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Children’s football goal with their hands

The love of football wakes up the boys as children. A passion for the sport needs encouragement and support. So if your yard is not equipped with a specialized Playground, and there were none nearby, consider purchasing or setting up your own football goal for children to play. What designs we offer manufacturers the advantages of each type, how to make the gate itself, let us examine in detail.

Types of structures ↑

Easiest football goal for the children to buy ready-made. This option will be of interest to busy parents, since the range allows you to choose the most convenient design of a wide range of models. There are several types of baby gates offered by manufacturers.

Inflatable ↑

For inflatable children’s gate used wear-resistant vinyl which is designed for operation in the active mode. An important advantage is the light weight model is not able to burden or hurt the child even in case of a fall. In addition to the direct purpose, inflatable football gate for kids can be used for ball games in the pool. The structure of children’s sports equipment consists of an inflatable frame with multiple compartments with mesh to trap the ball. Among the advantages of inflatable children’s models celebrated the addition of the gates the ball and the repair kit. This will allow you to quickly rectify the fault of the football projectile from vinyl because even a solid material susceptible to damage.

Children's football goal with their hands

Folding models ↑

Foldable football baby model structures are made of galvanized or steel pipe. They are much stronger than previous proposals, while having light weight and resistant to corrosion processes. The elements of the children’s football design is done in two ways:

  • can be used the slot system by installing adapters on the ends of pipes;
  • the individual elements are fastened with bolts and limiters.

When choosing the size of football gate, should take into account the age of the children for whom they are intended. Most standard models have the following dimensions:

  • length is 2 m;
  • height – 1.5 m;
  • depth – 0.6 m.

Mesh for children’s football goal made of polyester yarns, among its advantages is:

  • high strength;
  • long lasting shape;
  • football grid is not affected by humidity.
  • deformation under the influence of sunlight is missing.

Children’s folding gate model has the following advantages:

  • does not create difficulties during transportation in motor vehicles;
  • the procedure of Assembly and disassembly does not create significant difficulties;
  • due to the special fastenings in the form of pegs football baby gates are stable after fixation of the frame on the ground.

Children's football goal with their hands

Solid ↑

Molded one-piece soccer equipment consists of an aluminium frame equipped with a grid, the attachment of which is made by special clips. Such football designs are semi-professional equipment and is intended for permanent location on the playgrounds. And the target audience – adolescent boys.

Comment! The only drawback of the whole of the product is the difficulty of transportation.

If you are transporting a car can not cope with the task, so to move the football goal for long distances, you will need to take care of the trailer. Depending on the age of the players, one-piece baby gates are available in different dimensions.

Children's football goal with their hands

Mini copies ↑

Miniature models soccer equipment oriented for kids who make their first steps in the popular game. Structures made of lightweight materials, manufacturers offer collapsible or solid baby gate. Basically it is the overall frame without side supports, equipped with a grid. Dimensions mini instance about half of the standard models. The most common mini plastic baby gate, although there are metal models, the cost of which reaches a full football equipment.

Children's football goal with their hands

Characterization of materials for manufacturing ↑

Buy ready-made model of baby gate is not available to all. For individual artists it becomes a matter of honor – to make your hands baby gate for football games. The choice of material for self-made designs depends on the skills of a master, the availability of scrap materials and possession of separate tools. Production versions of the frame a few.

The use of wood ↑

The tree allows you to build a simple child’s model of the timber. This would require two vertical sidewalls connecting with a horizontal crossbar with the help of screws. In conclusion, to the frame fixed grid followed by fixing with pegs to the ground. The Assembly process is simple and does not take much time for the only condition – the presence of the screwdriver, grinder or jigsaw. No tools required is not an obstacle for implementation of the plan, but not without challenges:

  1. Installation of football goal will take more time.
  2. Quality grinding will get worse. And for children’s design, it is an undesirable time.
The Council! After a thorough treatment of all wooden elements for future children’s gate are coated with antiseptic to prevent putrefaction, damage by fungus, mold or insects.

Children's football goal with their hands

Metalloprofil ↑

Metal football goal as the frame will fit the pipe. Connect children’s design in two ways. In the first case, the football gates are monolithic clamping of parts is performed by welding. The second option – collapsible design, the elements of which are connected by screws.

Children's football goal with their hands

Plastic ↑

For the production of the inventory with their hands can use a plastic pipe of a suitable size. Join them in one of two ways:

  • in the first case, you will need a special soldering iron;
  • if you choose the second option use segments of plastic pipes of larger diameter that fits on top of the basic elements of baby gates.

Children's football goal with their hands

The process of creating ↑

To create a baby gate is often used already existing elements of construction materials. Therefore, the size of a football structure depend on their number.

The preparatory stage ↑

The sequence of actions depends on whether you are sculpting a football goal from a new material, or use leftovers. In the first case, before proceeding to the procurement of construction raw materials, it is necessary to make a sketch of the future football structure or proposed use drawings on our page.

Children's football goal with their hands

Children's football goal with their hands

The second step is the calculation of requirements of materials and components. Then, you should pay a visit to a store. With the use of available balances initially carried out their audit and on the basis of the data developing a child drawing designs for football.

It is important! Regardless of the material, football baby gates should not be composed of parts that could cause injury to the child. All items are carefully processed and tested.

Assembly ↑

Consider how your hands out of PVC pipes to make children’s football goal:

  • Cut a PVC pipe in accordance with the dimensions specified in the drawing.
    Children's football goal with their hands
  • Next, plastic tubes are connected in two weight.
    Children's football goal with their hands
  • After forming two area.
    Children's football goal with their hands
  • Design football goal for kids is going so that in mounted on straight rods tee could go a long pipe. This requires that before welding to find the right angle.
    Children's football goal with their hands
  • Then follows the connection of tees 2 straight rods with two PVC pipes.
    Children's football goal with their hands
  • In conclusion, you want the clamp to lock the mesh stretched.
    Children's football goal with their hands

Baby gate is ready for operation!

The options for self-production grid ↑

Sometimes the creators of a football goal for their young descendants do not want to spend money on the purchase of the finished mesh. For them to suggest ways their own creation of protective screen:

  1. The grid is based on a clothesline. Around the perimeter of the frame is drilled the desired number of holes. Their diameter is 1.2 cm. Further through holes in vertical and horizontal direction extend two ropes. After quality tension they are fixed at the points of intersection. The optimal cell size is 20 cm, the weight of the rope mesh should not exceed 10 kg.
  2. With certain skills mesh woven from nylon thread Babin, and then fixed on the baby gate.

Children's football goal with their hands

Football design, made with his own hands, will become a real gift for your child and neighboring children.

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