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How to choose a stove for baths

Habit to take a steam bath does not dry out with age. The interior plays a role in creating a cozy atmosphere, but it is more important for comfortable spending time to choose the right stove for a bath. It is from her the device depends on the microclimate of steam, heating time, safety, travelers.

How to choose a stove for baths

Options ↑

The market is saturated with various models of designs, different shape, capacity, hull material and fuel, on which they can work. The main objective of the furnace for a bath – heat and maintain the desired temperature. With this function perfectly cope stoves. The main components of the design is a compartment for burning fuel and stones that accumulate and retain heat for a long time. To choose the right bath for baking, pay attention to the following parameters, which are classified by the model:

  • The material used in the production of the body. In addition to traditional brick ovens, the manufacturers offer a metal construction. The characteristic features of brick products – substantial weight, large size and the need for the regeneration of a solid Foundation. Metal version is more compact, does not need a massive Foundation and is ideally suited for baths with a small area.
  • Temperature. Manufacturers offer to choose for the bath model with periodic or constant heating, while the outer wall can be «cold» or «hot».
  • The type of fuel. In addition to traditional wood-burning stoves, you can choose a modern solid model or a combination of gas and wood burning designs. Last time gaining popularity of gas and electric furnace heater for baths.

Detailed introduction to characteristic features of design will allow you to understand what model better to stop the choice.

How to choose a stove for baths

Oven-stove ↑

For the Russian bath for centuries the source of the couple has traditionally served as a wood-burning oven-stove. Its main function is the heating of stones to the required level of heat, and subject to the conditions of the lack of indoor open flame. This is due to security measures and to avoid reducing the level of oxygen in the air. Modern furnace heater for baths have undergone significant changes in weight, shape and aesthetic appearance. However, the substitution of stone and iron on the refractory glass and stainless steel did not affect the principle of the design.

How to choose a stove for baths

Opted for a stationary furnace, it is necessary to be prepared for the construction of the Foundation, due to the bulkiness of the design, with a maximum weight more than half a ton. The depth of the foundations is not less than half a meter. For lightweight enough furnaces to equip the concrete floor. On top of the Foundation is a row of bricks above them is waterproofing. For such furnaces are characterized by a long retention of heat and the assurances lovers succumb to the Park, the feeling of it better than the metal models.

How to choose a stove for baths

The desire to choose for the Russian bath wood burning stove the stove has some difficulties when constructing and operating:

  • Required for construction purchase of clay refractory bricks and of concrete components.
  • The construction is carried out by professional Builder, to find difficult.
  • Warm-woodburning stoves in the bath for 6-8 hours.
  • Obtaining fuel can be a significant item for the budget.
  • The key disadvantage is the need equipment chimney.
Comment! Arrangement of a special tunnel exit to the next room will allow you to apply to firewood, not forming in the steam room for more debris and soot.

How to choose a stove for baths

Modern solid fuel heater ↑

Manufacturers offer to choose an improved version of the furnace for a bath with the preservation of traditional fuel. This construction is characterized by relative mobility and relevant in places where there is no shortage of solid fuel. The main segments of the model:

  • furnace;
  • ash pan;
  • grate;
  • Kamenka.

As raw material for kindling is optimal to choose solid wood. From coal and peat briquettes should be abandoned. In the first case you will get excessive heat reduces the life of the furnace for the bath, the second option will not provide sufficient heating temperature of the stones.

How to choose a stove for baths

Today, consumers have the opportunity to choose a modern wood burning stove in accordance with the size of the rooms, additionally equipped with mounted water tank or protective cover. They usually come with simple Assembly and long-term operation.

Undeniable advantages of modern models of furnaces for baths for solid fuels with the following:

  • allows you to maintain in the steam room a long time desired temperature;
  • the cost of fuel is relatively low;
  • comfortable atmosphere from the sound of crackling firewood and the view of the fire.

What rules must be followed when operating in the bath of the furnace of the heater on solid fuel:

  • for heating it is better not to choose-coniferous wood due to the formation of large amounts of soot;
  • the collector needs regular cleaning;
  • the room becomes clogged with chips and other debris and requires timely harvesting;

Like traditional stove for sauna on the firewood, solid fuel heater must be equipped with a chimney.

How to choose a stove for baths

Gas wood burning stove ↑

For the bath you can choose a more universal oven – gas wood burning stove. Along with firewood, the fuel used here is natural gas or liquefied hydrocarbon. These designs include sections for loading solid fuel and gas-burning equipment in the form of shut-off valves, gas burners and filters. Marketing studies show an increase in sales of such models due to their versatility and affordable pricing. A key advantage of gas-wood stoves for baths – the choice of fuel in accordance with the economic feasibility.

Warning! Equipment gas and wood-burning stove provides pre-authorization documents.

As in the previous models, the furnace is not possible without equipping the premises of the baths chimney. The security level of this design is lower than the standard furnace for solid fuel.

How to choose a stove for baths

How to choose a stove for baths

Gas design ↑

The characteristic features of gas stoves for baths – compactness, speed of installation and aesthetic appearance. Without arranging the chimney in this situation will not be missed. Choose a gas furnace for a bath can be directly with tank for hot water or to purchase capacity separately. The choice of model depends on the area of the room in which it will be installed.

Advantages gas design are as follows:

  • Efficiency. Regular operation of the gas furnace in the bath can save fuel costs in 2-3 times in comparison with woodburning and electric counterparts.
  • No difficulties in operation. Minor waste combustion do not contaminate the furnace and flue ways.
  • A high level of security. Compliance with all regulatory requirements when installing gas furnaces for baths reduces the likelihood of an emergency in the process of operation to a minimum.
  • Durability. Manufacturers claim a service life of a gas furnace for 25 years. Timely preventive repairs and correct operation will allow you to heat the bath gas oven a long period.

How to choose a stove for baths

To choose for the bath gas heater can be of two types: brick and metal. The difference is similar to wood burning models. A brick gas furnaces for baths higher power and heat, but heated slowly, it provides a hard operation. Metal construction for the bath warms up quickly, but cool down instantly. Such a model is better if bath are enjoyed from case to case. Another characteristic is the weight of the structure. Brick oven on gas weighs up to 750 kg, metal construction is much less – only 45 kg. the Internal structure is available in two versions: with naduvnoj (fan) or atmospheric burner.

Comment! Jet burner is applicable for metal stove for baths because of the need for equipment wiring for fan and respect a sealed mode that cannot be performed while breathing laying bricks. Atmospheric burner is suitable for all types of gas furnaces for baths.

Do not forget about obtaining permits for the operation of gas equipment.

How to choose a stove for baths

How to choose a stove for baths

Electric heaters ↑

Furnace for a bath, powered by electricity, delivered a minimum of difficulties in the process of operation. Thermoelectric or tubular heating elements perform the function of heating element, they are metal or ceramic. To choose the right electric heater, you need to focus on the area of the steam room. Installation is on the floor or wall, followed by installation of additional fencing.

Often the furnace for a bath, powered by electricity, is equipped with a double hull for the prevention of burns. This ensures heating of the outer shell in the range of 30-40onC. Principal manufacturers of electrical furnaces for baths are located in Germany, Sweden and Finland, the average lifetime of the equipment is from 8 to 10 years.

How to choose a stove for baths

How to choose a stove for baths

A key advantage of an electric furnace for the bath – does not require equipment chimney. The lack of wood fuel allows you to keep cleanliness and order in the room. Another undoubted advantage – the heating time is less than all other constructions with other types of fuel. Despite its compact size, the stones are heated to a temperature of 650onWith, similar to a wood stove. If desired, you can choose an automated model that has LEDs and displays.

Nuances to consider when choosing electric models:

  • Equipment rooms bath electrical wiring that can withstand the power of 6 to 10 kW, depending on oven model.
  • Strict adherence to safety measures, due to the operation of electrical equipment under conditions of 100% humidity.
  • Regular operation of the design can become a significant expense item for utilities.

How to choose a stove for baths

How to choose a stove for baths

Which model to choose, depends on the size of the bath, frequency of use, availability of various types of fuel resources.

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