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How to dig a well with their hands

The well is one of the oldest and simplest sources of drinking water. It is a deep cylindrical pit, reaching water-bearing layer of earth. Thanks to the owner of the site receives a steady source of water, suitable not only for technical work but also for drinking.

How to dig a well with their hands

Construction of the well ^ the

A large part of the wells have approximately the same design. It is a deep mine with fortified walls reaching water-bearing layer of earth. Their depth varies significantly depending on the level of the infamous layer, varying from 3 to 40 meters. However, this only extends the middle part of the structure, and the other elements remain unchanged.

How to dig a well with their hands

The well consists of three parts:

  • Inlet;
  • Mine;
  • Headroom.

The first element is located on the bottom of the well. It is through him that the mine is filled with water, because the receiver is directly in contact with the aquifer. Often it is equipped with a bottom filter that allows you to purify water from impurities, large particles and debris.

The shaft is the main part of the structure. This is a straight, cylindrical segment which connects the upper part of the inlet. Mine it contains filtered water coming from the lower part of the structure. It ends with the top of the well, referred to as headroom. The pit walls are often reinforced brick or stone masonry, while modern variants of this task is performed by a concrete ring.

Headroom — the final element of the well, which contact people. It contains a system for collecting water, often presented in the form of a bucket or hand pump, and a roof to prevent rainwater and debris into the mine.

So the design of the well is quite simple, although it has some peculiarities. The main task in the construction process — compliance and technology standards to water were constantly coming into the mine, is not polluted and freely removed by the vessel.

The choice of location for digging the well ↑

Before starting work it is important to identify the place most optimal for this task. The water should be high, and its composition should be suitable for use.

How to dig a well with their hands

If a previously reliable method of determining not existed, but now is used for that exploration. Specialist through the analysis of the soil determines the depth of groundwater, composition and other data needed for the construction of the well.

The Council! If exploration fails to hold, it is possible to find the desired information from the neighbors that owns the wells. It is necessary to specify the depth of the mine, the water level and its quality. Water is better to take the analysis to ensure its suitability.

Also if you need to observe the following points:

  1. To consider the location of toilets and garbage pits;
  2. To consider the future layout of the site;
  3. Not to put the well too far from home.

The location of any sources of pollution of the soil, whether the septic tank, toilet or fertilized garden, you need to consider in advance. Various substances and waste can get into the aquifer, being in the well and drinking water. Therefore, positioning the mine is at a distance of 30 meters from these places.

As for time, well it is better to dig in the dry period of the year. It falls at the end of the summer, when the water table goes down. This will allow you to place mine on the lowest level to avoid the risk of it drying out. After these steps you can begin preparing to build.

The necessary tools for the construction of the well ^ the

Since digging wells is carried out manually, this requires a variety of tools. It does not require special equipment, almost all required items can be found in the pantry.

How to dig a well with their hands

Among them:

  • Shovel;
  • Bucket;
  • Circuit;
  • Winch;
  • Tripod;
  • Rope ladder.

You also need to take some kind of cart to transport and supply of concrete rings mine

The Council! Spades stands to take large and small. It will not hold up the work, but at the same time to form the correct shape mine.

If the aquifer at the site is high, you should consider pumping water from the well in the process. To do this is to take the pump pump, because manually clean it will be very inconvenient.

For safety it is necessary to take a helmet and a rope for insurance. It is important to remember that in an open coal mine pit can accumulate natural gas that you cannot smell or see. Therefore, if dizziness or weakness is to immediately leave the construction site and check the shaft well in the presence of gas.

How to dig a hole ↑

For the construction of the well using two methods: indoor and outdoor. The first option is used for those places where the soil is dense and rather dry. Its essence is that the original digging of the shaft for the well, reaching the aquifer. Only after that she start to fall of the ring. This method is much more convenient and practical, because the space to work more. But it applies only when the pit walls do not crumble under their own weight, in other cases it prevents the ring

How to dig a well with their hands

The second option is used for wet and shifting ground, where to dig a deep mine without the rings impossible. Its essence is that in a small pit descends the concrete ring, and then the work continues underneath. In the process the land under the concrete removed, and he gradually slides down to make room for future sections.

Which method to choose depends on the desires of the owner and properties of local soils. The closed method is more reliable, but much easier to work out in the open.

Digging open method is in several stages. To do this:

  1. To prepare the soil, clear it of debris and plants.
  2. Take two sticks the length of which is greater than the ring diameter of 5-10 cm, and cross connect them.
  3. To start digging, in this case by placing the sticks in the middle of the future of the pit
  4. Gradually going deeper, it is important to adhere to specified dimensions.
  5. Reaching the aquifer, you must dig 1-2 meters, while allowing the incoming water.
  6. After this you need to start the dive rings into the well by a winch. Rings placed on each other, eliminating the flaws in the excavated shaft. Outer void between the ground and the concrete filled with gravel and sand.

If you use a private method in the construction of the well idea is a little different. For it initially digs a small hole, the size of which corresponds to one ring. Then the ring placed in it, and further digging is carried out under him. This method allows you to delve into the aquifer, because the walls immediately strengthened concrete.

The Council! When digging you can find large stones that interfere with future work. Remove them with a winch and rope. If the shaft is already deeper than 5 meters, before that you need to leave it to avoid injury.

Further, the joints of the rings are carefully isolated to prevent the entry of sewage and other liquids in mine.

How to dig a well with their hands

After installing all the concrete panels necessary to create a sediment filter. It is a natural filter layer, which prevents the ingress of dirt into the water. To do this:

  1. To go another 10-15 cm, align bottom.
  2. Насыпать25 cm of river sand.
  3. Pour 20 cm of gravel or crushed stone fine grit.
  4. Pour 15 cm of large gravel.

If the bottom is too liquefied, it can be covered with a layer of perforated plates, which have already set the filter.

The construction of the ground well ↑

The ground part is a protruding concrete rings of wells, intake system of water and the roof. Around the structure should be erected a platform, which performs not only an aesthetic function, but also protective. It prevents dirt and rainwater to wash away a well into the mine from the outside.

How to dig a well with their hands

For the construction of the platform initially, you need to create a clay castle. To do this, the soil around the well is dug at 50-60 cm, the hole filled with clay. And clay set the platform for walking.

Then begins the work with the very well. It is recommended to be sheathed with wood to improve the appearance of the concrete rings. Top make zetoobraznoj design, which will also be the holder for the winch by which the vessel rises from the bottom of the shaft. It is essential to complement a well cover, which will protect various animals from falling and also prevents the ingress of debris and dust.

These recommendations will allow to construct a well without outside help. For a better understanding of this process is to watch this video. Here lucidly explained the work process, and identifies recommendations for beginners who are new to such task:

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