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How to put on your decking terrace: the order of construction works

How to put on your decking terrace: the order of construction works

Parquet - classic flooring,clean, beautiful, expensive and high quality. Although in recent years there were many new varieties of flooring, parquet flooring does not lose its relevance. He even left the interior, "coming out" of the nature. With a special garden flooring, you can create gorgeous terrace and recreational facilities in the garden and in the yard, doing remarkable track pad at the pool, sundecks, which are not afraid of moisture.


Decking is used to process water zonesLandscape Design - contours of the pond, a stream, a miniature bridge will look aesthetically pleasing, walk on the parquet floor is nice and comfortable - its surface is warm and absolutely not afraid of water. Garden parquet represents a square or rectangular tiles, connecting with each other using the fasteners.

The name of terrace flooring - decking,It associated with the water element. With American English it is translated as "deck." Decking has long been used on the terraces of the American and Canadian homes. Today, we can beautify your yard or porch this beautiful practical material.

Water area

Making the pool area with the help of deckingboard. The water area is very attractive, and walk barefoot on the board much more pleasant because it is warm. Well look at this site will loungers with parasols

Technical characteristics of the material

At the heart of dekingovoy boards - wood-polymercomposite additive-fixers and mixtures of polymer (this may be either synthetic or organic). The raw materials used for the manufacture of decking Siberian larch, cedar and exotic trees such as Cumaru, Teak, azobe, mahogany, merbau, the most resistant to decay. Parquet wood of tropical trees are much more expensive.

KDP (or wood-plastic composite) - a mixture ofwood flour and thermoplastic. This high-strength, moisture resistant material having low thermal conductivity. The larger wood flour in the mixture, the more material resembles a tree. KDP also called liquid wood for the similarity with natural wood and plasticity. Percent wood composite is large - from 60 to 80%.

To the owners of summer cottages have appreciated the new material, we will talk about its benefits.

  1. Environmentally friendly material, no harmful additives and impurities.
  2. The ability to combine well with other materials - tiles, natural and artificial stone, gravel, pebbles.
  3. Such flooring can also be used indoors, but its main purpose - to create outdoor coating, the material does not allow moisture to collect on the surface, do not walk on it slippery.
  4. Stack garden parquet is simple, it does not require any special skills, so that will spend money on the work of specialists is needed.
  5. Durability and strength. Decking withstand daily fluctuations in temperature to 15 degrees, does not deteriorate in sub-zero temperatures, it can withstand heavy loads - up to 2 tons per square meter
  6. Easy to clean. To clean the decking of dirt, you can use special tools or wash it with a hose stream. The coating does not need extra protection - paint, varnish, etc.

Decking components - individual modules, it can be as decking and tile.

Decking or tiles - that suit you?

Decking can be smooth or have tosurface grooves for anti-slip effect and moisture drain. The second option is preferred. board length - from 1.5 to 6 meters. Board comes in two types: hard and soft module. In soft-modular board has a frame made of plastic. Special mounting frame allows you to quickly and efficiently connect the modules with screws. After completion of the work cover design looks solid, fastening parts are not visible. Boards made of rigid continuous unit timber which is resistant to moisture.

Decking - is wood, perfect fitfor use outdoors. After heat treatment - obdavaniya heated steam without access to air, wood acquires new properties - of which the moisture is removed, it does not crack, does not crack when exposed to sunlight, does not lose color, does not swell at high humidity, it becomes easier.

But the garden parquet - this is a two-layer tiles. The top layer - slats (facial decking planks), the bottom - frame substrate (can be wooden and plastic).

More about the wisdom of choice and decking terrace boards you can read on this site, there are a lot of good instruction and interesting articles about flooring.

Features garden flooring installation

As already mentioned, garden parquet mounted conveniently and easily. To mount fits any surface - soil, crushed stone, gravel, tiles, wooden floor.

Installation on a base of gravel

Installation of garden parquet on the base of gravel -pre-aligned base tiles connect fasteners on designer fashion. Possible options for the drawing - in this case, alternating horizontally and vertically disposed strips

Sand bed as the base is not recommended - will sink tiles, pressed into the sand, which will lead to an uneven surface.

Parquet on the joists

There are varieties of decking, which, like the board, are mounted on a lag. This is a more practical option, this area will be stronger, it can not dismantle the winter

If you have chosen as the basis of the soil, itIt must be cleaned of weeds, stones and covered with geotextile fabric, otherwise the weeds will try to invade through the cracks between the tiles, which can lead to deformation of the coating. It is most convenient to mount the garden parquet on a level concrete base.

In general, it does not require any prior training base for styling. The main thing is that the surface was smooth and swings were no more than 0.5 cm per square meter).

Laying the tiles

Parquet flooring on the base of the tiles - the simplest and most convenient option. On the terrace perfectly flat surface will last longer, because on fixing the load is minimal

Each module has a parquet castleattachment, you need to connect with each other. This is done quickly, so that in a few minutes you can assemble a square meter of such a coating. If you need to leave room for the protrusions, pipes, parts of modules that are in the way, you can simply cut with a saw.

Detailed installation process is shown in the video:

Mount Technology decking

Installation of decking is done differently. Fixing board is not on the base and on the supporting joists of wood or plastic. Logs are stacked on flat surface - tile or other material.

The distance between the joists - 35-50sm. The longer the board, the greater the distance between the beams than the shorter board - the distance is less.

Mounting board

Installation long decking boards on the joists. Under lags is a substrate for draining moisture. Many firms producing decking, Complete sets of special material for the substrate

If the coating is planned to be operated inhigh humidity, under the joists need to enclose something solid, such as ceramic tile. This will ensure drainage of excess moisture. Logs can be fixed on the basis of self-tapping screws, if needed.

Put on logs the first board, align it along the edge of the lag. Board is attached to the joists in the self-tapping groove at an angle of 45 degrees.

fixing the first plank

The first board can be attached to the lag in two ways:
1) via a screw groove
2) or the mounting clip also using the screw

Clips are inserted into slots on the decking and lag, to lag clips are attached with screws. The next board should be inserted in the groove clip - in this way the rest of the board mounted.

Mounting boards in the groove

After you attach the clip to the lag screws, attached to the board, you can add another by inserting its groove. And continues until the end of

you can use caps to hide the extreme lateral grooves for finishing boards terrace boards around the perimeter.

More information about the installation process, see the video:

Terrace or garden area of ​​flooring in winterIt should be dismantled if it is not laid in the open air lags. The pad laid on the joists of the decking can cover the film, and if it is located under a canopy, winter it was not terrible.

Rest zone

From the terrace board can be made as simpleplayground and recreation area with several levels. To create such a zone need a specialist, but a mini-cafe will allow to gather with friends and celebrate the holidays in the open air in her garden

In case you need to be clear from the dismantling of the tiledust, dirt, dry, and choose to store it dry place before the onset of heat when you can once again enjoy your holiday in the open air.

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