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Make a gazebo on the dacha with his hands: photo and video

The construction of country houses everyone tends to make it not only beautiful but also feel comfortable. To farmland was more intimate, many people are often not equipped with the garden gazebo with your own hands that are perfect for relaxing on warm summer evenings.

Make a gazebo on the dacha with his hands: photo and video

General principles of self-construction ↑

To build a gazebo with their hands, any person who at least knows a bit about construction. First we need to choose the right place for the gazebo and carefully prepare the site for future development. After laying the Foundation should consider the design of the frame that is selected based on the main construction material. The building of the walls of the gazebo (if it is closed) or fencing (if open).

Further stage is the formation of the roof to which it is possible to use a variety of materials, from reeds to polycarbonate. In conclusion, it remains to make the inside oformlenie gazebos, which must be combined with its overall style.

How to prepare for the construction of the gazebo ↑

First and foremost, you need to clearly decide what will be the gazebo. Open or closed, big or small, rectangular or round, wood or brick, and other issues.

In order to minimise unnecessary hassle, it is recommended to timely make a drawing of the structure, to calculate the consumption of materials and purchase them in the proper amount, to prepare all the necessary tools to clear the land for construction of debris and weeds. In addition, you want to make the layout of the territory, taking into account the availability of space around for future construction workers. It is also necessary to cut the upper part of the soil, whereby under the floor of the gazebo will not be the accumulation of moisture and, in the end, treat all the wooden parts of the structure a waterproof and antiseptic solutions.

Make a gazebo on the dacha with his hands: photo and video

The creation of the Foundation ↑

Before you build the Foundation for the gazebo with your own hands, you need to determine the type of soil on which the building is erected. In that case, if the water table is low, the piling work can be carried out at a depth of 50 cm, covering the Foundation with a solid casting. For this you need to dig a trench, if necessary, reinforcing it with rebar (metal rods or angles). Then on the bottom of the hole put gravel, stones, broken bricks and other construction debris. Thereafter, the resulting construction is poured with concrete, its surface must be strictly horizontal. During the three subsequent days, the concrete needs to harden and dry.

On the clay areas and in the presence of underwater springs, located at a close distance from the surface of the earth, to do this type of Foundation is not desirable, as it will not long last. Another disadvantage of clay soil is that it has uneven freezing. In such situations, it is recommended to give preference to the pavilions on poles.

To build a Foundation for gazebos, you first need to ratmerice the territory, to put the pegs and pull the rope. Then you should dig holes, one of which must be at the center of the building, and the rest in the corners. The dimensions of the recesses are selected in accordance with the parameters of the pillars, for example, for post 100×100 mm will be enough deepening with a side of 150 mm. Below the pillars standing as long as possible, the lower part of them is recommended to treat with tar, bitumen or antiseptics. Then the pit backfilled with gravel, which is carefully tamped. Pillars must be placed vertically, using the level of construction, which will allow to verify the location. Then the pit is filled with concrete mortar, which dries out over the next three to four days.

The next stage is tying. In those places where the cross bars, wood removed, and the parts are joined together by screws (it is desirable to use those that are designed specifically to work with wood).

It is important! When laying each row its horizontality is checked using level, the whole structure will be smooth and neat.

Make a gazebo on the dacha with his hands: photo and video

The construction of the base ↑

During the construction of the base of the gazebo, it is recommended to use the pieces of wood which makes the job much easier and therefore faster. First and foremost, to the base is fixed a vertical support, which in the future put the rest of the details (whose size needs to be within 100×100). Gender preferably be raised slightly, so it will not get wet in the rain, staying due to this dry and warm.

The construction of the bottom design ↑

The floor can be build at ground level, but still recommended him a little lift. This base is equipped with additional ties: between the supports and the Central points of the opposite sides of the stacked bars. During the flooring use smooth boards, which are stacked to each other as tightly as possible. If the gazebo is raised, you will need the degrees for which you can use edging material. If you do not want to lift the building, then the base is elevated with paving stone or concrete.

The construction of the roof ↑

With a wooden gazebo perfect combination gable and hipped roof types of roofs. To create the Foundation you will need 4 rafters. When you create a gable roof rafters connect horizontal rail so that the resulting structure resembled a buck «And». When building a hipped roof to detail that runs from the corners, add additional elements, going in the direction from the centers of the sides. If you do not want to deal with the construction of such types of roofs, you can make a one-sided roof (canopy), which is considered the most simple design.

As the decoration of the roof of our gazebo is perfect shingles or roofing stone. Their costs will be higher than, for example, on slate or sheet iron, but the advantages of this material much more. Tile is easier to style, the color range can impress any person. The only thing that is worth noting is the fact that the inside design is not too attractive, so it is recommended to upholster another material (e.g., lining).

Interior decoration of the gazebo ↑

From the cracks that formed during the insertion of window frames and construction frames, can be eliminated by means of Assembly foam. For the walls you can use wooden battens, plaster, sheets of drywall, Wallpaper or paint.

Hardwood floors, which looks very nice, you can simply varnish. Complete with wooden design of gazebo you can use wicker garden furniture.

How to build a gazebo polycarbonate ↑

Now on sale you can find a huge number of gazebos made of wood, plastic and iron. However, if the structure is being built according to his own project, people often chosen as the main construction material polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate has many advantages, among which are the following:

  • Gazebos made of polycarbonate with their hands are characterized by a quite reasonable cost, attractive appearance, ease of installation and durability, which can be compared with the metal.
  • Articles made of polycarbonate capable of flowing a certain amount of light, so the room is always bright. It will be protected from stormy or snowy conditions, including UV rays.
  • The material is quite flexible, making installation even more convenient. It does not rust and does not decay.
  • Given its smooth and even surface, difficulties with cleaning the snow accumulated on roof in winter will not occur.
  • One of the most attractive advantages of gazebos made of polycarbonate is the variety of colours of material that allows you to create very beautiful and unusual buildings.

Make a gazebo on the dacha with his hands: photo and video

Preparation for work with polycarbonate ↑

Before starting work you must:

  • To prepare a detailed design of a future gazebo.
  • To determine the material that will be used for erection of supporting columns and rafters of roofs.

One of the most economical materials are the wooden supports, however, they eventually lose their attractive appearance. To avoid this, be sure the wood should be periodically treated with protective agents. In addition, as the supports of the gazebo often use metal tubes or profiles. They almost don’t need care, they have a large margin of safety.

After you have selected the correct type of frame, land for construction of gazebo you will need to mark. Then in the pits set support, conduct alignment and Gulf cement. If the base of the structure will be a concrete pad, it is poured simultaneously with the installation of poles, whereby the construction becomes more robust.

For docking metal bracket (if used) use welding or simple bolts and nuts, for which pre-drilled holes in the support. After completed frame Assembly, it is possible to begin themselves with polycarbonate.

Before the material you need to prepare: outline the desired dimensions and cut it. To the appearance of the gazebo were more interesting, you can use a combination of different colors, combining them into unusual designs. Polycarbonate sheet mark with a pencil and then cut with a saw, knife, cutter or jigsaw. In those places where the sheet will be connected to the metal base, you should to plan in advance holes (this will help to save a lot of time).

Make a gazebo on the dacha with his hands: photo and video

Installation of polycarbonate ↑

The next step will be the installation of polycarbonate details of the arbor. The fastener elements it is most convenient to carry out with the help of screws for metal, which should put a washer or rubber gasket (due to this the screws will not be able to break through the canvas). Polymer parts should be splice, since the splice in the slot will get surplus water. To get unusual design, the walls can be cut shaped hole with a simple knife. They will get sunlight, which will make the structure more Sunny and bright.

In addition to the screws to work perfect a special bracket, in whose grooves can securely attach the canvas material. If the slot is not enough fasteners on the perimeter of the construction add sealant, adhesive, and thereby reinforcing the structure. Installation of polycarbonate is best done not alone but with friend, how to bend and secure the material hard enough.

After that you can bring to the gazebo electricity. It should be noted immediately that all work associated with the wiring, must be carried out before final finishing. In addition, you need to recall that the wood burns easily, so for greater security, it should be impregnated with a special protective means.

In the end around the arbor are planted climbing plants, place the pots with flowers and lay paths of stones. The various elements of decor such as curtains and toys will make the gazebo more habitable and comfortable.

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