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Child's room for a boy

Children's room should be in every child. It is important not simply to instruct toys in the room and make it a truly fabulous. Every boy loves to dream and play, imagining how a hero, an astronaut or a racer. Design an ideal children's room for a boy should contribute to this.

Child's room for a boy

At arrangement of the room, many parents do nottrusted by the child's preferences and choose everything to your taste. This approach to the arrangement can not be considered correct. We need to listen to the fumes in some detail. Of course, the choice of material for finishing and similar important nuances - the task of parents. But any child (except for the little ones) can tell what color the walls and floor he prefers. And this should be trusted, even if the decision said they may seem, to put it mildly, provocative. For example, if a child wants too bright wall, you can dilute it with a variety of decorative elements with calmer tones (curtains, furniture, etc.).

Also it is necessary to take into account the child's age. Child's room for boys must be changed periodically (approximately every 3 years). In addition to the interior changes should also apply to furniture. Indeed, over time, to a baby will need more functional furniture.

Child's room for a boy

Basic requirements ↑

So, the basic requirement in the regenerationclear preference should be to please the kid. But that room was beautiful, functional and safe, should adhere to certain rules yet. For example, choosing the furniture, one of the important conditions is the lack of sharp edges on which a child can hit in the game. As for the set of furniture, there is not a caveat.

Bed. This item is selected based on the tastes and interests of the child. Today's range allows you to choose for your baby is not a normal bed, and one that will fit their interests. The boy loves cars? So, should look for a bed in the form of a sports car. He is fond of space and wants to become an astronaut? Then it is necessary to look for a bed in the shape of a rocket. But even more important is the mattress. To maintain the correct posture is recommended to buy only mattresses. For a growing child it is particularly important, since the developing spine very sensitive to deformation.

Child's room for a boy

Also important is the table where the baby candraw or, if you already went to school to study and do homework. In addition to the functionality is important and its placement. For the eye is very useful natural color, so this item should be placed only next to the window.

Also, as an adult, a child needs a wardrobe. However, there is no need to take a bulky chest of drawers or wardrobe. It is compact enough to be a small locker. For a child it is important to furnish the space and furniture to the detriment of the free play area - wrong. To further save space, various cabinets for books and toys can be replaced with hanging shelves.

Child's room for a boy

Important and flooring. It is desirable that it be moderately soft. The best option would be cork floors. Carpets or carpet is not recommended. This floor is rather difficult to clean. As a consequence, it becomes a real collection of dust and bacteria.

Of course, none of the children's room is complete without jewelry. The main thing in this case, to take into account the tastes of the child.

View examples of interior children's rooms for boys may be on the following photo.

Child's room for a boy

Child's room for a boy

Child's room for a boy

Room for the youngest ↑

The main rule for a child's room environmentnewborns - the functionality and convenience for parents. Quite a young child is absolutely essential style and design. It is enough to stock up on toys. So you need to ensure a comfortable access to the necessary details of the interior: the changing table, crib and dresser.

As for the design, it is better to choose a more vibrant hues. It is in the first months of life the baby is formed vision. During this period, it is important that the child is seen in front of a variety of bright colors.

It is also important to take care of cleanliness. Absolutely all of the items, including toys and bedding should be made of environmentally friendly materials.

Child's room for a boy

Theme options ↑

If the child has grown up and understands everything and hehas its own interests, it would be great if the children's room will be the embodiment of his hobbies. Ability to make a modern room for any queries abound. After consulting with the child can begin to implement this or that thematic compositions.

Captain's room ↑

Many of the boys during the games present themselvesthe role of the captain of the ship that sails across the sea and into the various adventures. So why not bring his imagination to reality? Make it not so difficult.

The first step is to paint the walls in a suitable tone. The usual ceiling can turn into a clear sky, if you paint it in a light blue color.

Interesting! That blue color on the approval of psychologists is the most suitable for boys. He has a positive effect on the mental development of the child. The same is true of the green.

So, let's continue. The theme fits perfectly into the interior of wood furniture. Even better, if the bed is in the form of yachts. Replace the sails will roman shades of light shades.

In addition to the paint, the wall can be finished with photo wallpapers or different themed decorations.

Child's room for a boy

Space room ↑

What could be more exciting than to seethe planet from above, flying without any additional equipment or set foot on the land, which has not yet felt the human foot? Almost every boy dreams of becoming an astronaut. And there is no doubt that by making it a nursery in a spacecraft, it will be infinitely happy.

The main requirement for the room - the use oflight colors. Part of the wall of a child's room can be finished in a large window inside which are pasted Mural with futuristic picture of a planet.

Furniture should also match the style. It is advisable to use tables and other equipment in high-tech style.

Child's room for a boy

Room for future racers ↑

Machines in the soul of a man is still a young ageoccupy a special place. Suffice it to recall the boy's favorite toy. Among warehouse machines and a variety of super-heroes were a lot of all sorts of machines. Many of them have already lost a wheel, or even any item. Therefore, one of the most common variants of the creative environment is precisely the automotive theme.

A similar furniture in specialized stores abound. Therefore, buy a bed in the form of machines, and a chest of drawers in the form of gas stations will not be too much difficulty.

As in previous versions, perfectly complement the image of wallpapers and various details, such as the checkered flag on the wall and the like.

Child's room for a boy

In addition to the options there is justplenty of opportunities and options. For example, if the boy is experiencing love for the aircraft, it is also possible to realize almost a reality in his room. Also, the boy will be interesting room in the following styles:

  • Knight's castle
  • Making heroes of favorite movies, books and games
  • Stadium or other playground

Design of a small child's room ↑

Not all parents can afford to your childlarge nursery. However, with the correct purchase wallpaper and furniture, even a room of 10 squares can be quite functional, and even have room for active play.

To achieve the desired result, it should bestarting from the walls. No, they do not need to endure, to increase room. It is enough to visually expand it. spaciousness give effect wall coverings of light tones. Gloomy and dark colors, on the contrary, narrow space. In addition, dark environment, even in a large room would not be appropriate.

Child's room for a boy

Having defined the walls, you can proceed toselection of furniture. To maximize space savings, it must be compact, but at the same time functional. For example, perfectly suited beds that have built-in drawers for clothes and other things. It is also better to abandon various cabinets, which is quite possible to replace the shelves attached to the wall.

Gender may also contribute to the expansion of the room. Use of the floor covering in the children's room with direct striped pattern visually make the room longer.

Examples of small children's room design for boys, you can look at these photos.

Child's room for a boy

Child's room for a boy

Design a child's room for two boys ↑

Intelligent design children's room for two boys is a little more complicated. It put two small children is not always so easy in the same room. But the task is quite feasible.

The first thing to do is to divide the room for at least two areas:

  • Game-playing, where children play, learn and have fun with your friends
  • Bedroom, where the brothers will be able to rest and gather strength for the next day

This can be done with different partitions or furniture. Zones can be also set by using walls, floors and lighting.

Free doubly important. Therefore, multifunctional furniture is a must. An excellent option would be withdrawable or bunk beds. Moreover, the children's room for boys, which is not yet 7 years, for safety reasons, it is better to use a draw-out bed. In addition to the bed, sleeping area should be equipped with individual lockers for each boy or dressers. More no furniture in this zone is not required.

But before we determine with the furniture, you need topaint the walls or wallpaper pokleit. In the recreation area walls should be tender tones (beige and olive, etc.). entertainment area can be easily painted in bright color. What will it be, it is worth asking the children.

In addition, the room can arrange in one of the above proposed theme styles.

View examples of children's rooms for 2 boys can be in the following photos

Child's room for a boy

Child's room for a boy

Child's room for a boy

In conclusion, it will be useful to see the video, which shows the various embodiments of the children's room for the boy.

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