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Make a tree house: how to build a thorough design with their own hands?

Make a tree house: how to build a thorough design with their own hands?

Probably not a single child in the world,who would not want to have your own house, situated on the tree branches. This is not just a place to play - a small world with its own laws, rules and traditions. If your summer cottage there are several high-strong tree, you can come up with a simple design and make it a reality, to the delight of children and adults too. It remains to determine how to build a tree house with his own hands.


Choosing the right wood for construction

Treehouse - conventional name asMany buildings are located on stilts near the tree, or adjacent to it one of its part. Nevertheless, the choice of the tree should be taken seriously. So, what parameters it should have?

House with playground

Even a small but strong tree will become a solid platform for building a house

It is worth paying attention to the thick trunk anddeveloped root system. Well, if its branches a minimum diameter of 20-25 mm. Birch, willow, poplar or hardly suitable, but oak, ash and maple will stand on itself a small building. Sick and old branches must be cut immediately, so that they will no longer have harmed children or structure.

It must be remembered that the house will be ona maximum height of 1.5 - 2 m, the higher the location is dangerous for children to play. Besides krona tree sways in the wind, hence the house has high branches of stability and strength.

spreading tree

Spreading tree with thick branches, located on a small height - ideal for a child's construction

interesting house

The more stitches trunks and branches of trees, the more interesting it can get house construction

Preparation tool and work process

After selecting a tree, you need to prepare a draft andchoose the material base - building tools and materials. Particular attention should be paid to fasteners: bolts and nuts is far preferable to nails. All connections should be safe for children, so the nuts and bolts of a head utaplivajut a tree.

Security structures

Keep in mind that the tree house built for the children, so in the foreground - Safety

How to make a tree house durable, but easy? Of course, using a lightweight material. Stairs, floors and beams, however, must be made of high quality wood, but the roof and the walls can be made of lightweight synthetic material.

Tools needed for construction:

  • hacksaw;
  • plane;
  • drill;
  • wrench;
  • roulette;
  • a hammer;
  • level;
  • sandpaper.
small tools

For the construction of the house will need a set of plumbing tools, which have any economic summer resident

The process begins with the construction of the floor and reinforcingstructures. The structure should be fastened to the tree, and to ground. Traditional elements are supporting piles. Arranging tree house with his own hands, should be based on rules pertaining to the construction of any house, first erected and connected large items, and then fasten them smaller.

The base of the boards

The basis of the house, as a rule, make strong the boards securely interconnected

From the floor to the walls go from them - to the roof. At least engaged in decoration and painting.

Open house

Instead of the traditional house can be erected in the form of light design of the gazebo or open area

The construction can be erected quickly, collecting partdetails on the ground. For example, it is possible to mount the ready wall with openings for windows. Good idea - to arrange a patio, but on the condition that allows the base area.

Build a house, you can enjoy its design,although elements of action-oriented and do not interfere. These include pole, on which climb up and down to the ground, hill games, rope ladders, hanging bridges. Children's fun in a house - it is also active sports.

The original project of a house in the old trunks

One of the easiest options - house projecttree with old trunks. For this decision did not have to figure out how to build a tree house in the complete absence of trees - the author found a way out, picking up two big, strong withered trunk, which will play the role of living plants.

Driving the tree house

The first stage - drawing up the scheme with the definition of design sizes

The basic material for the construction of the house -waterproof plywood (width sheets - 150 mm), nailed overlap. Dense wood board went to the floor device windows are not glazed, but can be inserted glass or plastic if desired.

Get in the construction of the stairs you can also have the option to install a pole and slides.

House with ladder

Children are very active, so a large number of ladders or swing will not prevent

First we need to create a drawing of a house on the tree and determine what materials will be needed.

For the foundation (the strengthening of the trees) will be required (approximate values):

  • cement - 100 kg;
  • rubble - 0.75 m ?;
  • Sand - 0.75 m ?.

Materials from a tree: boards for the lower and upper trim, lumber for struts, strut, balusters for railings, handrails, stairs, wood board flooring, edging board, skate, rafters, plywood sheets are waterproof, roofing plywood, doors, trims. Dimensions beams and plates can be different, it depends on the area of ​​the planned house.

picture house

Children's drawings and ideas taken from the Internet, will help create a house project

Fastening materials:

  • screws, coach screws of varying lengths;
  • anodized nails;
  • bolts and washers;
  • hinges, door handles, heck.

The roof can be covered with a piece of roofing material.

Construction stages:

  • Installation of two dead trees. They are placed in the pits 60h60h60 see, equipping the bottom of the concrete (20 cm layer), and the same by filling concrete wasteland in the pits after the installation trunks.
  • The device sill at a height of 170 cm. It strengthens braces, connecting parts bolted together and trunks.
  • Nailed to floor joists, they - wood boards (using screws).
  • Install corner posts at home and 2 verandas stands, then - the other pillars and window bars.
  • Securing the upper trim, installation ridge to the two trunks.
  • Paneling plywood with nails, starting from the bottom.
  • Roof Sheathing (lower edge of the hanging 15 cm), sealing the gables.
  • Installing the handrail balusters to sexual beams, then the railing itself.
  • Mounting the stairs.
  • Installation of doors from wood stoves, installation of accessories.
  • Covering the roof with roofing material.
  • Setting the pole, slides.
  • Painting of buildings in the favorite color of children.

Miracle House is ready. If desired, it is possible to insulate windows - glazing thus create a great place for children to play, which can be used all year round.


Having built a house and ennoble the area around it, you can do the interior decoration

Various ideas improvement

When ready base structure, should take careabout its design. This can be not only a standard house with four walls and a roof. Perhaps among the branches of the tree house a pirate ship, flying toward adventure, or high tower, secured a fabulous dragon.

In such cases it is necessary to resort to the help of children, sometimes better than adults know how to make a tree house. Their lively imagination will help give the lodge individual look.

Unusual house

The structure of the tree can be given a most unusual contours

Small house in the garden

Treehouse, built in a quiet corner of the garden will be a good place for rest and solitude

Lake house

Treehouse by the lake or on the river bank - the dream of every child

Building the tree house entailsother changes in the garden design. The small picturesque pond with a fountain, or a bridge, a children's playground in bright colors, mysterious trails around - the area around the buildings can be turned into a magical land. This place is sure to please both kids and neighbors in the country, and visitors.

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