Redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in two

If you are the owner or the owner of a large Studio apartment, why not transform it into a one-bedroom? Moreover, such alterations can be done with a small meter, if you approach the matter wisely.

Modern materials allow to make maximum use of free parameters, for example, as the dividing wall between the perfect drywall. The erection of a wall will take a maximum of one day. While its construction is not much impact on the overall estimate.

Redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in two

In fact, one can think of many creative options, which give the opportunity to make alterations to one-bedroom apartments in two-almost for free. For example, you can use the screen. A small curtain will divide the two rooms and give you a little more privacy. And most importantly, this separation is not going to cost virtually nothing.

Rules for successful redevelopment ↑

To the redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in a two-bedroom was successful, you must follow certain rules that have been developed by designers over many years of practice.

The most important is the sharpness and clarity in the redevelopment of one-bedroom housing. Before you start to hit the wall to make the project. Otherwise you run a high risk. But one plan is not enough, also need to be implemented. So before you start work soberly assess their capabilities and, if necessary, hire a professional working.

Redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in two

Here is a detailed set of rules that will help you avoid the pitfalls and make alterations to one-bedroom apartments in a one bedroom:

  1. Before starting work, you need to gather as much information about the technical condition of the building. It is necessary that the redevelopment did not violate the overall integrity.
  2. It is very important before redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in two-to get acquainted with the building codes. Your changes should meet current standards. Otherwise, to legitimize the project will not work.
  3. Before you bring this project to life, you must obtain the appropriate permissions. Otherwise you could be fined or forced to return the apartment to its original state.
  4. During the project implementation does not make too rigid a timetable. The fact that the construction of force majeure is quite a common thing. Therefore, you should be the time gap.
  5. If you decide to use builders with hand in the redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in a one bedroom be sure to take care to check they have appropriate documentation for conducting construction works.
  6. In some cases, more reasonable solution would be to seek specialized architectural firm, where, according to your wishes will bring the project to life. This will allow you to save time. Besides, professional engineers, designers and architects take into account all the nuances of a Studio apartment and make it one bedroom.

As you can see, to convert a Studio apartment into a one bedroom you must have a clear plan that will allow you to implement the plan concept. But it is not limited. Implementation is also a difficult task.

Redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in two

General guidelines on how to remodel a small one-bedroom apartment ↑

You should begin with inspection of the existing premises. Depending on its features the best would be one or the other option. For example, if you have available storage space, it is possible to move the kitchen. In the result you will free up free space, and you will be able to make a bedroom and the second room, partitioned off, would be the living room.

Redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in two

To increase the overall area of each room, you can demolish the walls of the hallway and connecting it with the balcony. By the way, to make two full rooms do not have to build a standard wall. You can resort to zoning. So, the kitchen from the bedrooms easy to separate the bar or shelf for books. In fact, the options are more than enough.

Also, when creating from a Studio apartment one bedroom do not forget about the bathroom. After all, it is free space that can be used with a maximum really.

For example, if your bathroom is divided, it is possible to combine. This will help to greatly save space, to make a two-bedroom apartment from a Studio.

To achieve visually expand the space in your one bedroom apartment converted from a Studio, you can use lighting. Properly placed led elements will help to remove the dark corners which «devour» free space.

In fact, there are many proven techniques that allow to visually increase the area of a Studio apartment turned into one bedroom, these include:

  • the bright colours in the interior;
  • installation of mirrors;
  • avoidance of sharp corners.

You need to make one important remark concerning the redevelopment of one-bedroom apartment with a gas stove. The fact is that to move the kitchen to the pantry is only possible when you have an electric unit.

Popular options for redevelopment ↑

Option # 1 — from the kitchen to the room ↑

Redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in two

When you own a Studio apartment and decided to make alterations to one-bedroom, it will be most convenient to use free parameters, which is a kitchen.

It is important! In most cases, the wall separating the kitchen and bathroom is major. Therefore, to carry it will not be difficult.

A variant of this redevelopment in a two-bedroom housing is quite simple. Just from the kitchen you make a second room. Don’t forget about the hood. Otherwise, the smells of preparing food will not give you the okay to relax.

If you have a balcony, at the expense of its area is possible to further increase the living space. Thus, room would make a lot more. This is more than the best solution in such circumstances.

Option # 2 — make the kitchen less ↑

Redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in two

Modern one-bedroom apartments are quite large kitchen. But if you want to get a one-bedroom apartment, then that luxury will have to give. The kitchen can be a little cut, but it is necessary to extend the balcony. Here you will have the bedroom.

In the process of such alterations are partially demolished wall. Because of this you have a formal separation between the living room and kitchen area. Special attention in this project should be given to equipping the balcony.

To create a decent bedroom in your new one bedroom apartment on the balcony you will need to make the podium. Of course, without glazing do not work. Moreover, the walls need to be insulated. Ideally, floors should be equipped with heating. Only under these conditions, the redevelopment will be successful.

Option # 3 — again sleeping on the balcony ↑

Redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in two

This redevelopment of one-bedroom apartment in one bedroom is very similar to the first. With one exception. Here bedroom and the second room will be completely separated by a partition.

In this second room would be to combine living room and kitchen. The podium will need to close the opaque glass. But you can use the partition. This version of the redevelopment will appeal to those people who wanted to fall asleep watching the city at night.

The Council! Instead of the bedroom, on the balcony, you can do the study. In turn, the bedroom combined with kitchen.

The main advantage of such a variant of the redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in a one bedroom is cheap. This living space will afford young couple.

The results ↑

Redevelopment of one-bedroom apartments in two — more than a real challenge. Modern materials and the right design allow for maximum comfort to organize living space at minimal cost.

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