Barbecue made of brick and metal with their hands

For those who love to eat kebabs in warm seasons, barbecue facilities is an essential thing. Put it on the skewers is much easier than doing the fence from materials that were on hand. Those who have decided to make a barbecue with their hands, is first to choose the material of manufacture. It can be:

  • brick;
  • metal;
  • other materials.

Barbecue made of brick and metal with their hands

Barbecue brick ↑

A barbecue, made of bricks is a sturdy stationary design that will surely become a landmark of your country site.

Barbecue made of brick and metal with their hands

The algorithm for constructing the grills out of brick with their hands looks like this:

  1. choose a place for barbecue;
  2. determine the dimensions of the building;
  3. purchase the materials;
  4. lay the Foundation;
  5. lay out the first layer of bricks;
  6. create the base of the construction;
  7. formed stops for the braziers and grills;
  8. do the countertop.

Choose a place for the grills ↑

On the one hand, fire regulations must be observed, so the grill should be placed away (0.5 m or more) from flammable objects such as wooden structures, as well as places where children play. On the other hand, it should be put closer to the place of get-togethers with friends, but so that you do not interfere with the smoke.

Measure the dimensions of structures ↑

The height of the grills is usually tailored to the growth of the person who prepares the barbecue. You need to be straight and pretend as if holding the skewers. The distance from the earth to the bent hand is the required height.

Barbecue made of brick and metal with their hands

Deciding what will be the length of the grill, based on the number of skewers that need it to place. Usually the grills do meter designed for 10 skewers.

Optimal width – 30 cm, to conveniently place 6-8 skewers of meat pieces.

Good depth to the skewers do not burn, and do not spend too much wood – 15 cm.

Purchase the materials ↑

To build the grills described the size of bricks you will need about 300 bricks.

The Council! For the construction of the grill, choose red brick kiln, resistant to temperature changes and durable.

You should also have available:

  • sand and cement for the pouring of the Foundation;
  • slaked lime, to make mortar for masonry bricks;
  • a grid of metal for reinforcement;
  • metal corners;
  • paint for different elements of the structure (optional);
  • tile for countertops.
The Council! Not to prepare solutions for the Foundation and brick masonry manually, you can use the ready mix available in the market.

Lay the Foundation ↑

The sequence of steps in this:

  1. To make a layout selected under the grill area, using pegs and rope.
  2. To dig a pit 120×120 cm and depth of 25 cm for standard the grills out of brick.
  3. Performed formwork.
  4. For the strength of the structure do reinforcement folding of the mesh in two layers.
  5. Prepare the solution at the rate of 1:3 (cement: sand) and fill the formwork with concrete.
  6. Fold wrap in 6 layers and create waterproofing.
Attention! To continue working you will be able after 2 weeks, is necessary to strengthen the Foundation.

Barbecue made of brick and metal with their hands

Lay out the first layer of bricks ↑

  1. Place the bricks on the Foundation, securing them with a solution. Pick up halves and whole blocks.
  2. Outline of masonry.
  3. The day before uploading soak the bricks in water.
  4. Prepare a mixture. Its composition is similar to what you did for the Foundation, plus hydrated lime.
  5. Lay the bricks on the mix, good lubricating openings between the blocks with mortar and tapped on the bricks with a hammer to obtain a strong design.

Create base the grills ↑

  1. Put the bricks in a staggered manner, starting with the corners.
  2. When all the angles laid hold of the side of the wall.
  3. To construction not to warp, with an interval in 3 rows test the masonry by means of a plumb or building level.
  4. Armonaite the masonry in the corners, using a metal wire.
  5. Treat the seams so they look neat.

Forming abutments for the grills and grates ↑

  1. To make rests for the base of the furnace, use parts of metal or reinforcing bars. It is necessary to install them between the opposite walls of the grills.
  2. Laying bricks in the area of the firebox between the bricks leave a few gaps that is not filled with mixture. This will create a flow of air to the coals or wood, and they will be well lit.
    ?The Council! Easy to take care of the furnace in the form of metal tray, so we recommend to do it.
  3. The grille can be mounted with metal rods when the clutch or by the bricks. For fixing bricks should be laid in their reproach of the wall and to ensure the same projections of the bricks in the inner region of the grill.

Make top ↑

The basic requirements for the table are:

  • ease of maintenance;
  • strength;
  • a harmonious blend with the style of the rest of the structure.

Usually in the barbecue area made of bricks table tops made from floor tile.

Additional design elements ↑

Barbecue bricks can be optionally equipped with niches for firewood. Some gardeners make massive the grills with a roof.

A detailed scheme for the construction of a grill shed:

Barbecue made of brick and metal with their hands

Perhaps you have a desire to paint some fragments of the obtained structures.

In any case, the walls of the grill outside is better to plaster.

Attention! Ready a barbecue out of bricks, you can start to operate only after 2 weeks from the date of manufacture, so she’d have time to dry.

This video demonstrates how to build a grill out of bricks with their hands:

Barbecue metal ↑

The grills of metal is good for its mobility. They can be put any place in a suburban area or take a trip into the countryside. Especially convenient are the grills made of metal that deal.

Barbecue made of brick and metal with their hands

Barbecues made from different metals:

  • high strength different grills made of cast iron, but they weigh a lot;
  • nice forged structures, but to make them you need experience and skill;
  • braziers of steel plates popular, not short-lived.

Consider the production of simple design the grills from iron sheets.

Tools ↑

To build a barbecue out of metal, you will need the following tools:

  • roulette;
  • drill;
  • Bulgarian;
  • apparatus for welding of metal;
  • bolts.

The technology of creating the grills of metal ↑

To begin, select the size of the grill. They depend on how many skewers you want to place it at the same time. The distance between the skewers should be 10 cm Standard size the grills family (3-4 person) is 30×50 cm.

The Council! If a barbecue out of metal is planned to be transported by car, check its size with the size of the trunk.

Obtain steel sheets with a minimum thickness of 1.5 mm. the Strength of the metal structure depends on the thickness and quality of sheets.

Prepare a drawing of the grill:

Barbecue made of brick and metal with their hands

If you have a welding machine:

  1. In accordance with the drawings follow the layout of the steel sheet.
  2. Cut the blanks to create a box the grills of metal.
  3. Fold the sheets of blanks at right angles to the bottom.
  4. Brew along the entire length of the side surface, then attach the bottom.
Attention! In the bottom of the grill, before welding it to the rest of the structure, should be drilled ash-pit hole.

Legs to the barbecue out of metal is recommended to mount with screws, then they will just remove.

If the welding machine is not:

  1. To the side surfaces when marking to increase the initial size of 2-3 cm.
  2. Sliced blanks drill 2 holes on the edges and 1 in the center to bond design bolts.
  3. Flex the sheets of blanks in accordance with the layout, bending the excess.
  4. Attach billet curved edges to the bottom and join using bolts.
  5. In the assembled grill is necessary to make holes for creating traction. For this purpose the sides of the grills about three centimeters above the bottom of the drill holes with a diameter of 2-3 cm at intervals of 4-5 cm.
Attention! Don’t forget at the top of the side walls and the grills of metal to mark the notches for skewers. It is also possible to provide the design of the lattice for frying.

The sequence of the creation of the grills of metal shown in the following video:

Barbecue from the gas cylinder or barrel ↑

A barbecue to make is quite simple. Take a gas bottle or an oil drum and cut off with grinder top, not capturing the ends.

The upper half will be used as the roof and the bottom will be the bottom of the grills. Next, you need to do a purge hole and attach to the finished grill legs.

Barbecue made of brick and metal with their hands

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