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Ornamental cabbage as an element of design villa beds


Wild cabbage, which later becamedecorative, cultivated in ancient Greece as a feed crop, but her bright beautiful leaves, so reminiscent of flower petals, attracted the attention of gardeners, cabbage and gradually became an ornament of gardens, courtyards and gardens.

As rose

His beautiful ornamental cabbage cancompared with a rose, and the resemblance is there, but the time of its heyday - the end of summer. When roses wither, your garden can be just as beautiful, if you like a plant

Your bed will acquire its beauty to the end of the summer,when cabbage leaves zapestryat bright colors - pink, pale yellow, purple, burgundy. Even one such plant is able to decorate a small pot or tub, as if to create a bed of them - you can enjoy it forever.

Light frosts that occur in September, this plant is not a hindrance, its colors become more saturated, and only its charm cabbage retains until the first frosts.

Chess order

To create a flower bed plant two flowers are planted in rows in a checkerboard pattern. Cabbage is easy to plant - seedlings strong, large, generally well accepted

The circular landing

Create beautiful flower beds with ornamental cabbage can help by planting its waves, rows of round - in any case, you'll have a beautiful and unusual flower bed

Varieties of ornamental cabbage garden

Varieties of this culture is conventionally divided into twoGroup: Plants with loose heads of cabbage, like exotic flowers, and the plants do not form a head of cabbage. plant breeding the first group of many gardeners were engaged in Japanese, so the names of the varieties mostly Japanese - "Tokyo", "Osaka", "Nagoya". The plants of the second group can reach 120 cm in height, and has a low-growing varieties -. 20-30 cm tall elegant form leaves they grow along the entire length of the stem, they can be removed at will, and will resemble cabbage rose on a stem. Buying a certain grade, consider the fact that with it you want to create.

Varieties such as srezochnyh

Grades srezochnyh type is very interesting, if you remove the lower leaves, they turn into beautiful flowers on sturdy stems, from which you can create a composition on a bed or put in a vase at home

The compositions in pots, pots and containers

Rozopobodny "flower" of cabbage in a flowerpot,wooden tub or a large ceramic pot decorate a place to relax, barbecue area, place two flowerpot symmetrically at the track, and it will look elegant and solemn.

Cabbage in a decorative barrel

The original composition of garden - ornamental cabbage in a wooden barrel. Locate it can be anywhere, as long as the plant had enough of the sun

Depending on the size of the container, can be plantedin it one or more plants as a single color or multiple colors. You can combine the cabbage with other plants - it goes well with ivy, begonias with small flowers and leaves.

Along a track, can be arranged in benchescontainers for paved areas, landed them in a decorative cabbage. Plants in pots and pots need good watering and feeding, and ideally they should be watered every other day, and this care can be ensured only if you constantly live in a home or at the cottage.

In a ceramic pot

Plants of the same color to the ceramic pot planted well with decorative grass. After the onset of cold weather in the pot, you can enter the house where the sprouts will bloom for a long time

Vertical bed

Flowering Cabbage can be used even forcreating vertical beds. To do this, you need to buy a special container in several tiers and small planter boxes, although this is difficult to independently create a flower bed

Examples Bedded

As already mentioned, is especially cabbageluxuriously late summer and autumn, so that the seedlings can be planted once and not on a bed, but to grow it elsewhere. But the end of summer, you can land this beauty on his front flower bed, sit on her flowerpots and tubs. This plant is fairly well tolerated by transplant, only look at the fact that the roots were bundled up solid lump of earth that will protect them from damage, and after the transplant it well watered.

For the season the cabbage can be even more transplanttime. Recommended cabbage plant at a distance from each other, as over time it grows. Cabbage grows well in the sun, although partial shade will suit her too.


Lovely composition in flowerpot original form, so it is possible to arrange a bed and using a variety of head to form without stalk

Cabbage and begonia

Example of creating a beautiful flower bed of cabbage and white begonias and pink flowers. You can use different garden flowers, cabbage grows well with many plants

We track

Ornamental cabbage planted in the tracks, repeating her curves, transforms into a magical garden area. Use plants to curb the scope for flower beds, creating a wonderful example of garden design

Since the time when the cabbage is particularly good -autumn, it can be combined with autumn colors. Beautifully will look flowerbed with colorful asters cabbage "colors" in the frame. In autumn, when the summer flowers is over, you can land border of decorative cabbage in their place, it will please you to the onset of cold weather, and when it will be quite cold, cabbage can be cut off and put in a vase at home, she can stand still for about a month, retaining its beauty and freshness.

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