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How to make a stove out of metal

A good bath in your house long been a proven remedy to maintain health, release tension and accumulated fatigue. At home profitable and easy to use stove with electric heating. In the house, outdoors or in the country, the best option recognized as the stove made of metal, working on solid fuel. Today, stoves, metal, easy to buy, order in the metal workshop almost any taste, any fuel and heating power. But with the ingenuity of the tool and a suitable material is easier and cheaper to make a stove out of metal with their hands.

How to make a stove out of metal

The advantages of such metal bath of the furnace is undeniable:

  • There is a possibility «enter» oven to the bath room on their own perceptions about the convenience;
  • Light weight and durable design stoves make it easy to transport even in your own car;
  • Furnace design allows you to simply make changes and improvements with a minimum cost of labor and materials.

Getting to the manufacture of stoves, you need to identify its location in the steam room, the main geometrical parameters, based on the needs in the heat. Drawings of the most successful bath furnace, metal you can download on the Internet, if necessary, make amendments. Oven choose primarily based on ease of use of the stove, the heating power of the taken – 1 kg of wood per 1 mThree the room sauna.

How to make a stove out of metal

One of the most successful versions of the oven ↑

For the manufacture of stoves would not require a special brand of metal, used available grades of sheet metal and pipes. Thanks to the sophistication of the design is given the option stoves out of metal really raise their hands, having examined the drawings. Made according to the dimensions in the above drawing, the furnace of metal easily heats the steam room in 15 cubes.

Stove is divided into several sections, arranged in one housing – a segment of pipe with a diameter of 500mm and a length of 1300-1350mm:

  • Combustion chamber, volume load up to 10 kg of firewood, is located in the lower part of the body.
  • The heater has a separate hole for laying fresh stone and spraying water.
  • Tank with heated water. Heating occurs through the wall of the chimney. Thanks to the removable top cover just enough to clean and maintain capacity. Water can be picked up as over the top and using additional fitting or faucet mounted in the wall of the tank.

In addition to the basic sections, the design of the furnace used in the separation chamber between the heater and water tank. In this cavity will rapidly accumulate soot, so through a window closed by a cover, you should periodically remove it.

How to make a stove out of metal

Note! This design is the most safe and practical to use, requires a minimal amount of cutting and welding work.

Before starting the construction of the furnace, verify the strength of a tube blank, no cracks or local deformation of the metal.

Before the start of the cutting of pipes under the stove remove the layer of rust and oxides present on the metal surface using a hand held sandblaster or brushes for cleaning metal. Use chemical formulations based on phosphoric acid is not recommended.

For making the bath of the oven we will need:

  1. Welding equipment and materials,
  2. Sheet metal thickness 5 mm and dimensions 60х350см,
  3. Accessories for the manufacture of awnings doors fitting or tap for hot water,
  4. Metal pipe for removing gases from the furnace with a diameter of 108mm – cut to 100cm, the heating pipes of the heater with a diameter of 60mm – four cut.

Given the fact that the maximum risk is the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning with gases, the developers of this design bath stove measures were taken to reduce the number of welds in furnace part

The sequence of manufacturing furnaces for baths ↑

Mark the pipe sizes on the drawing. From a sheet of metal using gas welding or angle grinding machine, cut out 6 circles with a diameter of 500mm.

How to make a stove out of metal

Cut out round blanks select two that go inside the tube with minimum clearance between the edges of the flat pancakes and the inner wall of the pipe. These two will go on the top and bottom the bottom of the furnace.

Mark the position of the upper cover of the furnace chamber at a distance of 450mm from the edge of the pipe, using chalk, make the risks to the inner surface of the tube blank. Mark the location of the door of the combustion chamber, blower and heater. Carefully cut out Windows using «grinders» – angular grinding machines. Carved rectangular fragments use for the manufacture of doors. For this weld using the welding loop sheds at fixing doors.

How to make a stove out of metal

In the round billet upper wall of the combustion chamber cut out four round holes with a diameter of 60mm and with the help of electric welded segments of heat pipes used for heating of the heater. On the free ends of welded pipes installed billet upper wall of the heater and weld. In the end, we get two flat pancake connected by four pipes.

How to make a stove out of metal

Body bath set the stove upright and place the resulting node of the four heat pipes and two round bottoms inside the tube blank. By means of electric welding weld round the upper wall of the combustion chamber in its place, according to the drawing.

How to make a stove out of metal

1, 2, 19, 20, 28,29 – doors and elements of the furnace, blower; 3 – valve; 7, 8, 9, 10 11, 12, 13 – section of the furnace and the heater wall blower; 14, 16, 18 bottom plate; 15 – bar grille; 17 – hole for replenishing water; 21, 24 – Luke for download of the heater; 23 – pipe heating heater; 25, 26 – main pipe for discharging gases; 27 – faucet hot water consumption;

Attention! Welding the top of the bottom of the furnace should be done in multiple passes with maximum quality.

Turn body bath stove mounted vertically similar way to weld top bottom intermediate chamber. Next, you need to install into the housing and weld a round pancake homemade grate, the bottom of the stove and the bottom of the water tank. For the manufacture of the grates you can choose from two paths:

  • You can use one of the pancakes-the-blanks, pre-drill into the center of the grid of through holes with a diameter of 10mm, spaced at a distance from each other at 15-20 mm. it is better to choose the most «loose» the size of the workpiece – the one with the large gap between the inner surface of the housing of the bath furnace and the outer diameter «pancake».
  • The preferred option is ready to use cast iron grate of appropriate size. To install them in «the pancake» grinder to cut a window-size of grate, which is attached with four bolts and a couple of strips of metal.

After installation of the grate is welded to the bottom of the stove in its bottom wall. In the body of the stove metal piece is mounted offset from the edge 10-15mm.

How to make a stove out of metal

Equally responsible step is to install the bottom of the water tank in the upper part of the stoves. Design stoves made of metal provided that in the Central part of the tank is the pipe tap of products of combustion, and it is not located coaxially with the cylindrical furnace body.

It is important! To weld the chimney to the bottom base of tank you need with additional control of geometry of mutual arrangement of the pipe and the bottom.

Weld to boil at least twice, only then the bottom wall with the chimney is installed in the housing, stoves and welded along the contour.

The top cover of the water tank is performed easily removable, for mounting on the body of the stove you can use a couple of regular locks, or just flatten the top with a heavy object. On the chimney you can put a ring to seal the gap between the hole in the lid and the pipe.

At the final stage, hung the door of the combustion chamber, blower and heater. The window for cleaning the intermediate chamber between the heater and the water tank is better to fix with bolt, using sealing gasket.

Decoration ↑

Modern coating materials allow you to protect even much of the heated part of the furnace metal. High humidity and hot air will inevitably lead to intensive corrosion of the metal surface, even a closed insulated or lined with brick.

How to make a stove out of metal

The best option for surface treatment of metal paint silicone will withstand heat up to 250onC. To the walls of the furnace section it is better to use special powder coatings from thermosetting compositions, or based on powdered aluminum. To test the durability of the protective coating is better on separate scraps of metal. The surface of the metal bath of the furnace is degreased and covered in several layers with intermediate heating the structure.

Installation of stoves, metal, ↑

The most preferred option is the installation of a furnace, metal, with the release of the boot window of the furnace and blower in the room of the dressing room. For this to the body can be added a special boot boxes.

A more complex structure with more than kompensiruet advantages:

  • To heat the oven and warm the bath from the dressing room;
  • The room of the dressing room will be warmed enough, which also adds to the comfort and convenience of bath;
  • Improper operation of the stove or problems with the flue gases carbon monoxide will not get into the steam room.

How to make a stove out of metal

To install stoves from the metal is close to the body to complete the wall cladding of non-combustible materials is allowed the use of easily removable casing – insulation covering the walls of the furnace section of the furnace. Such a device will prevent burns and will help to regulate the temperature in the steam room without tampering with the stove. Similarly, should come with a flue pipe.

Stove made of metal must be installed on the Foundation, better with heat-resistant insulation and metal base.

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