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The rules for the installation of a fence between neighbors: study that says the law

The rules for the installation of a fence between neighbors: study that says the law

Buyers of land, as well asindividual developers who start building houses on purchased or leased land by local authorities, concerned about the proper installation of fences. In order not to violate the interests of the people living near, and not to infringe upon their rights, it is necessary to know exactly what you can put a fence between neighbors in the law in force in the territory of the given subject. Just note that this issue is addressed in many legal acts, none of which can not be ignored. Limits are set on several parameters such as the height of the fence, material of manufacture, produvaemost fences, the distance to the important sites located on the territory and its neighboring area. To avoid conflict with neighbors that can escalate into a court showdown with subsequent payment of fines and even demolition of built fences, everything must be solved according to the law before construction.


What followed in the construction of the fence?

The main piece of legislation normalizingthe planning and construction of structures on the land, is the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation on. However, in this document there is no indication of mandatory placement of deaf fence between the nearby areas. Therefore, as a basis for building codes come from, that is, building codes, which can be supplemented by regulations adopted at the level of local authorities. These documents specify requirements for the erection of fences on the territory of the village, dictated:

  • climatic characteristics of the region;
  • dominant terrain;
  • the presence of cultural heritage sites, and others.

It may also be mentioned the need forpermission from local authorities to build a fence. Issuance of permits for the construction of fences are engaged in regional and city administrations, departments for Urban Planning and Architecture, who see to it that in a private fenced area not settled village life support systems (water, electricity, and other utilities). In case of illegally built by the owner of the fence will force him to make the dismantling of their own funds.

A clear definition of the boundaries of the land plot

Please refer to the documents available onground. Then set the exact location of the boundaries between the areas located near the data and agree with the neighbors that are interested parties in the legal resolution of the problem. If all owners agree with the boundaries established between the sections, then draw up a statement, which reflects the agreements reached. Act is signed by representatives of all stakeholders. This document will protect the owner of the fence from the attacks of the discontented neighbors in the future, when the change of ownership land.

If you encounter difficulties with accuratethe definition of the boundaries of the land are encouraged to contact surveyors. Experts do not only examine the available documents, but also produce inspection area, after which the applicant will be given a plan which will indicate the location of landmarks.

Landmarks for distinguishing land

Boundary marks to delimit the land located next to each other, are installed by specialists of companies having a license for such activity

How to find an experienced surveyor?

Find a competent surveyor can, through theirfriends have to pay for such services in the corresponding service. You can also use the list of organizations and individual entrepreneurs who have a license to conduct this type of work, which is available with the authorities in charge of architecture and land management in the region and area of ​​residence.

Examine the price list of companies, as well as a listservices rendered. Especially ask accounting documents, which you will have after the completion of the work. Low prices for services should alert you, because the company can carry out work to restore the land borders properly. The cost of all works is normalized so cheap services are due, as a rule, low-quality implementation of necessary control measures. Bringing these "experts" can only aggravate the conflict that erupted between neighbors because of site boundaries.

Competent surveyors will be given to you in his arms:

  • the act of restoring the site boundaries;
  • plan of the land, which is the description of the scheme and with the points of rotation angles of your site borders;
  • explanatory memorandum, in which the singer tells of the work performed.

In addition to the documents you need to show specialistsplacement of landmarks, as well as explain how to restore their documents using a tape measure in case of loss or willful destruction.

Determination of land borders

With a special measuring equipment surveyors determine the exact location of the site boundaries, which then installed fences

Try to negotiate with its neighbors the opportunity to co-payment surveying services. If they agree, the contract provided for in the presence of an additional package of accounting documents.

From which to build the fence: Material requirements

Building codes do not put forward specific requirements forthe materials selected for the installation of the fence. Even neighbors often unhappy neighbors not material selected for the construction of the fence and tall building structures. And discontent in most cases justified, as in the construction of high deaf fence area is shaded and deprived "ventilation" is located near the site. Therefore, in the garden and home gardens for production of fruit and vegetable crops, fence mounted only with skylight.

Such a barrier can be:

  • mesh;
  • Trellis.

The height of the fence between the garden plots is notmay be greater than one and a half meters. If a neighbor ignores these norms (intentionally or unknowingly), the injured party must submit a written statement to the Gardener's office or your local authorities.

Installation of a deaf fence from the street

Installation with no need to obtain permits not deaf fence made of profiled sheet is possible only from the street, if the height of the building does not exceed one and a half meters

Fence with outbuildings can befenced impenetrable fence from the carriageway. If a fence is built from the neighbors, it is necessary to observe a number of requirements on its distance from the borders of the neighboring areas.

How to put a fence right?

When building a new fence or replacing an old fence guided unwritten rule lies in the fact that the structure supporting columns feature:

  • or at the boundary portions;
  • or on the side of the land owner, started the installation of the facilities.

It is necessary to strictly follow the order to all withoutexclusion of the fence located on the territory of the developer. Do not cheat and try to "chop off" a neighbor extra centimeters. This can lead to big trouble and material losses. Not every neighbor is willing to put up with this situation. So do not count on the loyalty of man to capture an extra piece of land, located in his property.

Requirements to the fence between the neighboring sites

To design the fence be installed between adjacent land must meet two basic requirements: light transmission and air permeability. Therefore, do fencing with openings

For details, see the video:

As standardized than the height of the fence?

The height of the fence between the plots of neighbors,allocated for individual housing construction, can not exceed two meters. If the owner of the land intends to put the protective structure above this value, then it is necessary to get permission from the architect.

Similarly, the land user must act,setting the fence in close proximity to the highway. The height of the fence can reach just one meter. Otherwise the permission of the architect owner of this site does not receive. Impose restrictions on the construction of the fence and its height in areas with angular location.

From all over the world do not fence off a high fence

From all over the world do not fence off a high fence, but you can try. But why? After all, the top section is always open

Where to build a house and other facilities on the site?

Individual developers are trying tomaximum advantage from every meter of land. However, they forget that the law is established, how many meters of fence neighbors, you can begin to build a house without violating the rights of people living in the neighborhood. Therefore, when choosing a place on the site for the construction of residential and other purposes should be guided by a number of existing regulations, normalizing the magnitude of the distance from the data structures to the border of neighboring areas, namely:

  • 3 or more meters back down from the house, as well as other premises;
  • 4 meters is left from the areas intended for poultry and small livestock;
  • 1 meter - to the garage and other technical facilities.

Note that the average height of trees planted should be at a distance of 2 meters from the fence of a neighbor, and high - 4 m.

The circuit arrangement of objects on the site regarding the fence

Arrangement of the main objects on the plot relative to the fence. When planting trees and shrubs are also taken into account the norms imposed by law

The distance between the house built on yourportion and the edge portion of your neighbors to be measured from the wall or cap structure in the event that the protrusions, sheds and other elements of the structure does not protrude more than 50 sm. If this value is exceeded, then the distance is measured from the protruding structures. It is always possible to negotiate with a neighbor, but do not forget to fix the compromise agreement on paper. This document will protect you in court in case of conflict, confirming the correctness of the actions taken by you in the construction of the fence and in the area of ​​the house.

Compliance with fire protection regulations

With great care must be treated to complyfire regulations building fences between neighbors, because it affects your life and the lives of your loved ones. Construction materials are various classes of flammability. On this basis, it is necessary to withstand SNiP norms establishing the minimum distance between the under construction in the buildings area, namely:

  • 6 meters must separate objects constructed of non-combustible materials, such as concrete or brick;
  • 8 meters should be between the concrete and brick buildings that have wooden beams or other elements made from wood;
  • 15 meters is considered a safe minimum between the wooden buildings.

Left between objects meters help to savehouse in a fire raging on the neighboring property, since fire can not spread to a number of buildings. Yes, and special equipment is easier to drive up to the fire place, if it is not blocked by numerous buildings, naleplennymi literally on top of each other.

Do not attempt to bring the fence closer to the road, thethus increasing the area of ​​the fence. This violates the so-called "red line" on which align all the houses facing the street. Violators will be fined, which can develop in the demolition of the fence. Everything depends on the persistence of local authorities, which can in general, "close your eyes" to the violation or confine the recovery of an administrative fine.

Fire standards compliance for safety

Compliance with fire regulations will protect against fire are not only built on the site of the objects, but also save the lives of the owners of property

Remember that ignorance of the law is not a valid reason for his failure. Therefore, to hide behind the fact that the first time you hear about the requirements for the construction of fences, fail.

Disputes and methods of their settlement

Dispute between neighbors, mainlyrelated to the improper installation of the fence. And usually this step is one of the parties is consciously and purposefully, hoping that a neighbor will not engage in judicial cantle. However, not always the injured party quietly remained silent, holding in his heart hurt, or is limited to loud abuse. More and more people decide such questions in court, knowing that the truth is on their side. So treacherous seizure of foreign territory by transferring old fence or building new barriers, to put it mildly, are not welcome in our time.

Erection of a fence on the territory of the plot

Erect a fence is necessary in the territory of your site, so you do not demolish the constructed fence by a court decision handed down in favor of the disadvantaged neighbors

Find a way out of the conflict situation in two ways.

  • The first method lies in the peaceful settlement of the conflict, the plane, where the parties can not find a compromise solution in the negotiations and the establishment of good neighborly relations.
  • The second method is more energy-intensive, andto the same financial burden as linked to litigation that can take years. At the same time of loss is not insured by any of the parties and, therefore, hangs the threat to stay at the interests and compensation for costs incurred and moral damage "hated" neighbor.

after all why you should try to follow the peaceful path by developing themselves and their family members, diplomatic skills. After all, a bad peace between neighbors is better than any, very good war.

How not to quarrel with the neighbors?

In all situations it is necessary to treatpeople think of the way would you want them to treat you. This win-win behavior will maintain a good relationship, which is a terrible ruin because of the fence. Perhaps one of the parties to make concessions and she will propose a modest transfer of fencing. After all, the two neighbors want their sites were razgorozheny stout and beautiful fence. So there is common interests around which we must build a dialogue, based on the norms of the legislation.

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