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How to make barbecue of a thick-walled tube with a roof: a master class from first hand

How to make barbecue of a thick-walled tube with a roof: a master class from first hand

During warmer months, it is difficult to sit in a stuffyroom. Especially during the holidays, when we usually go to the countryside or who have the opportunity, on a summer residence. The most traditional dish of all feasts in this period become the kebabs. Unfortunately, natural phenomena do not obey human laws. Sometimes on holidays rains. But if the heart of sunny, then rain will not be a hindrance. A barbecue will still be! You just need to think over everything in advance and make a barbecue with a roof. Then the celebration will take place in any weather, and well-baked and peppered meat browned crust decorate your table.


What better to do the roof?

The most common material for the canopy or roof sheet metal is used. When making a choice, you should pay particular attention to some of the properties of the material. He must:

  • be Refractory;
  • not afraid of corrosion;
  • do not respond to changes in temperature and humidity levels.
The roof of corrugated board

Barbecue with a roof of corrugated board looks neat, it is functional and easy to use: no nonsense, but all that is needed, there

Often the corrugated board used for the construction of a canopy- A profiled metal sheet provided with special coated. The special coating prevents rust and professional flooring makes it quite attractive. You can choose the color of corrugated board, which will optimally match the overall style of the site.


Diverse, vibrant, perfectly protected against corrosion, profiled successfully fit in any style, will always find a place and have to court

a canopy frame is manufactured by welding of tubes or metal profiles.
For the roof you can even use the slate,ceramic or metal roofing. But Cell carbonate for this purpose is absolutely not suitable. It can not only warp from the high temperature, but also catch fire.

If the canopy is being built in order to protect the productsand coals from the rain and wind, it is necessary to make the roof and wider, longer and barbecue. The design with the coals should be completely closed, so buy with a stock material. To properly calculate the need for materials and do not spend in vain money or time, you need to sketch a blueprint selected brazier with the roof.

Interestingly looks semicircular roof thatused on the barbecue model below. Arch canopy is made so that the water does not linger on it, runs along two sides, not getting on very brazier.

The form of the roofs, covering BBQ, can bedifferent. They are made of one and the gable, semi-circular, light and capital, without a pipe and a pipe. But the latest models it is worth special attention.

The roof-chimney

Chimney, located on two foci barbecue, it allows take a smoke, creates the necessary preparation for traction and protects against rain

Chimney, built directly abovebarbecue, also protects it from the weather. But the smoke box and a pyramid-shaped tube 2-3 m long can provide excellent traction. Then, in addition to the barrier to rain, you can get excellent protection against smoke. He will no longer interfere with the cook.

Beautiful BBQ Roof

If we talk about the beauty of the buildings, this BBQ deserves special attention: the process of preparing coal it simply mesmerizing

There is another feature in the roof, which should be taken into account when choosing its shape: the construction should look whole and harmoniously and be beautiful. It should rejoice, not annoy your presence.

Construction of barbecue from the pipe

If you do own a roasting pan with a canopyhand, is not so important difference in the price of purchased and homemade device. What matters is that the product was a convenient, trouble-free operation and its owner happy long life. All these requirements are fully in line with the construction on the basis of a thick-walled tube equipped with a canopy.

Choose a foundation structures

Such a tube 35 cm in diameter we take as a basis andmake it a holiday barbecue with a roof. thick metal advantage is that even after several years of intense use, it will not lose its properties: not deformed and not prorzhaveet. Length depends on the preparation of the construction volume is calculated food. The length of the tube base in the photo is 95 cm.

BBQ with canopy, made from pipe

Barbecue is different durability and functionality: a facility with proper care will last not even a decade

Cut the lid barbecue

Before you cut the cap, determine whywe need it. If we use a conventional device without a cover, the coals are consumed wastefully: after the end of cooking, or they have to fill with water or leave burn down to ashes. But coal could be more useful.

Closing the hatch cover and blower, which is inthe side of the barbecue, we stop the access of oxygen to the point of combustion. Combustion is stopped, but not the coals burn through to the end. They still will be available later. You can leave a small gap to the embers smoldering, but not extinguished. This is done in case, if the cooking process is interrupted briefly.

Food cooked on the grill

Pilaf and fish cooked on the grill, not just cause the appetite and the desire to enjoy the food, besides a food is considered useful even doctors

So, we need to cover, and we cut it out of hergrinder. Attach to the main part of the tube by means of a door hinge. Open it more convenient with the handle, so be nice to her and provide (you can take the door).

Oh, what legs!

Feet need to do such a length that will suitcook. He should be comfortable to use without bending brazier, not squatting, not raising his hands up. When the arms bent at the elbows at right angles, it becomes immediately obvious what height do legs.

Preparation in the streets is fraughtall sorts of unforeseen circumstances. Any gust of wind can spoil a dish or sand to place on the coals garbage. The legs of desired length and helps avoid these troubles.

Roof or canopy?

In this case, preference is given to the shed. Why? This canopy protects against the vagaries of the weather, but it does not keep the smoke from coal, does not allow it to accumulate and poison the cook. But the rain under the awning does not penetrate. Cook can be sure that the coals are extinguished, and the products do not get wet. Well, if the angle of inclination of the canopy and the height of its attachment can be changed. Then all you can configure it as comfortable at this particular moment.

The internal arrangement of the brazier

Holders of a suitable length for the installation of the brazierIt must be cooked from the corners and metal rods or plates of width 2-3 cm. They can put the finished grille, which can cut it out of the metal fence, for example. Thickness 2-3 mm is sufficient to ensure that it will not burn through a long time. Detachable grille makes it easier to clean the space beneath it.

A few more tips

This grill provides additionala device that allows you to cook pilaf in a cauldron. He turns crumbly and wonderfully fragrant. Luke blower located in the side of the barbecue and coals under the grate allow you to adjust the intensity of combustion.

For effective ignition must open the side flap. The air goes into the space under the grate, penetrating into its hole. Oxygen promotes combustion and increases the temperature of the cooking.

Capital BBQ under roof

All grills are different, but the roof and may differ from each other: to be small and spreading canopies and awnings, under which all perfectly located recreation area

Barbecue and a roof, and hood

But this brazier roof need it as protection from the weather, because the smoke was successfully removes self extractor

In some cases, the use of a gas stovereally convenient, but kebab or plov best cook on an open fire. Never no electricity, no gas will not be able to give the meat an exceptional flavor and spice, which is able to provide only the heat from the charcoal.

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