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How to choose a submersible pump for well

For permanent access to the water from the well using special load. They are able to raise the required amount of water, and their power and efficiency make the process more efficient. Among these sediments is particularly notable submersible type, operating at a depth of.

The types of submersible pumps ↑

The characteristic of the submersible pumps from the usual is that they work really well. They are immersed in water and pumped it with great depth.

Interesting! Design of submersible pumps for wells and well almost no different, but the sump pump can operate even with partial immersion of the lower intake holes.

Versions of this device differ on the specifics of the design. Note the following submersible types:

  • Vibrating. This kind of allows you to deliver pure water without impurities. Works on the principle of injection and ejection of water, have a simple design, easy maintenance and reasonable price.
    How to choose a submersible pump for well
  • Centrifugal. This pump has high power and works on the principle of rotation of the impeller. Has a complicated structure and requires regular maintenance, but it works much longer and quieter than other options.
    How to choose a submersible pump for well
  • Drainage. This type is used not for a permanent job, and to clean the well from the dirty water. Has high power but is not suitable for pumping drinking water.
    How to choose a submersible pump for well

Also note the vortex type, but it is used rarely. Vortex pumps have a low capacity, so they are not used for deep wells.

Among them the most popular vibratory and centrifugal types. They have a not too high cost that can carry a large amount of water, and their lifespan is large enough.

Important! The size of the sump pump greater than the borehole. This reduces the maximum height of rise of water. However, they are able to cope with depths up to 30 m.

How to choose a pump ↑

When choosing a pump you need to follow the data about your well. This will allow you to select the model with the optimal value of capacity, price and cleaning. Therefore, when choosing you need to consider three things:

  • The depth at which water is
  • The distance to its mirror
  • The degree of its purity
  • Bandwidth

How to choose a submersible pump for well

The first item allows you to determine the depth, which is water. Based on this option «Immersion depth» the installation method of the device. The second point is the distance to the mirror, based on which is selected the pump type. The differences between the first two paragraphs minimum, but if the depth of water may have a deviation, the distance to the mirror is better to measure accurately.

The degree of purity allows you to select the model based on parameter «Water quality». This is an important factor, because each device has allowable percentage of contamination. If the proportion of mud exceeds this threshold, the life of the pump is substantially reduced.

The last item — consumption of water. On its basis it is necessary to select the maximum power of the device. If this parameter is quite small, for the irrigation area need to take a fairly powerful model. The average pump — 4.2 cubic metres of water per hour. But for the area with the garden is to take the index higher.

The Council! If the depth of the well is too large for conventional models, you should look deep pumps. They can get water from great depths. They’re often used for wells, but there are well model.

If the choice is to learn several factors. Among them:

  • Distance from well to tank (or the final consumption point)
  • The presence of filters in the house
  • Power pump

Pump capacity is determined in kilowatts and allows you to define the volume of pumped water and the maximum range at which it can deliver. You can’t take most affordable option, because the extra water pressure and the pump is harmful to the system. It also affects the period of work.

The most popular brands and models ↑

Although the market is full immersion models of various brands and models, many of them unnecessarily expensive, and their efficiency is low. Therefore it is necessary to focus not only on performance, but also the device manufacturer. Now celebrate some of the most popular brands, which produces qualitative technique:

Grundfos. ↑

This manufacturer is known for its quality products and wide range. Especially for the wells they have identified a series of SPO, which are suitable for domestic water supply. Models can be used for industrial and drinking water. The design of the devices is pretty high quality and made of stainless steel.

They are ideal for private homes, taking water from the well. However, their price is quite high.

Baby ↑

How to choose a submersible pump for well

Series models «Baby» is available in three versions and is designed to lift water from boreholes and wells. It is inexpensive and practical the pump is designed for domestic use. They should not be taken for a permanent or long-term work, especially concerning irrigation systems. The cost is extremely low, making this option very popular.

Aquarius ↑

This brand is considered the best in terms of price and quality. Its cost is quite reasonable and work efficiency high. Available models are designed for transporting drinking water, and their lifespan is 10 years. This is a simple and economical option for private homes.

Defort ↑

Model DeFORT have a relatively low cost and have a wide diversity. They can be used not only for pure water, freely pumping out the fluid with a high percentage of impurities. However, the period of such models is small in severe conditions.

Dzhileks Waterjets ↑

This range of submersible pumps of centrifugal type is used for homes with high water consumption. They are able to get the fluid from different sources for a long period of time without interruption, which makes possible irrigation, tank filling, car washing and other similar tasks. The cost is relatively low, and comparable to the brand name Aquarius.

Among the reliable options this is the most optimal for the acquisition, because combine high efficiency, cost and durability. However, there are other, less popular brands. It is recommended to look for reviews, because the bad pump problems arise almost immediately after installation.

The Council! Some models are not designed to work with dirty water. If you are unsure of its quality, you should take the generic version, and in the water system to put a filter.

How to install the pump in the well ^ a

Installation of submersible models are more complicated than others. This is a fairly simple process, which can be overcome with minimal experience and skills. So you can do without a wizard.

How to choose a submersible pump for well

It is important! Installation can be simple, but if the supply system is not configured for this task, you should seek professional help.

The installation consists of several stages:

  1. Training. Necessary to make a hole in the lid of the well. It will be necessary to support the pump. To the proposed location of the well is fed by a pipe or hose through which in the future will pump the water.
  2. Descent. After the preparatory phase you need to pull the pump on the bottom of the well to the future place of connection. The descent is via a cable (anti-corrosion metal or nylon) threaded through the previously made hole in the lid.
    ?It is important! The pump should not descend deeper than 30 cm to the bottom of the well. Otherwise the system will get dirt and sand.
  3. Fixation. The pump is fixed and connected to the system. The cable must be secured at the top, tying on any stable element. For this purpose it is recommended to weld the hook on the well cover.

After that, the pump can be included in the operation. If the water in the well is dirty or the bottom in the sand, you should buy a pipe with a floating filter. This system will allow you to take water under the edge that will prolong its life and reduce the cost of the filter.

Submersible pump for well — the best option for private water systems. It is located at the bottom and provides regular rise in the water. In this respect, it is much better surface variants, as it requires minimum maintenance and does not require additional space.

And for better familiarization with the installation of a submersible pump is recommended to view this video. It describes vibration pump brand Patriot review and installation.

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