cover the plants with burlap or a non-woven fabric by stitching of these cone-shaped bag or tightly tying a rope to the crown. Of course, the decorative area will suffer, but the plant will remain healthy needles.

And these conifers like high humidity, andif the summer will be able to hot and dry, the crown can be showered from dehydration. Therefore, the summer should be set near the conic water hose with spray and 5-6 times a day to include it.

Grow conifers in the apartment - troublesome. Miniature artificial Christmas tree decorate the New Year's table is not worse than the present and sustain any decor. Think about whether torture tree in the heat of rooms, if a little chance of survival. Peredaril herringbone friends or relatives who have their own section. They it will be a joy, fur-tree - for the benefit of, and you do not have to watch the slow death of coniferous beauties.

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