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How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

BBQ facilities — foreign version of the grill, very similar in purpose. Many consider them to be identical, but they have some differences. Where functional barbecue grill, so many gardeners and owners of country houses want to have this design. BBQ oven is a convenient tool in the preparation of meats, vegetables, side dishes and other food on the heat.

But the cost of these ovens BBQ facilities is extremely high. Expenses are unjustified, because to do such construction itself is quite simple. All you need is a little desire and a good manual.

Characteristics and types of barbecue ↑

Barbecue at the same time means two things: a way of cooking and a tool that is used in it. On this basis, it is important to note one caveat — between BBQ and grill is different. Many consider them one and the same, but the experienced cook knows that meat cooked on them tastes better. So what’s the difference?

How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

Cooking on the grill includes a conventional cooking meat on the heat from the coals. Meat is located on top of the whole structure, which gives the possibility evenly and gradually bring it up to cooking. BBQ uses the same principle, but the meat in it is located just below the sides. About 15 cm share an edge and a cooking grate. This approach allows you to delay smoke coming from the coals, a little bloating meat. In the grill the smoke immediately blown away by the wind, leaving the same effect.

However, even the BBQ has its own types. Share two varieties of this product:

  • Stationary BBQ oven
  • Portable BBQ

The second type is the most common form of barbecue. It is most often seen in movies and photos, because this type is most often used in America — the homeland of barbecue. A characteristic feature of such products — cylindrical shape and cover, allowing to cover the meat at any time. Although this variant is bulky, its weight is relatively small. So it can move freely through the area.

Stationary oven BBQ is becoming more common. It is a mixture of the usual barbecue and outdoor oven, which gives the opportunity to prepare meals outdoors. This option may not have high sides, because it is protected from the wind its walls. Stationary type reliable and durable, although it takes more space. Most often made from bricks and metal parts, but sometimes the ovens are completely made of metal.

BBQ facilities of brick with his own hands ^ a

A barbecue brick build easiest. Although construction has some nuances, to produce such a design is possible even without experience in construction. In accordance with drawings and work plan, it is possible to create an excellent and reliable design to your taste.

If to speak about the universal and typical of such ovens, we often use the following scheme:

How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

This is a simple angular design barbecue which includes a place for working and cooking, recess for wood or coal and is designed for all sizes. It is important to consider the furnace itself, as in a barbecue it is important to calculate the distance from coals to meat.

As a material for such a furnace it is necessary to take two types of bricks: facing and refractory. The second type is required for the construction of sections that are directly exposed to high temperatures, the cladding is used for external elements.

Important! Choose a suitable place for the barbecue oven. It must be protected from fire and is quite convenient for barbecue use.

After selecting a scheme and selection of materials begins the process of construction. It consists of several stages:

  • The construction of the Foundation

The Foundation is an important element in the construction of the furnace. It needs to withstand the weight of the bricks, because the structure will be quite significant. It is necessary to calculate all the nuances and to create a reliable Foundation.

How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

  • The construction of the pedestal

Pedestal — the base for the stove. It must take into account the weight distribution of a barbecue and to create a basis for further segments. Its height is about 60 cm, but here it is necessary to take into account the owners ‘ height. Do not make the base too high, because it will affect the stability of the structure.

The Council! During the construction of Foundation place steel sheet directly below the furnace. This will increase the life of furnace.
  • The creation of the furnace

How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

Furnace Department, where they undergo a cooking and firing up the barbecue. Its width does not exceed 6 bricks, the depth is three. In this phase it is necessary to consider the reliability of the design, strengthening it with additional number of bricks and rebar. It is important to make the recess deep enough for the coals so the meat would burn.

The Council! The furnace in the form of an arch will be more convenient when cooking. But it is necessary to consider the weight falling on top face design.
  • The construction of the chimney

The chimney is the final element of the barbecue oven. It is important to calculate the load and make the structure reliable. The chimney is built using refractory bricks and clay mortar.

After the construction of the chimney is closed with a small stack of bricks. They set the concrete slab, preventing the ingress of water and ensure the structural stability.

Since then, a trim barbecue and final touches like installing grates, valves and other elements. As a result, the design is ready to be tested and the first roasting meat.

BBQ barrels ↑

Barbecue, sold in stores, by design, strongly reminiscent of the barrel. So why not make your own design on the same basis? To make the barrel a handy tool for cooking meat very simple, you only need the desire and time.

You’ll need:

  1. Barrel
  2. Welding
  3. Hacksaw
  4. Sander
  5. Drill
  6. A strip of sheet steel

Before starting work you must ensure the emptiness of the barrel. They are often used for different chemicals or fuel that can hurt when working. Thereafter, finish.

The first stage is cleaning the barrel. Often they are painted with paints not designed for cooking food. It emits noxious fumes when heated, so it is necessary to remove.

How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

The next stage — the creation of the chimney. The usual hole from the barrel is not suitable for this, you need to come up with something more substantial. A small chimney can be made of sheet steel and welding.

The next stage — the markup. For this you will need a tape measure and felt-tip pen. The markup is applied to the area where it will continue the cut. Then the marked piece is cut with a saw.

How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

The barrel is then thoroughly cleaned the inside, cleaned all the sediments and traces of rust. Then measured the location for fasteners. Need to pick up points, which later will be attached the cover, the legs, hands and inner elements.

After all the marks cover is attached to a normal loop.

How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

Welded handles on pre-marked sections (lateral and lid), set legs. For the manufacture of the legs will fit any kind of metal parts or pipes. Welded pipe.

Next comes the installation of the internal frame bars. This requires four rod.

How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

Then at the bottom of the BBQ and the sides of drilled holes for ventilation. The design is complemented by comfort and convenience features like a hook for the lid and other parts. Is staining.

It is important! For painting barbecue grills only need to use the appropriate paint. They should not produce harmful toxins and to be exposed to high temperatures. Some types of enamels are suitable for these tasks.

The result is a convenient barbecue for a country house, convenient to use and is not inferior to options from the store.

How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

BBQ gas cylinder ↑

If you order BBQ from a gas cylinder, it is possible to achieve even better results than with a barrel. The container has a relatively large thickness of the metal, high reliability and resistance to temperature. It will not deform after long term usage, and easy maintenance will enable it to serve for many years.

You’ll need:

  • Grinder disk for metal
  • Roulette
  • Welding machine
  • Drill

As well as additional fasteners and fixing elements. Stages very similar to the work on the barrel.

The first step is to measure cover BBQ facilities and cutting. The plot is carefully measured and cut with a grinder.

How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

Then it creates a hole for the chimney (often it is the valve through which the released gas). Next cover future BBQ thrown for loop by welding or conventional bolts. Interior trim includes welding of fasteners to the grille. You can use the same reinforcing bars, and can be limited to small bolts on the edges of the walls.

Further, the bottom of the BBQ complemented with ventilation holes.

How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

Then the finished product is complemented by the fireplace, carefully polished and painted. Requirements for the paint are the same: fire resistance, no toxic fumes and durability.

The Council! As the cover of the container will be quite heavy, it is possible to Supplement the spring for a softer closing BBQ.

How to make a barbecue area in the country ↑

An important caveat for cooking with BBQ the surrounding area. Everything has to be optimally, so that nothing interfered with the cook to work with meat. This whole settling in barbecue areas in which there is all necessary equipment and tools.

Before processing zones it is important to clarify its location. Here it is worth considering:

  1. The distance to home and kitchen
  2. The presence of a track to the area
  3. The size of the area set aside for BBQ
  4. A canopy
  5. The location of the chimney
  6. Water

How to make a barbecue with their hands: drawings, step by step instructions

All these details will allow you to create the optimum site, where everything will be at hand. Now directly to the design area. It can be supplemented by the following elements:

  • Place to store wood or coal
  • A shed or a small summerhouse
  • Additional table for cooking and placing dishes before feeding them
  • Storage shelves, judge and spices
  • Storage of barbecue tools (tongs, skewers, mesh)
  • Tools for working with fire (with a poker, shovel, tacks)
  • Sink

Such elements are entirely optional and may seem superfluous, but they greatly facilitate the cooking.

As for furniture, corner barbecue can be supplemented with tables and chairs of various style. Wrought iron products, wicker furniture, modern materials and even ceramics that can be used in the regeneration of the area.

The Council! Do not use plastic furniture or too light wood. A small spark or ember can ruin the look of such products.

It is important to position the furniture at a sufficient distance from the place of cooking. This will not only protect people from burns, but will also allow the cook to do their work.

An important caveat in the regeneration of the area — lighting. Cooking often takes a long time, and the gatherings are over quickly. Therefore, it is important to consider the right lighting in the evening. It should discard fluorescent lights, because here you need a warm, yellowish glow similar to fire. Conventional light bulbs are well suited for this. They can add tinted lamps.

To make the barbecue and to prepare the area for him — an easy task, which handle each. And for more information recommended to watch this video, which presents step by step instructions, built barbecue oven made of bricks:

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