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Sheds for the garden made of polycarbonate with their hands

Acquiring country, we strive to be closer to nature and fresh air, so arriving there, we want to spend more time on the street. But staying there is not always comfortable, because the summer scorching sun or rain will not allow you long to be outdoors, and we again have to go into the house. To ensure a comfortable stay at the cottage in the hot afternoon or in the pouring rain, just enough to build a shed or gazebo made of polycarbonate. Make it pretty easy and their hands.

Sheds for the garden made of polycarbonate with their hands

Options awnings ↑

Options of canopies from polycarbonate only two can be done free-standing or attached canopies. Consider in more detail each of them.

  1. Free standing design. As the name implies, this type of canopy is by itself anywhere on the site. This is a separate design that could be called a gazebo, having all necessary for comfortable fit. There you can place a table and chairs and other interior details. Roof for gazebo ideal polycarbonate. It will allow you to create the gazebo of any shape and design.
  2. Side canopy. This type of canopy attached at one edge to the wall of any building (baths, summer house), and the second edge support stone, wooden or metal poles.

Side canopy made of polycarbonate for villas are usually used for protection from rain porch of the house or bath. It can also be done on the terrace, or to build this canopy is made of polycarbonate near the garage to protect from rain and sun car.

Sheds for the garden made of polycarbonate with their hands

What is polycarbonate used for construction ↑

For device canopy for the garden made of polycarbonate, you can choose different materials, as long as they were light, waterproof and durable. All these requirements are met polycarbonate. Besides, it is quite inexpensive and it can give a more interesting shape, making the roof of the gazebo or the canopy is not just flat. If you decide to do the design yourself made of polycarbonate, first of all, you need to choose one of its types:

  1. Monolithic polycarbonate. This option looks like glass, can be transparent or colored. But the cast polycarbonate glass much superior in strength, it can be used for strength design, which will have to withstand a greater load.
  2. Profiled polycarbonate. The leaves of this species have an undulating shape, strength is not inferior to monolithic. It is possible to not only do awnings or gazebos, but also to embed it in the roof for light Windows. As the pitch and size of the waves match with the waves on the metal, these two material is very easy to combine with each other.
  3. Polycarbonate. This option is most often used for construction, both private and commercial properties. He presented the most inexpensive and very easy. To make the roof of the gazebo, or shed of such a polycarbonate can be yourself, without the help of professionals.

How to choose the polycarbonate of the canopy to the country to solve only to you.

Sheds for the garden made of polycarbonate with their hands

The main stages of construction of a canopy ↑

The construction of a canopy to give the polycarbonate can be divided into several stages. Let’s talk about each read more.

Design design ↑

First of all, you need to choose a location for a future shed or gazebo. Next, determine what load you plan to carry design, take into account the terrain and climate. And most importantly, you need to consider the very form of designs, sizes, basic and decorative items. The design phase to help prevent possible deformation in the process of exploitation, and to calculate the amount of polycarbonate is needed for the construction of the roof of the gazebo or carport.

Sheds for the garden made of polycarbonate with their hands

The development of the platform under a canopy or gazebo ↑

From building a gazebo or a canopy made of polycarbonate to give, it is necessary to mark the future of the building. Next you need to outline the perimeter and set boundaries, by marking them with pegs. The platform leveled. On the perimeter of the dig in the supports of the gazebo or carport. The distance between them should be 1-1. 5 meters. As supports use stone or wooden posts or metal pipes. Dug the supports is filled with concrete.

Attention! If you use wood, it should be first treated with a special preservative to prevent rot and decay. Metal posts can be painted, so they are not rusted.

A few days later, when the supports in the ground will settle and the concrete well will seize, on the site, remove the soil layer 15-20 cm. Instead, at the bottom of the placed gravel or sand firmly tamped.

Sheds for the garden made of polycarbonate with their hands

The finishing coating can be made:

  • paving tiles;
  • concrete screed;
  • grass paver.

If you decided to make the base of your canopy or gazebo concrete floor, you should start with formwork. After that, gravel or sand pillow is filled with a solution of concrete with a thickness of about 5 cm, then laid reinforcing mesh and poured in the same layer of the solution. The formwork can be removed after a couple of days, when the concrete dries. But before using the area should dry for 2-3 weeks (depending on weather), during this time, the concrete hardens and dries completely.

Lay tile directly on the gravel layer, slightly utaptyvaya and pristukivaja with a rubber mallet. The coating did not spread, it is necessary to frame the edges of the platform canopy or gazebo, the easiest way to do curbs. Having laid the tile, it needs to be watered. In addition to conventional paving you can use stone, bricks or pavers.

Making a choice in favor of the lawn, use a grass paver which will protect grass from trampling.

Sheds for the garden made of polycarbonate with their hands

Installation frame ↑

To mortgage details, attach vertical support pillar. To make a frame of metal poles, you will need to use the electric welding. The stitches obtained in the field of strapping, cleaned and painted.

Having the support of the tree, the crossbar of the frame is more convenient to make from the same material. All wooden elements are treated with a primer against decay, and then painted.

Sheds for the garden made of polycarbonate with their hands

Laying of polycarbonate sheets ↑

Quality installation of the roof of the gazebo or a canopy made of polycarbonate gives a further guarantee of reliability and long service life. To make installation of polycarbonate, using the following tools:

  • circular saw;
  • construction knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill.

Cutting polycarbonate with a thickness up to 8 mm can be dispensed with a knife construction. Thick panels cut ventilation saw with a frequent, small, undiluted teeth. Equip a place for work, it should be smooth and hard surface.

Sheds for the garden made of polycarbonate with their hands

Panels of polycarbonate glued on the outside a special transportation film. Her panel manufacturers usually print the installation instructions. Cut and drill polycarbonate without removing the protective layer. You will be able to remove the tape after will do all the work on the installation of a canopy or roof of the gazebo.

The Council! To make the polycarbonate sheet curved, professionals advise to put the edges in the profile will need to gently bend, after making small incisions profile.

Cut polycarbonate sheets fastened to the frame and fix with thermo washers with a diameter of 30 mm.

Sheds for the garden made of polycarbonate with their hands

The holes for the screws need to do a couple of millimeters larger than the diameter of the screw, and place them so that they did not have the boning. The distance between the holes should be about 30 centimeters. Fix polycarbonate carefully, do not overtighten, otherwise you may break the fragile material. The panels are joined together with the N-shaped profiles. The edges of the polycarbonate infest the inside of the profile 2 inches.

To make a canopy or roof of the gazebo properly, you need not forget about compression gaps, because design is outside and will be exposed to temperature changes, respectively, the leaves will expand and shrink. Technical clearances have to do 3-5 mm.

In the conclusion I should take care of the open ends of the polycarbonate. They need to do to close special pads made of aluminum or plastic with microfilters, and cover with sealant. This must be done in order to prevent the entry of insects and debris into the void of the panel, and to avoid formation of condensate inside them.

Sheds for the garden made of polycarbonate with their hands

Conclusion ↑

Deciding to make a tent at the cottage made of polycarbonate with their hands, you will definitely succeed. It’s not a difficult job, with which you will easily cope, if you have the necessary tools. You can ask relatives for help, to make it easier to cope with dimensional leaves. Spend a little time and effort, you will build a convenient or comfortable canopy gazebo.

More on how to properly perform installation of cellular polycarbonate panels find out in the next video

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