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How to make a birdhouse his own hands: step master class (photo + video)

How to make a birdhouse his own hands: step master class (photo + video)

Birds - an indispensable tool in the fight againstPests green spaces. The best way to encourage them to support and to attract them to your site - make a birdhouse his own hands. Giving feathered comfortable cabins, the owner of the suburban area provides tranquility for the harvest and good mood from the pleasant neighborhood. Starling will be in demand in any case: in comfortable apartments with pleasure also settle swifts, black cumin, flycatchers, chickadees and sparrows.


Materials manufacturing and sizes of bird apartments

Thinking through how to make a birdhouse his own hands, is first and foremost to take care of the harvesting of material for the construction of the house.

Houses for birds of different species of wood

The material of manufacture birdhouse can serve as a board of hardwood, such as aspen, maple, oak, birch, alder

Coniferous trees for the construction of the bird house is absolutely not like, because they can secrete a resin that makes the inner surface of the birdhouse tacky.

To build a birdhouse is not desirable asuse particle board and MDF, which release toxins harmful to birds. Plywood - not the best choice of material sounds bad passes sufficient audibility requiring feathered in case of danger and bad holds heat, complicating birds nursing her helpless nestlings. The inner surface of the wooden planks to be slightly rough. To give a smooth surface roughness can be achieved by applying horizontal cuts a chisel, which will facilitate their feathered chicks out of the house to the outside.

Before making a birdhouse, it should beto determine the dimensions of the future construction. Standard dimensions of the birdhouse: 13-15 cm width and 30 cm bed height birdhouse and a diameter of 3,8-5 cm is letka spacious apartment is not always good:. In the big house can shelter and more chicks, but whether this will be their feathered under force parents ?!

Numerous offspring is much more difficult to goand feed. Weakened by insufficient nourishment chicks grow painful and unable to withstand the long-distance flights in the autumn to warmer climes. The compact cabin that can accommodate two or three chicks, offspring grows up healthy, able to continue to support the power of species populations.

The optimum size of birdhouses

Ornithologists say that the inner space of the bird houses should not be too spacious, but at the same time is too tight

The simplest version of a wooden bird house

Configuration birdhouse depends on whereit will be attached. If the house will be suspended under the roof of the house, to a balcony or a pole, the design should provide for the availability of additional perches in the form of thin sticks or triangular shelves needed to "walk" feathered owners.

When deciding how to make a birdhouse from a tree thatIt will be placed in natural conditions and is suspended from a tree, with no arrangement of "casual" and perch can all do without. On the branches adjacent to the breeding ground, the starling will entertain pleasing surrounding pleasant lilt of his singing.

Drawing a simple bird house

In the manufacture of a simple house for the birds you can use powered birdhouse dimensioned drawing, which will be able to understand even a schoolboy

To build a compact and easy to avian family house would be required:

  • Eaves unplaned boards;
  • two cubes (birdhouse hanging on a tree);
  • screws or nails;
  • steel wire d = 1mm (for hanging the house);
  • joiner's glue.

Of the tools needed:

  • a pencil with a ruler;
  • Hacksaw on a tree (with an average tooth);
  • drill, drill wood;
  • a hammer;
  • chisel.

The works are carried out in several stages:

Step # 1 - blank wooden elements

Pencils on the boards according to the dimensions of the drawing are marked all the wooden elements: floor, wall, roof and perch.

The procedure works billet parts

As a result, should get 7 pieces

The bottom is performed in the form of a square with a side of 13cm. The height difference between the front and rear wall 4 cm, it allows you to create an angle of inclination of the roof. For the same purpose, not the upper edge of the side walls are provided bevels. two pieces of different sizes must be prepared for the developments of the roof: the first part is shaped like the bottom of the configuration of the house, the second - large rectangle to create the awning.

Some craftsmen believe that a better option in the arrangement of the house - roof tilted forward, which is formed due to the shorter front wall.

Step # 2 - cutting out the design details

Sawing off the elements should be performed in sequence in order to pair the items were the same size. To give beauty product outer surface of the boards can be further pare.

Sawing details birdhouse design

With the help of a drill or chisel to punch for the summer birds d = 3,8 cm (can be increased up to 5 cm)

Round entrance hole in the house is morepreferable as compared with rectangular in nature since birds closer circular hollow in house with a circular entrance, they are more likely to settle. Location holes in 5 cm from the top edge allows protect chicks from the clutches of the cats grip.

Step # 3 - Build a birdhouse

The side walls and the front facade structureFirst held together using wood glue. As the drying of the adhesive parts are fixed with nails or screws. By the same principle the bottom side ends are connected with the front and side walls. The last thing glued and hammered the rear wall of the birdhouse. No gaps should not be.

Removable roof for easy cleaning birdhouseswhen after the liberation of the house birds it can be cleaned and even pour over boiling water in order to not bred parasites. In addition, to strengthen the roof to protect the birds before visiting their home a cat, you can use the door hinges or rubber.

Build a birdhouse

Details of the roof fastened together. By the very same small house to fix the roof is not necessary

Step # 4 - Set the bird "apartments"

Ready birdhouse can be nailed orprimotat wire. For added protection and ease of chicks placed for output at a slight angle to the outside surface, the design should be slightly tilted forward.

By placing a bird house in a tree, hangingstructure is preferable to use a wire which, unlike the nails do not injure the tree. An additional tree bark protection may make wooden shoes, which will be a kind of lining accepting the force of the tension wire.

Location house Orientation

"See" house should be in the direction of the east or south-east. Optimal placement height - from 3 to 5 meters

Decorative birdhouses

When planning how to build a birdhouse with your hands, it would be desirable to obtain not only a functional design, convenient for the birds, but attractive house, which will be a bright touch to the design of the site.

There is a misconception that starlings are notoccupied houses painted bright oil paint. But as practice shows, the bird family feels very comfortable in such multi-colored apartments.

Decorative bird houses decorated

It is interesting to look houses adorned with decorative details. Some craftsmen create bird real palaces with balconies and fences

Fantasize on how to build a birdhouse,which will be a real gem of landscape design in the basic framework design can take the simplest version of the house, which is only complemented by original features and play on color schemes.

Birds can populate them cooked "apartment"not at once. On the development of new housing could take a year or even more. Do not worry and be patient: your good deeds will be sure to be rewarded with time.

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