Connect the single-phase electricity meter

Every home should be installed device to control the use of electricity. Household single phase meters required for monitoring of electricity consumption by tariff, which is set in the house.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

This device is the best option to install in a city apartment, house, garage. Power connections to the equipment are limited to thirteen kilowatts. In order for the device showed the correct data, you must install it correctly.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

In addition, devices for metering of energy tend to become obsolete or break. In this case, need urgent installation of new equipment.

Attention! To break the seals and to open the connection of electric cables or wires on the meter are not allowed.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

Of course, you can always contact the experts. But if this is not possible, to install single-phase meter with their hands.

This requires a standard scheme for connecting the device and carefully examine the passport of the equipment.

It is important! If the former counter located in the entrance of a new install there. Do not change the location of the equipment independently. This arrangement of devices due to the layout of the building.

How to choose single phase energy meter? ↑

A question most buyers. You first need to know if you are suitable for single-phase meter.

He works at a voltage of 220V. To learn such data in the technical conditions of supply. More information is on the scoreboard the old device.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

When you buy the device for energy metering is necessary to know the maximum power consumption of energy.

With this information, selected not only the device itself, but also the cross-section lead wires, machines protection. This files most often equal to 3 kW. The counters are:

  • induction;
  • electronic.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

Nominal and maximum current are always listed on the front of all meters. Select the device will be easy even for inexperienced consumers!

Beginning installation ↑

Even before you purchased the device, you need to know about how things work with electricity. The electricity meter is selected in the network settings.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

Moreover, the device must pass state inspection and sealing. If all conditions are met, the equipment you can buy. The electricity meters can be connected in different ways:

  • using a direct connection. The counter is included in the power circuit. So, connects to most single-phase devices to control the electricity in the apartments;
  • with the help of a transformer. This type of connection is used in industrial plants.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

To install the equipment with their hands to prepare the following tools:

  • the perforator;
  • pliers;
  • pliers;
  • knife;
  • line;
  • building level;
  • flat screwdriver.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

If all the tools exist to get to work. Do not forget that before installing the equipment, it is necessary to disconnect an apartment. To check the absence of voltage using a screwdriver with an indicator.

It is important! Don’t forget about safety when working with electricity. Do not use broken tools and does not allow water inside the device.

Installation in the box and modular equipment ↑

You need to install a box, which will contain all of the equipment in the future. Boxes made of non-combustible material and can be recessed and mounted.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

Depending on the wall material chosen mount. After installation of the box are moving to the modular equipment.

In front of the device for electricity metering should be protective switching equipment. Most often it is automatic double pole switch. It is needed in order to:

  • to protect the device to account for the testimony from short circuits or from the fire, as well as for the further works related to maintenance of equipment;
  • to limit the maximum allowable power.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

Wiring diagram for single-phase electricity meter ↑

Single-phase meter done in such a way that all electricity consumers in the house are fed from one wire (phase). All single-phase devices are connected with a specific schema.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

The main feature of this device is the presence of four terminals on the housing for connecting an electric cable. Through them comes the supply of electricity.

Install the retaining elements for mounting the meter. Then, determine the working and zero-phase General house network. To do this you need a screwdriver with indicator.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

Touch the bare end of the wire with a special screwdriver. If the indicator lights up, it means the working phase was found. The second phase will be a null.

To determine the phase in the dashboard very easily. Most often it is painted red. But to be sure check the phase there. Next, move on to the installation process.

You can now turn off the electricity and move to a new device. Secure the counter to the right place.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

It is important! Best height for mounting of the device 1.6 m from the surface. At a height convenient to take readings and conduct tests.

At the bottom of the meter are 4 terminals. Left working, right – zero. The phase wire is the input. It is connected to the first terminal.

The second terminal is connected to the wire that goes to the apartment to load. It is the output. The neutral wire is also the entrance, it is connected to the third terminal. Fourth – connect the neutral wire that goes to the load (output). For correct connection of the appliance please note on the picture below.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

To make the installation of electrical equipment, view a video on how to properly connect single-phase counter with his hands.

Secure the ends of the wires in the terminals by means of screws. On this, the process of installation of the meter is completed. It remains to check if everything is in order. If the device does not work, check the connections again.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

An important point! Once the works are completed, consult with the organization, which is engaged in the provision of electricity.

Sealing of the meter ↑

Is considered final and obligatory stage in the work. Without it, the counter can not be considered legitimate. If the counter is in the entrance, only sealed terminal cover. If the device is on the street, sealed the whole cover.

The owner of the meter may be read. Still he should have access to protective and modular equipment. Independent access to the terminals is prohibited. In this case, the owner can be fined. Also maybe the power outage in the apartment.

Connect the single-phase electricity meter

It is important! If You detect a malfunction, damage the collective (obschedomovogo), the individual, the total (apartment), indoor metering device, compromising the integrity of the seals will immediately notify the emergency dispatch service.

Modern meters are equipped with electronic seal. In this case, all attempts of opening will be fixed.

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