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How to make at their summer cottage mini-pond from tires set of ideas and a master class

How to make at their summer cottage mini-pond from tires set of ideas and a master class

The idea to build an artificial pond at the cottage comes to mind to many owners. Undoubtedly, such a source of coolness and positive emotions will not only please the host but his guests, becoming a real highlight of the landscape. Only one form of the water helps people relax, tune into the lyrical mood, causes hot flashes of inspiration. But, critically assessing only some six acres of private area, with some giving up on my dream. But in vain! We will tell you about how to bring it to life, making the country a mini-pond from tires with their hands, and at the same time to dispose of unnecessary in the economy of the old tires.

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Choose a place for a mini-pond

Decorative mini pond must please and attract everyone’s attention. Therefore, the place where he should be, you should choose carefully. There are several rules that we recommend you follow so that the choice was successful:

  • The pond should not be constantly in the sun. Partial shade is the best place for him. Otherwise, the plants will be too hot and they will begin to fade, and the water will quickly bloom.
  • Open and ventilated space is not the best option.
  • If you build a pond under the trees, the water will become clogged with leaves and debris. The process of cleaning will become your regular and will tire.

Well, if the pond is clearly visible from different viewpoints. Let it reflects pretty close to the rushing clouds, house or trees. Know that small ponds look best when you look at them from above. So they are often placed in a natural landscaped depression.

In this mini pond will be clearly visible from different viewpoints. In addition, he will be under constant direct sunlight

If you doubt their own choice, treat yourself to inspection. Take a piece of polyethylene, which will represent a mini-pond, and put it on the place you have chosen. Browse the site and see how well it can be seen from the main viewing points.

Where to find a suitable tire?

Before you look for a bus, let’s define what exactly we want to find. If space on the site is sorely lacking, for the realization of their dreams would be sufficient to find the tire from any of the car.

For the realization of the scale of the project and the size of the wheel must be impressive. After all, there are the wheels, whose diameter exceeds human growth. Using them as a basis, you can build a whole lake!

Tyres come in different sizes. Like Gulliver among them to find not so difficult, and hardly necessary if the plot size does not exceed the standard six acres

For large objects you must have:

  • a tire truck;
  • the rear wheel of the tractor «Belarus»;
  • the rubber from the mighty «BelAZ».

If your garage is not junk lying around your own tire, then any instance can be found in a tire workshop. There often accumulates junk rubber to be recycled, so it will get you free of charge.

Waste tires can be found on the autos. It is possible that there will have to pay, but symbolically. Ordinary motorists also can offer what you are looking. So view their ads.

The problem of disposal of tires is quite acute not only in our country but throughout the world. Our craftsmen contributing to its solution

How will your pond?

In a tiny pond is unlikely to have fish. Although goldfish from the aquarium may very well feel in a small artificial pond. However, this structure can be decorated in other ways. For example, on its shores you can plant Siberian iris.

Beautiful companions of any pond will become

  • water lilies;
  • Turchi marsh;
  • floating pondweed.

In the end, you can also use artificial ornaments, which resemble those of lilies, but does not require attention. On the surface can look good small imitation of ducks, and on the shores of the turtles.

Plants planted around the artificial lake can completely transform it, turning it into a favorite place of recreation for all family members

Rubber must be secured to close the decorative limestone so that did not come, how in your area have formed a mini-pond. Often satellites aquatic plants become a small Alpine garden, which, incidentally, solve the problem of creating shadows.

For additional effect, you can highlight the design with the help of garden lamps powered by solar batteries. All the energy they accumulate a Sunny day, at night they will spend in the form of a soft mysterious glow.

Decoration of the pond have its downside — they attract the attention of children who love to play in such a fabulous location

Whatever your mini-pond, it should be remembered that for young children left unattended, it can become a source of danger.

Step-by-step instructions

Every work is preceded by a preparatory stage. You need to collect together all the necessary tools and material to fewer distractions in the work process.

Step #1 — prepare tools and materials

The tool we need is not much:

  • two kinds of shovels: bayonet shovels;
  • building level;
  • electric jig saw or a regular hacksaw.

In addition to tyres, with a diameter which we have already decided we will need:

  • the PVC film or a special covering material for pools, which is sold in specialized stores;
  • sand;
  • gravel;
  • large stones for the decoration of the banks of the pond;
  • plants to decorate the pond and framing.

When you are prepared, you can start to work.

Step #2 — preparing the tire to work

Despite the fact that we’re going to bury a tire in the first stage of work, it should be cleaned from dirt. But her training does not end. We need to cut the upper part.

Trim the top of one of the sides of the tires can be done with a sharp knife, jigsaw on low speed or a hacksaw for metal work

Hardly for this purpose you can use a normal knife. We recommend you to use the scroll saw operating at low speed. You can use a hacksaw, but then this surgery will have to spend more time and effort.

Step #3 — dig the excavation for the pond

Before you make a recess to align the platform. Now you need to decide how we want to bury a rubber base of future structures.

It can be:

  • buried in soil on the entire width of its tread;
  • recessed one-third;
  • to remain on the surface of the prepared site.

On the basis of the decision, digging a hole. Its shape must match the outer diameter of the tyres, but with minor allowances for its entire circumference. You should not deepen the rubber in the ditch, if left on the surface of the rubber edge, the rain water will not fill to capacity.

Before installing the lid in the recess to align the bottom and fill it with sand approximately 15 cm of Sand should be soft and without stones. In this case, it can protect against damage placed on the bottom of the gasket and water leaks will be avoided.

When forming the recesses for the tire should be well compacted sand at the place where the bottom of the mini-pond and check the level of quality of the work performed

Check the level of quality of the work performed. Don’t forget to stamp the bottom and then place the rubber. Then it should again use the level to check the horizontal position of the tyres.

Step #4 — waterproofing

For arrangement of waterproofing is better to use a dense covering material, which is specially designed to protect the bottom of the pools. You can buy it in specialized shops for pools. Sometimes it can be found among products for the garden. The material you need to take so that the wall of tyre, he spoke about two feet.

Yes, we prefer special waterproofing material instead of conventional polyethylene. Someone may argue that because of this, our construction becomes less and less like home-made, created using generally available materials. But it is better to make a design that will last you for years without replacing the bottoms. Even a very thick plastic can not withstand loads and will leak.

However, each owner decides what material it is better to use. Choosing conventional polyethylene, consider its replacement when it becomes to strengthen the walls of the future pond. Perhaps the building will have to disassemble.

If even fold the plastic sheeting in half, it will leak. To replace it, a mini-pond will have to disassemble, therefore, the top structure will have to do a collapsible

Thus, the covering material is freely distributed over the bottom of the hole and its edges are output on two feet beyond the edges placed in a hollow of the tire.

The membrane material must be distributed inside the tire. For this purpose, future country mini-pond is filled with water, which will put pressure on the bottom and the walls of the structure. Under its pressure the reservoir will accept its form.

Take the time to quality work and you will get a great result, you can be proud of for several years

Now cover the material thoroughly to spread. To lock the cover in position, you can pin down his rounded boulders laid on the bottom on opposite sides.

Step #5 — formed wall and decorate the pond

Smoothes the edges of the material and cover them with sand and rubble. This will finally secure the membrane. Now it does not slip. The sand will serve as a basis for further decoration of the pond.

Further strengthening and decoration of the pond depends entirely on the imagination of its author. At the initial stage you can just impose the pond with stones.

If you manage to find a big tire, you will be able to make a mini pond is not just for kids but also for adult family members

Accommodation stones depend on the degree of functionality of the structure:

  • Bathing. If the tire was large, a similar structure can be used even for bathing. The shore of the pond should not be overloaded with stones. With their help, enough to form a platform around the walls. A large number of stones can cause injury to bathers.
  • For decorative purposes. If the pond is only needed to create a beautiful image you can dream up with the location of the stones, to better emphasize their beauty. In this case, do not be afraid to show their sharp edges. They look impressive.

Stones can be laid out in several rows, by placing a rounded bottom and large boulders, and the pebbles smaller. Even the bottom of a mini-pond can be decorated cute small pebbles oval, taken from the river or brought from the sea. But the sand with gravel to decorate the bottom should be avoided because the water may become muddy.

Do not overload the mini-pond decorative elements. He is so handsome. Even in a minimalist style he is still a great place that attracts views

In any garden, regardless of the wishes of its owners, is home to many small animals. This can be, for example, moles, hedgehogs, or mice. If you don’t want one morning to find in the water the corpse of the unfortunate hedgehog, put in a pond a picturesque snag. It will not only make the appearance of the buildings natural, but also will help the animal to avoid death.

To visualize the whole process works, view the video:

Other ideas on the structure of the pond

If you think that a pond from a single tire is all that could give rise to the fantasy of domestic craftsmen, gardeners, you are deeply mistaken. The use of tires to create reservoirs of great variety. And one of the most popular we’ll tell you now.

If you take not one, but two tires of equal or even of different size, can make not one, but two water bodies that are in contact with each other protectors. The most interesting thing about this building is its ornamentation. For example, at the junction of the two rubber bases, you can build a beam bridge made of birch sticks. It can be both decorative and a continuation of the garden path.

By varying the degree of penetration of the tires, you can create a pond with overflow. For this one tire fixed on the surface of the ground, and bury the other. With this overflow, by the way, you can organize the drainage of rainwater flowing from the roof.

Based on ponds with overflow you can make a homemade waterfall. For this you need to the top of the container to hold the hose, from which under a weak pressure to propel water. Careful to camouflage with rocks placed along the banks. Water overflowing the upper part of the structure, will effectively run in its bottom half, simulating a waterfall.

If the landscape of your area allows, why not build here is a magnificent waterfall, which is based on the same tyres

The summer pool is that no child can not leave indifferent. A big tire will make it easy and just do it. Kids will be something to dabble with adult supervision. Children’s swimming pool, it is best to surround the coastal area of the tiles below it was fearlessly to attack bare feet. To protect the children, water in a pool needs to be filtered. For this purpose you can use the pump. And you can just often to change the water.

Good idea to revive the pond can be used in this fountain. It is possible to adjust the turbine nozzle to the tank or a small pump. The fountain earned, it is necessary to provide power supply. Don’t forget to protect yourself: wiring should be isolated with corrugated pipe, and was added dropwise.

See how looks the construction of the fountain of tires:

Even if the garden is not located meta to the reservoir using a tire, it can be done on the balcony, on the terrace or in the loggia. To give the structure an attractive appearance will help artificial stones that can be glued composition water-based to the lateral surface of tyres.

Of course, this list of ideas is impossible to exhaust, because the human imagination knows no bounds. Watch this video — we’re not kidding:

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