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Scarecrow with his own hands: 3 master class + photo selection of the best options

Scarecrow with his own hands: 3 master class + photo selection of the best options

Throughout the summer dachasripe berry crop - cherries, strawberries, currants, raspberries, and hard-working gardeners cook them compotes, jams and preserves. But not only do they love to feast on sweet and juicy berries: cunning raid poultry flocks in search of dessert and leave behind only a bare cuttings and debris. Coping with thieves is difficult, so gardeners and think about how to make a scarecrow with his own hands - it is at least partially protect the crop.


Scarecrow "Summer Resident" improvised

A little bit of free time and a little imagination - and a bunch of old things turns into a mysterious lady, the real owner of the infield.

Scarecrow at the cottage

Most often stuffed give a human face, believing that this will frighten birds

For creativity require quite a bit:

  • two spade handles of different lengths;
  • a large nail, a hammer;
  • old clothes;
  • two buttons;
  • bag stuffed with straw.

Putting stalks crosswise scoring a nail and get the basis for a bogey.

Cross for stuffed

To fit the cross from cuttings shovels, sticks, poles, sticks, narrow slats

Making the head: fills a plastic bag with straw. On top of it stretch the children's tights or pillowcase - turns the head. To sew likelihood eyes - two large buttons, a nose - piece of cloth, lip - terry cloth rag. Fix a head at the upper end of a long stalk.

Then we put on a cross-cutting olddress (skirt) and a jacket - and in front of us is quite nice lady. Of course, a stylish woman lacks accessories - in Panama and romantic scarf she looks much more interesting.

stuffed head

The similarity with the person shown in the design of the face and in the choice of clothes

Hat and scarf

Scarecrow must also be beautiful - do not forget about accessories

Cute Scarecrow to protect the garden

The creative process can involve households- And the next day a brave fellow Scarecrow disperse all the crows in the garden. It is a bit like the hero of "Oz" Baum, but our children more familiar Scarecrow from books Volkov - silly, but very kind.


Daring smiling Scarecrow - a real decoration of any garden

Thus, the order of work. First of all, we make out the head. To face contour was smooth, put on a thick piece of light material (burlap) basin or a large dish, encircle it. Cut two identical circle for the head. One of them - a person. Pencils denote the place where will be the eyes, nose, mouth.

Pencil drawing

Eyes light fabric, mouth and nose are more visible

Roth embroider stitching using thickwoolen thread. His eyes cut out of dark fabric and sew, do not forget to issue eyelashes. Ears and nose do the color of a person - so it will be more natural. Sew the two circles, synthetic padding stuffing, sew the hair (some thick woolen threads) - the head is ready.

head Scarecrow

For the eyes, you can use pieces of cloth, felt, buttons, caps

The required bar - a hat made out of a bag.

Scarecrow Hat

Hat not only gives the completeness of the external appearance, but also gives the character traits of our character

Cut out and sew arms. Cut collar, decorate it with bells. From Master burlap shirt, pants and trendy bag over his shoulder.

Shirt Scarecrow

Patches - traditional elements on clothing scarecrow

Crossings of the two boards is sheathed with synthetic padding,attach the head, arms, attire. Scarecrow ready with a smile all day and night to disperse berry thieves, although whether such a kind scarecrow someone to overclock?

Scarecrow ready

The colors of shirts, pants, hats can be exchanged for a more vivid

Scarecrow from plastic bottles

How to make a scarecrow, so that it rustled,It shone and frightened all who encroach on the beds of strawberries? Very simply - using plastic bottles. Options for combination of plastic containers of different sizes a lot, consider one of them.

We need:

  • plastic bottles of different color and size;
  • elastic fixation;
  • lids from bottles;
  • wire;
  • awl, knife, scissors, stapler.
Stuffed plastic

Using plastic bottles of different colors, you can make completely different stuffed

We expect a large number of containers for assemblyhands and feet, for example, two pieces on each leg, 1 - on foot. The bottoms and lids pierce holes through which extend a gum. End of gum will be attached to the torso.

Torso - old tank, plastic too. To this wire attached multicolored cap - buttons. For head will fit 5-liter cans of water. By "face" fasten your eyes, nose, mouth, using a stapler. As the limbs, the head is attached to the body by means of elastic bands. More noise - less birds. So we do "hands-free" skirt of the caps. Wonder scarecrow ready.

It turns out that a stuffed kitchen garden with his own handsmake a snap. Due to violent fantasies are born all the new characters. Before us - a bright series of interesting findings that faithfully guard our beds. Boring stuffed magically reincarnated in the original decorative elements, which are nice and look yourself, and show guests.

Scarecrow in a shirt

This cute citizen bystanders can easily be mistaken for the owner garden

Scarecrow in a hat

This solar effigy rather a decorative element rather than a means of scaring away birds

A man with a shovel

It is unlikely that this frightened stuffed birds, but people - just


Scarecrow fisherman told us about a favorite hobby of his master


Another version of the Wise Scarecrow, kind and cheerful


Perhaps the birds frightened their giant relatives - crows

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