Football goal: types and characteristics

At first glance, the game of football is the most democratic, in fact, does not require special equipment or conditions of competition, high desire and skill of the players. But this is not so. Light, bright and addictive game can be obtained only if players have superb quality of the playing field and normal game, football goal.

Football goal: types and characteristics

Design requirements football goal ↑

To build football field with high quality turf possible only with considerable resources, that forces serious sponsored or supported by the state.

Cool gate do not have to buy from leading manufacturers. Knowing the basic parameters, the width and height of a football goal, you can make a design with their hands or order of professionals, you only need to choose which option and the size of a football goal need.

Football game of English origin, because the size of the gate 744 252 cm recorded by the International football Federation in feet and yards – the width of 8 yards, height of 8 feet. In the metric system the sizes of the obtained non-integer.

Existing standards allowed four kinds of structures:

  • Made with side uprights that hold the screen cloth;
  • Cantilever beams fixed on the side of the frame;
  • Free-standing design with lateral longitudinal supports attached to the land;
  • Free-standing design with locking counterweight on the support side.
Note! Frame design and mesh the standard selected as the safest and least traumatic options.

Football goal: types and characteristics

Varieties of football goal ↑

In addition to the main gate for a match of football, there are a number of structures used as temporary sports equipment on the training. Portable football goals are often used in small stadiums or indoor sports facilities with limited space field. Most often they gather and set only on workout time, after which disassemble, allowing you to train on vacated facilities other sports.

Football goal: types and characteristics

Foldable football goals are made of lightweight aluminum or steel profile, connected in a unitary structure by means of pins or wedges. For installation on the playing field, usually used permanent steel cups, cemented flush with the ground.

For competitions juniors often use small game gate with a height of 2m and a width of 5m. Structurally, they repeat the device in its inventory for a large football. Set a small football goal for children’s and school playgrounds.

Football goal: types and characteristics

Except small portable structures, games for children and teen sports teams use inflatable football goal. These options allow you to play any prepared site in the camps, Wellness and sports facilities. Pneumatic plastic racks provide the minimum level of injuries among young players.

Device football goal ↑

Modern design football goal appeared more than a hundred years ago, and only in the last few years on the classic U-shaped frame began to establish specialized system of fixing a goal is scored, including using high-speed cameras.

The frame design of the gate ↑

Base or frame of the product is made from steel or aluminum profile, round 120 mm or oval section 120×100. All the elements of the frame are made of the same cross section and size of the profile. The standard requires increased stiffness of the vertical struts and the absence of residual deformations the cross beam under load 180 kg.

Football goal: types and characteristics

It is possible to manufacture small-size 5×2 m aluminum portable folding gates with circular cross-section profile with a diameter of 8 cm or similar steel with a diameter of 76 mm. For training and small-sized products allowed to be used as a structural material reinforced plastic, subject to the fulfilment of the load requirements and rigidity of the product.

Football goal: types and characteristics

With the installation of the football goal frame may be inserted in embedded in soil or concrete stationary glasses, to be implemented as l-shaped or L-shaped design. In the latter case, the side support beams are fixed to the surface of the platform by means of clamps or a heavy counterweight. In any case, under a horizontal force of 100 kg, the design must remain in place, not to fall and not tip over.

Standard is the staining of the frame-resistant powder coating in white or use the blue cover. Part of the frame resting on the ground, have additional anti-corrosion treatment.

Mounting mesh on the frame ↑

Mount the grid is always checked before any game, even in the case of carrying out of training, warming up or practicing strikes.

The net is attached with a special nylon cord system of compensation of the sagging of the canvas. The net is checked when carrying out the certification tests of strength and lack of stretch marks individual cells.

Football goal: types and characteristics

The most common models are portable or folding model football goal. They are practical to use – once you try it, and you can collect with your eyes closed. Almost all «mobile» options football goal complete with covers for the stands of rods, and a means of storing and care of nets. Very convenient for open spaces and children’s sports camps.

Installation and mounting design football goal ↑

Safety standards for products defined by the standard 55664 2013 on football equipment – goal. Guests are required to provide a reliable and secure fastening of heavy metal frame on the court. This is not a whim of the legislator, and real concern about life and health. One year in the world recorded nearly five dozen cases of severe injuries due to falls football goal for players of the game, only in Russia in 2014, more than a dozen cases, even fatal.

For football clubs are often given fixed installation design in a concrete socket. Universal playgrounds and public gymnasiums are forced to settle for a foldable or portable options. But even such structures before the game must undergo further test the strength of anchoring at the site, the integrity of the mesh and its attachment to the joists, the lack of critical deformations or cracks.

Football goal: types and characteristics

All of these conditions safe game needs to be fixed on the table, fixed by the manufacturer in a conspicuous place construction.

Choose a football goal ↑

This files most often for Amateur competition or district sports club to purchase sports equipment for use of e – Commerce.

Among the proposals from the leading manufacturers of sports equipment are most often found diverse variants of world famous company Decatlon, goods, football, especially football goal, sold under the brand Kipsta. Products at reasonable prices almost always comes from China. However, with the importation of goods will need to be certified.

Not less interesting are the goals of the company Sportmaster, at a cost of slightly more expensive, the choice of designs is much larger, and almost no problems with the obligatory certification of the goods.

Among the designs of the gate, honestly earned reputation as a reliable and practical to use, we can mention Belarusian products al’fasport and the Russian network of the goods Equipment. They offer a very large selection of football goal, like for big games and for Junior or mini-soccer formats of games.

Conclusion ↑

The key to proper selection of models may be only a great experience of their practical use in the game and in training. If the funds of the club or the football team allow, it is better to buy fixed options football goal with a large margin of safety and the ability of the renovation.

The Chinese model can be bought for a maximum of two seasons of intense training and games. For school games or children’s sports club best buy tested model, native producers, the more that safety in youth football needs to be much higher than usual football games.

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