Drilling rig for drilling wells for water

Drilling rigs for drilling wells for water needed for individual cases. Almost all plants have a tripod, which reaches a height of 5 meters. In the upper part of the structure has a special winch or a block from a rope. Electric motor raises it up drill (chisel).

Drilling rig for drilling wells for water

Varieties of devices ↑

Currently, drilling rig for drilling is used to create reservoirs. Manual options are not effective. Use such devices in if on a country site the soft earth, and requires a small bore.

The Council! It is advisable to purchase drilling rigs for water, having a simple drive. With sufficient performance, they allow you to drill deep hole.

Mostly used mechanisms, based on technologies:

  • mobile drilling rig, mounted on the base of the truck;
  • compact unit designed for shock-rope kind of drilling;
  • auger drilling to install (no rinsing with fresh water)
  • mini drilling rig compact size rotary type, allowing to pull on the surface of the formation;
  • small-sized drilling rigs to drill at a depth of 120 meters

Similar installations is indispensable in those suburban areas where it is impossible to use the standard drill devices. Drilling rig UrB 2A2 has a compact size, so it can easily be transported from one place to another, to use in areas with difficult terrain, a stop.

Drilling rig for drilling wells for water

Small options ↑

Installation «Sterkh» used in different areas: drilling for water, geological exploration. It has excellent performance. Among the main applications of portable drilling rigs highlight:

  • screw;
  • roller
  • of a hammer;
  • core drilling

Drilling for water small-sized drilling rig does not involve the transportation of GAS or the KAMAZ, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the process of drilling. Read more about all the nuances associated with the use of such facilities, says the movie

The advantages of mobile drilling systems:

  1. Reliability.
  2. Simplicity and ease of use.
  3. Reliability and durability.

Drilling rig for drilling wells for water

Artesian water ↑

As such waters lie in the bowels of the earth, they minimally depend on anthropogenic factors. For drilling of such wells used self-propelled drilling device. They often create on the basis of KAMAZ, used for drilling geophysical and structural wells search. Devices have a significant size, they require a significant amount of space. But this fact is completely kompensiruet the depth of wells that they can drill. Moreover, this design gives a real chance to find clean water.

Drilling device «Eagle» ideal for creating engineering wells. So you can install bored piles, CFA piles, Vodopadnaya wells, to perform all work in open spaces. These devices are suitable for those areas where you can’t use a portable installation.

Drilling rig for drilling wells for water

The algorithm ↑

The latest data on drilling rigs confirm the demand for mobile devices. There are differences in power, speed, depth, creation of wells, but the basic technical characteristics of all the rigs the same. Design used to create wells for oil and gas, are equipped with translocon. He is the main stationary part of the pulley-block system, mounted on podkranovyh beams of the tower or on the top of the mast. The material of this element is profprokat.

The purpose Cronbach:

  • performs during sinking of wells of round-trip operations;
  • supports instrument or casing on weight

Rig with your own hands allows the vacationers to do in the area of wells, use of water for domestic and technical purposes.

Well on the water without the help of the rig – economical and simple method of extraction of water. Hydroporinae involves the softening of the soil at the site of penetration of the drill. Flushing fluid is a simple process water, thereby reducing the friction force on the drill ground, as a result, the well will be of the highest quality. For such wells need installation, allowing to obtain after some time a quality water source.

Search output ↑

Despite the huge extension of water supply networks, many of the owner personal plots, solve the problem of drinking water through wells or individual wells. For their construction we need effective rig that works effectively on different soils. An ideal variant – the help of professionals who are engaged in drilling wells. But the use of industrial drilling rig – expensive pleasure, not all of it « afford».

Small plants, which are collected under force, and beginners, will perform Assembly and mechanical work.

Drilling rig for drilling wells for water

The improvised types of drilling machines ↑

Shock-rope device ↑

They differ in significant work online, they can make a lot of wells. The rate of drilling of such minor installation, moreover, would require a special casing pipes of substantial diameter, as a result, the price of the well increases. Shock-rope installation ensures the creation of high-quality wells.

The essence of the work is the use of shock of the projectile, under its own weight falling down, destroying during the strike layer of soil. To lift the fractured soil used bailer. The projectile has a tube, its length can be up to 2 meters, the bottom edge sharpened. The trumpet is the valve mechanism, which holds the loosened soil during ascent to the surface. First, a simple drill, make a small hole, then proceed to the application installation. 2-3 cycles of operation of the equipment allow you to release the area from soil, to do well.

Drilling rig for drilling wells for water

Screw device ↑

They have the Archimedes screw (auger), which provides full lifting loosened soil. With auger drilling rod has a length of 2 meters. If necessary, additional capacity make the thread on the top rod. Drilling can be conducted manually or automatically. Using 2-3 turns remove tool, remove the crushed soil. As soon as the drill will go to considerable depth, increasing it by adding a new drill rod. At significant depth, it is desirable to drill mechanized machines that have a drive to provide lift and rotation on the surface of the screw. Mobile drilling rigs of this type ensure high performance. The disadvantage is the constant lifting of the working tool due to the need for periodic cleaning of the soil.

Drilling with flushing ↑

Maximum performance is drilling with intermittent flushing of drilling mud of the well. The solution allows to raise to the surface all destroyed the ground. Such equipment includes the nodes:

  • drill rods with a drill down that allow you to break the ground;
  • the drive mechanism that provides forward movement and rotation of the working tool;
  • pump with pressure sleeves, which is needed for water;
  • transition node (swivel), through which is transmitted to the tool torque

If necessary, make a deep well, you can use similar installation. Given the quality of the soil, the drilling speed can reach 10 m/s.

The well flushing is performed in a straightforward way. The solution is on the rod, it washes out all the waste soil, raises it in the well. Reverse flushing involves the feeding of the solution into the well, removing the tool through.

Drilling rig for drilling wells for water

Conclusion ↑

At the drill designs are simple and clear design. While there are differences in cost, performance, operational life. Better take advice of professionals, as the drilling procedure has many complications and subtleties that the beginner they do not understand.

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