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How to make a hammock with his hands: two general rules + turn-based master class

How to make a hammock with his hands: two general rules + turn-based master class

Hammock - a comfortable place to relax, capabledecorate any country site. The product, invented by South American Indians, allowed not only to provide a comfortable sleep, but also effectively protect against flying mosquitoes and the damp night air, characteristic of this area. Modern people use the hammock mainly for daytime short rest in order to relax in the shade of the trees, enjoying the rustling leaves and birdsong. To make a hammock with his hands, there is nothing difficult. Suffice it to stock the necessary materials, tools and the desire to create original and functional element of the interior.


General guidelines for the production of hammocks

Hammock can become not only a wonderful decoration of the site, but rather a useful piece of furniture.

Pleasant rest in a hammock surrounded by nature

According to psychologists and scientists a few hours relaxing in the hammock can replace a full night's sleep

Deciding to create a product, swaying in which it is pleasant to recuperate after a hard day, each of us it is useful to know a few basic rules:

  • Material production. Before you make a hammock, you mustconsider the variation of its performance and intelligently pick the fabric. To create a long-lasting product, it is desirable to choose camouflage, canvas, tarpaulin cloth, calico mattress or teak. Synthetic materials, despite the fact that they are lighter and less durable, it is not desirable to use the product for sewing, as they do not allow the body to breathe.
  • Cords for woven hammock. When choosing a rope better to give preferencecotton yarns and not synthetic. With cords of natural fibers are more comfortable with the manufacture of products for weaving and tightening knots and touch during the holidays.
  • Reliability mounting supports. Add a hammock can be between specialpillars or columns, as well as between the two neighboring trees in the garden. If everything hammock specially mounted support, they need to bury at least a meter. selection should include garden trees to stop such that the diameter of the trunk at least 20 cm.
  • The height of the suspension. The height of the hammock hanging above the ground 1.5-1.6meter. Span is calculated as follows: length of the product is added to 30 cm on average 2,75-3 meters. In the absence of the possibility to change the distance between the legs, the length of the hammock can be varied by changing the podvzyaki height, creating a stronger deflection or change in tension.

The mobile design is convenient to carry on the site and placed in any corner of the garden, thus replacing the scenery.

Stand of wooden beams

To the regeneration of destinations are not tied to the location of the trees in the garden or the existing support structures, it is possible to make a frame to any hammock

A sample of the metal frame under the hammock:

The most popular designs of hammocks

To better demonstrate how to dohammock with his own hands, we propose to consider several options for the design of this product. This will make the best choice that will fit your preferences and possibilities. There are many options, here are some of them.

Option 1 - Mexican "cocoon" from the tissue

This hammock that looks like a cocoon, is one of the easiest to manufacture and relatively easy to espluatatsii.

The easiest option hammock

Despite the simplicity of the design of the product, rest in a hammock allows you to perfectly relax all muscles

Because it is impossible to fall out of the cocoon. But to get out of it, or change the position of the body, also need to make some effort. When folded, the product occupies relatively little space and weighs less than 1 kg, making it convenient to take with them on the nature or a hike.

This option is quite simple in the hammockmanufacture. In order to make a Mexican hammock, it is necessary to prepare two cutting dense matter the size of 1.5-3 meters and a cord length of 20 m, which is able to withstand the weight of 150-200 kg, for tightening and suspension products. Both cut tissue are added together.

Pattern for sewing

Pattern for tailoring standard single Mexican hammock

Cuts stitched by the two sides along the length ofpattern towards each other. The length of the horizontal seam of 2 meters (in the illustration in green). As a result, the tunnel is formed with nedostrochennymi edges. Land pattern, marked with yellow in the drawing below, not stapled. This will pave the inner layer of the product water-repellent film or sinteponovye soft mat, which will significantly improve your comfort. The narrow side of the product, labeled in red, you must tuck in the 2-3 cm and stitch. The product is ready. It remains only to lend a tunnel formed in the cord.

The circuit assembly of all products

Stretched cord must be tightened on the cross and ends prisobiraya tissue. Place a couple of times wound contraction in the same cord and tied knot

To attach the structure to the tree, without damaging its bark, it is necessary to wear a rope for hanging up, or put under her cloth.

Hammock on wooden rails

For relaxation, young children and the elderly can improve the product and attach the narrow side of the rectangular cut, made on the pattern of the same, to a wooden stick

Option 2 - woven hammock in the art of macrame

Known to most of our compatriots hammocks Soviet times resemble a volleyball net.

Woven from threads fishnet hammocks

In place of a "bed", leaving the chess pattern on the back resting, came more comfortable and aesthetic handmade products

In order to tie the hammock comfortable and beautiful,You must learn to weave a few knots macrame technique. To work need a strong rope or clothesline cord d = 8mm, and two wooden rails of the same size of about 1.5 meters long. To secure the rope to the bars drilled holes d = 20mm on equidistant distance of 4-5 cm. Diameter holes ratios to the diameter of the rope should be 1/3, which will be fixed more tightly folded three times the rope.

Meters cord depends on the selected pattern. The calculation is as follows: the distance from the rack to the rack must be increased three times, and then be multiplied by the number of holes. So in order to weave a delicate hammock with his own hands the size 2,5h0,9m need 150 meters of cable to the pattern, and 20 m at mounting products to support.

Flat site to weave a hammock

Learning to tie a flat knot, can be made quite lovely openwork product whose design does not lose its shape during operation

Technology weaving cords of the hammock is quite simple. Each node is tied of 4 ropes, mesh sizes - no more than 7 cm.

mesh fastened to rails

Ready grid wires through the hole on the rail and is connected to the nodes. Structural strength may be given by means of metal rings

Video workshop "how to weave a hammock"

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