What are blinds on the balcony better?

The best way to hide from the sun – hang the blinds on the balcony. And what to choose, what to look for when buying them?

This is a designer item was made in the far XVIII century, but spread throughout the country only in the 90-ies. Previously, they were expensive and not everyone could afford it. Today to buy blinds on the balcony can each family, they are available a wide variety of products of different shapes and colors.

Advantages of material ↑

  1. Limit the space from the bright sunlight.

  2. Reduce room heating in hot weather.

  3. Decorate the window space, give beauty and attractive look.

  4. Practical to use.

  5. Durable.

Shutters sealed the Windows, take up little space, are easy to clean from dirt and dust. And their wide selection allows you to purchase the product according to the architectural solution space, without changing the interior space.

What are blinds on the balcony will be the best solution? ↑

Horizontal blinds ↑

Horizontal blinds on the balcony, pictures of window decorations.

What are blinds on the balcony better?

Consist of multiple rows, in the same way fastened together with fastening materials, for example, rope or other decorative item. Mechanism like an accordion, you need to pull the clip and louver disclosed or closed. Due to this mechanism, even in the closed state through them can be metering light beam, and therefore the room will not be dark and uncomfortable.

Attention! Horizontal blinds must be placed on the loggia separately for each window frame, according to its size, so you can easily open the window and place it on the windowsill household items.

Vertical blinds ↑

Vertical blinds to the balcony quickly became popular. The mechanism of action is similar to the previous embodiment, a vertical plane rotated around its axis by the controller and collected in an accordion. They can be mounted across the entire width of the window, especially when on the balcony window hinged, not sliding. They create a feeling of the curtains, support the comfort in the room. Look photo – vertical blinds to the balcony.

What are blinds on the balcony better?

Important: such models are useful in combination with aluminum Windows. They are easily maintained and are used for many years.

Roller blinds. ↑

A great alternative to the previous models can be easily mounted and installed on a separate sash Windows. Can significantly reduce the temperature of the air in the closed state. Original, attractive, practical and convenient, give warmth and comfort in the room.

What are blinds on the balcony better?

To make a quality product selection should take into account the material from which are made blinds.

Plastic ↑

  • Unpretentious care, they just wipe with a dry cloth and they’re good as new.

  • Not fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

  • Available in a choice of.

  • Practical to use.

  • Durable, resistant to temperature changes.

  • Represented in different colors.

And they do not bend under the influence of wind when the window is open, if you want you can order custom plastic blinds with a picture.

Attention: too cheap of a model very soon come out of working condition, turn yellow and crack.

Wooden ↑

In high demand among fans of eco-friendly materials. They are beautiful and rich, but are too heavy weight, and soon fail. For large loggias such designs it is better not to buy. Of course, it is possible these products are custom made for each window separately, and then weight is distributed and the switching mechanism will become loose.

Metal ↑

Most often it is aluminum horizontal plate, white or beige. Cheap, resistant to weather conditions. They have several disadvantages – they rattle and are not long life, easy to bend and break.

Tissue ↑

Often made from polyester that won’t fade in the sun, easy to wash, dense and elegant. You can choose different shape and coloring, the interior in accordance with the preferences of the owner. Are much higher than the previous models (except wood), but over time such costs are more than compensated. Long service life is their strong point.

What are blinds on the balcony better?

How to choose blinds for the balcony? What you should pay attention to? ↑

It is important, product does not lay on the windowsill, and even worse – hung down to the floor and dangled.

Before choosing a specific model is necessary to make measurements of the window, pay attention to the rotary mechanism. It consists of driving parts, which do not hold together and don’t make loud noises. Feels smooth and comfortable for daily use.

The blinds to the balcony with sliding Windows that will be held inside the doorway, and therefore to select the length you need to remove 2 cm from the height of the window frame. If products are planned to extend beyond the window openings, then not less than 10-15 cm When the user wants to install vertical blinds to the balcony, they must have a distance from the slats to the floor is not more than 5 cm.

For plastic Windows a great economical option – fabric vertical products. The owner will be able to easily adjust the lighting level to block all the Windows of the huge size. To create coziness and comfort will please roller blinds, colorful, bright and spectacular. Maybe they will be buyers expense, but will serve more than 15-20 years.

The advantage of blinds on the balcony is that such designs do not hang to the floor, save space, create a comfortable and original look, and the wide range allows you to create real masterpieces of interior design, bright and unusual.

What are blinds on the balcony better?

Features of all types of blinds for balcony ↑

By far the most popular, roller blinds, they are not only original but also very practical. Consist of a very dense fabric, which is wound onto the roller that is attached to one sash or the entire window. Complement the interior, very easy to use. Create a pleasant twilight, do not let direct sunlight into the room. The material is not darker, the color does not fade, they can be combined with curtains or pelmets hang from above.

Vertical blinds on balcony for the price of the most affordable, made of plastic, aluminum, fabric. Have vertical slats, and therefore securely close the window opening. The maximum price per square meter is not more than 1500 rubles. Installed onto Windows or aluminum sliding frames.

It is important: the process of cleaning is quite tedious, the filters oscillate under the influence of wind, creating a specific noise in the room. The best quality of different plastic goods, because they do not rust and do not break over time.

The standard width of the slats is about 1, 27, or 8.7 cm, for narrow and wide window openings.

Horizontal blinds on the balcony are made of different materials, have different design, easy to clean, economical and affordable. Tightly close to the window, small. But cannot be installed on the sliding frame, it will complicate the process of using Windows. The slats are in a special rotary rod, made of cloth, bamboo, plastic, aluminium.

Curtains the FPGA – a new kind of decorative blinds, decorate a room, create the effect of gloom. Cleaned with a special brush, which can be purchased at any hardware store, expensive products do not fade in the sun and last for more than 20 years.

What are blinds on the balcony better?

What is the impact of type of balcony on the choice of blinds? ↑

  • When the room is fully glazed, then it will be correct to establish a vertical design or a roller, on the basis of tissue, which do not reflect light and create a pleasant comfort.

  • Vertical blinds are installed with a high ceiling on the balcony. They conceal the space and make it mundane bole.

  • For plastic Windows is better suited tissue roll products.

  • In the standard balcony will look great horizontal or wooden blinds that have window glazing bead.

The form of the lamellae louver ↑

Tissue have antiseptic properties, do not fade in the sun, is perfect for any interior solution. Textile design is not spoiled even after 5-10 years of exploitation, they are based on using jacket and fiberglass. Depending on the density of the material will be calculated the life of the product. Designed for use in the home.

Plastic slats can be disinfected, apply on the balcony, they do not deform and for a long time retain the original form. The more plastic, the better the product.

Wood – safe, solid, expensive. Not always affordable for ordinary citizens. Although you can find cheaper substitutes, with cheap wood, pine, birch.

What are blinds on the balcony better?

Combined lamellae are composed of different materials, suitable for high-grade replacement of curtains in any room. Decorate and improve the light in the room.

To darken the Windows on the balcony rational to use than curtains, and blinds. They are practical to use, allow you to open and close Windows for ventilation, look aesthetically pleasing and elegant. Easy to clean and have a fairly long life. Fashionable, beautiful, reliable, affordable! Use and enjoy the comfort!

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