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The interior of the small children's room

Every child from the moment of birth requiredpersonal space. In order for a child to instill the habit of responsibility for maintaining order in his room, independence and discipline, decorate the nursery for the baby. Unfortunately, often the lack of square meters of the apartment forcing parents to identify a child's very little room. But this is not a problem, even in the smallest children's room, it is possible to organize a space, which will be convenient to the child comfortable and pleasant stay.

The interior of the small children's room

Key strokes in the design of children's rooms ↑

Making a small nursery for the baby,you need to carefully approach the purchase of furniture and the general layout of a small room. The ultimate goal of the project - arrange space so that it remains the most space for classes and active entertainment. The choice of decor and finishes - this is not a big problem for the nursery. But when presented abundant material in the store costs more carefully consider the colors and texture of the finish, the decor. They have the maximum expand the space visually. Small children's room should be a boon for your son or daughter, and give only the joy and positive for them.

You have to understand that the concept of a small areaeach his own. For those raised in spacious private houses, even great can be perceived as a very small area of ​​the room. For those who live in an apartment high-rise buildings, small children - a room of no more than 8 square meters. m. Unfortunately, small children are most relevant today, therefore considered an example of the design will be specific to this room.

The interior of the small children's room

The choice of interior space ↑

It's no secret that small childrenroom decorated with soothing colors of light materials, is visually a lot more than it actually is. But the child is much nicer and more interesting, if on the walls, he will see your favorite characters of fairy tales and cartoons.

When choosing a wallpaper should look to for backgroundthe figure was bright, and image - of medium size. Too big picture can scare a child, but very small - make the surface of walls and scruffy alyapistoy.

Council! It is necessary to take into account the fact that for a harmonious design, it is not necessary to use the same space for more than three colors.

At arrangement of child definitely needtake into account the child's age category. Psychologists have proved that children under the age of six years are most susceptible to the bright and vivid colors, and school-age children - to a neutral palette of natural shades.

The interior of the small children's room

Finishing materials for children's ↑

When decorating the ceiling preferences betterto give materials with white, glossy surface. With the help of a small room can be visually higher. An excellent option could be tensioning system. If you want to use in the children's only natural environmentally friendly materials, you should consider the option of lacquered wood. Also, no one has canceled the usual, traditional whitewash. In this case, you need to focus on the light, choosing light, airy fixtures.

By decorating the nursery for the little girl,remember that the young princess loves warm, sunny colors: sand, orange, yellow, pale pink. The boys love color of the sea, water, sky. For them, you can select the calm tones of blue, green, gray, blue.

Even if a very small your childchildren's room, it's not a reason to decorate it with standard, conventional materials, boring and without raisins. Do not be lazy, ask that your child likes. Perhaps the child will be thrilled with a little pirate rooms, bedrooms or princess, sports field or forest clearings. Be creative, and then a small nursery for your child will be easy place to sleep and play, and the entrance to the other, a child's world.

The interior of the small children's room

Making windows ↑

Even the small window can be interestingdecorate and loses possession. And it's not as much ambient light as the rational use of the small space. It is a good idea to equip the workspace as a single space with a window sill. This allows you to save a useful area small children's room, add natural light to the work surface, and equip a large number of tables needed for the storage of boxes and shelves.

Tulle and curtains - is banal. For modern children's small size shutters and blinds will be most preferred. Their choice is supported by a large number of positive points.

Attention! Construction of the decoration on the screen does not takea lot of space, requires no eaves, very well protect small children's room from direct sunlight, allow you to adjust the room lighting.

The interior of the small children's room

The choice of furniture and its placement ↑

Almost before anyone who is engagedarrangement of a small child's room is quite difficult to carry out the task of how to put in a small room a large number of relevant and useful things. To design the arrangement of furniture and other design elements you need so that the baby had plenty of space for active pastime.

For small children's rooms come to the aidfurniture transformer. For today's manufacturers will not be difficult to make a custom-made wardrobe with built-in place to sleep, or your desktop with well-arranged drawers and shelves for storage of various details and toys.

The interior of the small children's room

Council! Very interesting version of the bunk bed where a child can sleep, and it will be located at the bottom of a play area on the top shelf.

To push to the maximum spacea small children's room, all the furniture you need to place as close as possible to the wall. Large closets and a variety of hanging shelves better replaced by one, but very roomy closet - coupe. At the door of the cabinet, you can insert a small mirror elements, they can add a little room light and air. Choosing furniture for the nursery, look for the light-colored wood.

Zoning small room ↑

In a small children's room, it is very important to correctly carry out zoning. First enjoy a berth arrangement.

The interior of the small children's room

Recreation area ↑

A variety of bed models producedModern manufacturers allow you to select the perfect option for even a very small child. Bed room with shelves and drawers, put forward berth is all very can successfully solve the problem of lack of territory, and at the same time to arrange a comfortable place to sleep. We must remember that sleeping child needs peace and quiet light. Keep the bed away from the window, and for local children's lamp lighting funny fit perfectly.

The interior of the small children's room

Knowledge area ↑

To the child was comfortable to learn lessonsand it requires a writing desk and chair. To store all kinds of stationery items and just need the necessary stuff drawers and shelves. In a small children's room is very practical to combine all the elements together.

Important! Furniture design, in which compactly housed all the necessary elements for the study will be a godsend for small children.

The interior of the small children's room

Zone ↑

What a children's room with no area for games. The child will appreciate the presence of a small house, a tent, a sports complex. It is desirable that all elements are mobile and easily folded if necessary.

The interior of the small children's room

One room for two ↑

What to do if a small roomplaced two children of different ages. The most important thing you need to know, no matter what size you have children. Everyone should have their individual space. Of course, first of all it concerns the bed. Traditionally, to address this problem set a bed made up of two tiers. But today's manufacturers offer a more convenient and compact version, retractable bed.

The interior of the small children's room

Conclusion ↑

Each parent is very important to create aan ideal environment for your child, in which he fully developed and grew. I would like to be visited by friends, and it was a place to play. Reality does not always match our desires, but it is not a reason to give up on the dream. Plan to use every opportunity to make rational use of the available territory, and if your child is the best children's room.

From the following video, you can also learn some useful ideas for planning the interior of a small room

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