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Ideas for decorating a country site: learning to be waste and old junk

Ideas for decorating a country site: learning to be waste and old junk

Original landscape decoration always are very expensive, if you buy them in stores or order craftsmen. Show imagination and with a little work, you can make an original decor. It doesn’t cost a penny. Moreover, you will finally get rid of unnecessary things and disposing of the remains of building materials after the repair. Everything is in your hands. If they are gold, even the garbage will turn into a charming and quite functional country decorations. Give trash a new wonderful life!

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The original flower beds out of old things

You can start with the simple things out of old things obsolete. Surely everyone in the country has plenty of such subjects which they say: «There is no need to store, and throw a pity». It can be various containers – buckets, watering cans, rusty barrels, as well as toys, old clothes, shoes, furniture. Each of these things can be a nice decoration and landscape «to work in a new specialty» at least one, if not several seasons.

The easiest way to make flower beds out of junk. Let’s look at some ideas.

For example, a small flower pot from the children’s ball. All you need is an old ball, a tool that is easy to cut, and a bit of patience.

For the manufacture of such a pot you only need to wash a rubber ball, carefully cut it down the middle and come in «the bottom» new capacity small holes. Option – do not perforate the ball, and used as a tray-the tray for a small flower pot

The second option of the flower beds in old tanks. For small flower beds will come in handy aluminium and plastic basins, watering cans. If there barrel is a real treasure. It is possible to make a funny figure. In addition to the barrels, you will need paints and brushes.

This is not a trivial decoration to make is very simple. Old drum needs to be clean from rust, paint, paint, fill with soil to plant her flowers. All!

Another version of the design capacity of the fabric or burlap. The pots and barrels can not paint, and covered the old fabric. If it is solid, it would be appropriate funny picture.

These figures made from barrels covered with burlap. Capacity just «put» in the bag of the right size, pull and fix the fabric. It turns out the high similarity of the pot. To revive him, enough to draw paint face and put on the figure «belt» from old rope

Stand for flower pots can be made from old furniture – chairs with backs, small chairs or stools normal.

So, a chair with back provides ample space for imagination. It can be used as a stand for trudging plants or vases with flowers. To this end, the seat cut a hole the right diameter, «the skeleton» and back color, set homemade or pot ready

The seat can be replaced with a geotextile, where to pour the soil, plant the moss and climbing plants. Long stems entwine, hide the back and legs. It will be an interesting decoration that can be placed in the gazebo near the pond or in the broken beds. Similarly, you can use the back of old beds or other similar object

Unwanted clothes and shoes can also be used as floral vases. Enough to make the legs of old jeans, fill it with earth and hang – it’s ready the flower bed. However, it will last very long, but useful. A great ornament of the garden will be «flower pot» from an old Shoe or boot.

Ragged shoes don’t have to carry to the dump. Fill them with soil and plant colorful flowers. They will delight the eye all season

Use old clothes to create a Scarecrow! Stuffed animals are no longer used to scare birds away, but they may well become the highlight of the landscape. To create such figures need pants, shirts, any hat, a small stuff sack or pillow case, material for stuffing, sewing supplies. The frame can be made of two bars – long and short.

At long bar you need to fill short at a height of 1.7 m (a kind of cross). Packaging white bag or pillowcase will need to fill with straw or Nitron and give the shape of a ball. This is the head of the Scarecrow. It is placed on the top of the pole.

It only remains to attach and paint markers to make a face. Hair can be made of rope or straw. Now there «dress» stuffed in a shirt and pants, chopping them with pins and stuff with filler. On the head – hat.

If there are no suitable materials to create the Scarecrow hair, you can use regular plastic bags. Simply cut into strips and attached to the fabric head sewing pins

To complete the image, you can make the Scarecrow «hands» from old gloves or mittens. If the dummy do not simply decorative purposes, but to deal with birds, rasklinivanie harvest, you can add «a frightening effect», attaching to the arms the figures of old CDs. Under whiff of a wind they will spin, glitter and keep the birds away.

In the video represented the best decorative effigies, which can be found on the Internet. You can be inspired by the ideas of their creators:

How to make a pond from unnecessary baths?

About the pond on the property is what all or almost all vacationers. Even the smallest artificial pond it looks like an oasis of coolness in the summer heat. You can buy a ready capacity in a specialty store, but you can use an old bath remaining after repair. Ennobling its natural stone and landed around the waterfront greens, you will create a real masterpiece.

If you just bury the tub in the ground and decorated with flowers, it will look relatively nice, but did not cause delight. But if you collect the stones that remained after construction of the well or pit and stoning them unnecessary plumbing, it is possible simultaneously to get rid of the bath, not to leave the station stones and get luxury landscape decor. As a binder material for paving stone, you can take a cement frost-proof mixture for external works.

Order of works:

  1. You need to dig a hole the size of the bath, install plumbing and cement.
  2. When the cement Playground with capacity of is ready, put decorative stone hill.
  3. The remaining stones are placed around a makeshift pond and cement.
  4. When the cement is dry, in the bath, collecting water or leave empty for collecting rainwater.

After all the area around the stone pond is decorated with greenery, flowers, install benches or left in its original form.

The finished pond retains the shape of the bath. If desired, it can be modeled with the help of stones. It is best to choose a form that will allow you to conveniently clean the pond of debris and dirt

Swan-vase from the bottle and putty

Near stone pond you can place a couple of wonderful swans, which will need waste construction and two 5-liter plastic bottles.

Frame for the body of a Swan will serve as a cut bottle is square in shape, which to weight cement-sand mortar or any other filler. The neck is made from a metal rod. Its curve in figure 2, is inserted into the neck of the bottle and fix.

The neck is one of the most complex parts. To securely hold the rod, you can use tile adhesive. And for the correct finishes of the filler neck will be useful to ordinary medical bandage. It wet and wrap it around each new layer, pressing it to the base

The bottle attach the pieces of mesh cut to the shape of the wings. Ready to frame, trim putty. The most difficult is given to the formation of the head and neck of putty, will have to be patient to get a beautiful and smooth.

The tail is made from a piece of the same mesh and plaster. When the hack is completely dry it must be sanded with sandpaper and paint, and the weighting to get out of the bottle to form a recess.

The figure of the Swan is not just a simple decoration for garden or pond. It is possible to plant plants with shallow root system. Get a beautiful vase, perfect for installation near the stone pond of the bath

What can you make out of construction waste?

After the repair remains always a lot of different wastes. Almost all of them can be applied for arrangement of the plot. Even construction waste is not useless.

For example, from tiles taken from the wall in the kitchen or bathroom, you can put the beautiful garden paths or borders. Used drywall or plastic it is quite suitable for creating a useful and aesthetic craft.

Option #1 – plasterboard and plywood

Drywall, plywood, OSB-boards are versatile materials. Cut them into pieces of desired size and secure mounting profile, you can create amazing vases, build a tree house for the child to do useful things for the decoration of the gazebo, durable bird feeder.

Adorable cow is made of drywall. To do it, you just need to form a drywall square pot, attached face paint and install on legs from an old stool

Option #2 – tin and stainless steel

Tin and stainless steel, you can create many interesting craft projects. Pieces of material are suitable for the manufacture of garden lamps, ashtrays, urns, hanging containers for seedlings or flowers. In the course of going even tin cans for paints and adhesive formulations.

Looks like the lamp from the jar, you can see in the video:

Option #3 – lumber

In the economy comes amiss, especially if it is «all» — the remains of the lumber. Timber, strips, boards great for making containers, crates, shelves, shelving systems, vertical gardening, coasters.

Second-hand flooring can become a charming container Losharik, if you add funny horse face and mane of twigs. Figure can be painted or lacquering

Option #4 – thermal insulation materials

Remnants of foil insulation is useful when you create a garden shapes. They can finish the outside of the sculptures. The foil surface is beautiful glare in the sun and highlights the garland on the background of the garden. However, insulation can be a more practical application – insulation of greenhouses, outbuildings.

In the video below presented ideas DIY foil or foil insulation:

Option #5 – the battle and the remains of brick

Bricks and building blocks you can use, even if they are split. It is an ideal materials for construction of fences, curbs, design flower beds.

In the garden will look great in fairy-tale castles, columns and lighting. Of bricks you can lay the Foundation for solid table, benches in the gazebo.

Bricks can be used for zoning the territory of the plot. A fence separated the flowerbeds from garden plants, to focus on the decor

More ideas for decor: video examples

The human imagination is boundless, and many gardeners have learned to be the most useless, at first glance, the materials. Check out their experience:

Accumulated clutter in the apartment? Do not leave it on habitable square metres, bring to the cottage! Bottle, tile, old pants, the debris, waste – here you can find all over the place.

Bulk materials will become wonderful sculptures, and bottles of these palaces. Even if garden decor will last only one season, you will be pleased to look at him. If he were to live longer, you will have reason to be proud of your skillful hands. Do not miss this chance!

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