Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

The majority of the owners country of the territory there is a desire to elevate and to give it an aesthetic appearance. A significant role in this case are decorative fences and borders. They can be used to divide a suburban area into zones, for example, a rest area with benches and BBQ area under the gazebo. In addition, it is possible to carry out the zoning of beds for vegetables and berries, to make a beautiful flower beds, to give a geometric shape to flower beds. Also fences will help to protect crops from animals or the invasion of children. To put the fence on any adjoining territory, be it a cottage or a residential home.

Decorative fence, plastic ↑

Today manufacturers offer a huge range of plastic fences to give a different color solution. Due to the thermoplasticity, they are used for borders, fencing, various flower beds and front gardens.

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

Plastic decorative fence can be belt or sectional. It’s a great help to demarcate paths in the garden and will decorate flower stands. Sections are easily mounted on flat or at a slight angle to the surface. For their installation quite a little pressure on the pegs that come with each section until they are included in the soil.

This type of decorative fence can simulate various types – wooden, brick, stone, or even wrought.

Wooden decorative fences for the garden ↑

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

Fences made of wood have always been the most popular holiday option, because they look aesthetically pleasing and blend harmoniously into the flower beds and flower beds. Another plus of wooden fence is the availability of the material. For the manufacture of miniature parts of a fence or finish suitable boards, laths, logs, branches, or any other timber that there is in the country.

Fence from boards ↑

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

To make a decorative «a wooden fence» with your hands, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • bar – 4 PCs.;
  • boards – 8 PCs.;
  • nails or special wood screws – 32 PC.;
  • hammer and screwdriver.

In the first stage, the supports are driven into the ground at a distance of 70 cm from each other. They should be hammered at the same height and stand vertically. Then at the top of the beam is attached to the Board so that its end portion is not performed for the peg. The next cross Board fastened in the same way, but below 10 cm from the edge of the previous Board. Installing one section of fence, repeat the same manipulations with the other sides of the beds.

Decorative fence slats «grille» his hands ↑

A bed with taller plants can shield a light fence made from slats. Bars large you can separate Seating area.

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

For the manufacture of one section (900х630 mm) you will need:

  • timber for supports – 2 PCs.;
  • the lumber for the crossbars – 2 pieces;
  • Reiki – 12 PCs.;
  • the wood screws 3×25 mm – 12 PCs.;
  • the wood screws 3х40 mm – 4 PCs.

Sequence of work:

  1. Look down from the top edge of the supports of 30 mm and attach the joists with screws 3х40 mm.
  2. Start from the top mount in the joists of 50 cm and attach the bottom crossmember.
  3. First, the slats are attached from left to right with screws 3×25 mm., the First rail is attached to the attachment point for the top joists and supports to the lower frame 15 cm from the fulcrum. Subsequent slats are attached with a step of 15 cm from previous attachment points.
  4. In the same way to fasten the slats from right to left. When you all assemble, you get a fence with diamond pattern.

Decorative «the fence» to give ^ a

For a short period of time from the material at hand you can make a beautiful wicker fence, which will be an original decoration of your house. For its production will fit slim twigs of willow, birch or Apple, you will need pegs, screws for work on wood and wire. Instead of rods you can use old colored hoses of small diameter or wires with rubber coating. You can also make a fence from wood-polymer composite, this material is durable and resistant to atmospheric agents.

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

The sequence of operations in the manufacture of decorative fence for garden:

  1. Install vertical supports at a distance of 50 cm from each other.
  2. Start braiding from the bottom – attach the vine to the first pole with wire or screw, then let the rod around each column. At connecting rods connect them with wire. All subsequent twigs are weaved in the same way.
  3. After weaving is finished, adjust the fence with an antiseptic solution and cover with paint for aesthetic design.

In the video you can see how there is a fence of vines:

Stone decorative fence for flower beds at the cottage ↑

For stone fences flower beds boulders are used in different shapes and sizes, beautifully placing them, it turns out the flower garden in the medieval style. Rough stones accentuate the fragrance of flowers and greenery. This fence is not afraid to climatic influences and has a long service life. For the manufacture of a stone fence suitable Sandstone, dolomite, shungite, booth rounded or postelistye forms.

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

The sequence of operations in the manufacture of decorative stone wall for the garden:

  1. Prepare concrete solution, which will be laid the bottom row and the sand-cement mixture for laying stones.
  2. The first row is laid out, for example, from tile bout the same height onto concrete. Subsequent rows are laid out from stones so that the seams between the top and bottom rows do not coincide, i.e. in a checkerboard pattern.

Decorative fence metal ↑

A fence made from metal will last in your cottage for a very long time, but annually it will have to be painted. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of ready metal sections, as well as available for special order with Chet to your wishes and sketches.

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

Metal decorative fence you can make your own, on one section you will need:

  • for supports – valves with a diameter of 1.2 cm and a length of 95 cm – 2 PCs.;
  • for cross – bars with the diameter of 1.2 cm and length 90 cm 2 PCs.
  • for the horizontal rails – rods with a diameter of 1 cm and a length of 39 cm – 5 PCs.;
  • for decorative finishes – rods with a diameter of 1 cm and length 14.5 cm – 6 PCs.;
  • apparatus for welding.

Sequence of work:

  1. Look down from the top edge of the supports 5 cm and weld the crossmember, then back off from it 40 cm and weld the lower part of the frame.
  2. Mount horizontal bars every 15 cm.
  3. Then weld a decorative finish in a checkerboard pattern. It will stick to the lower crossmember 10 cm and weld the bar, on the next section it is attached at the same distance, but from the upper tie bar.
  4. Prepared sections of a fence install in the right place, pressing it into the soil so that from the bottom of the frame to the ground remained at a distance of 10 cm.

Decorative fence made of concrete – a bright spot in the country ↑

If you think it will be about massive gray fence, you are mistaken. Today, there are many options for concrete borders for garden paths, fences for lawns and flower beds design. Colors can be very diverse. Choosing bright patterns on the front side you will decorate your country site and make it more fun.

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

You can make a decorative concrete fence with their hands, but you need to use a special form of polyurethane or plastic.

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

Lubricate the form of vegetable oil (so the concrete did not stick) and fill it with concrete solution (the composition of concrete mix: one part cement M250, two parts sand, water in such quantity that the mixture was thick). Please note that the more sand in concrete solution, the darker will the section. Leave the solution for 24 hours, so he froze, then you can remove the finished section of fence. Manufacture the right amount of curb sections and you can begin to decorate your yard. You can cover a concrete wall with paint, pre-treating it with a coating of deep penetration.

Brick decorative fence ↑

Decorative fence made of brick has good technical characteristics, affordable and easy to install, it is perfect for fencing flower beds, lawns and garden paths in the country.

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

Often, the brick is just laid out on the perimeter of the flower bed at a slight slope on the front part, but you can also put a circle or oval around the flower beds. For strength brick structure is to use sand-cement mixture, and the first two rows to put on a concrete solution.

Photos of the original decorative fences ↑

A fence of old tires:

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

Empty beer bottles buried upside down, can be a great mini-fence, and if you use bottles made of green, white or brown glass, you can create colorful compositions.

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

Of plastic bottles from under the water, you can also make an exclusive fence. For this, they can be filled with colored pebbles or pour the sand to not lose shape, and the top paint paint.

Decorative fences for gardens and flower beds

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