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How to build a shed with your own hands from timber or metal

Most modern gardeners agree that no outbuildings on their site not to do. Gradually begins to accumulate tools, overalls and other essential work equipment. It should be stored in a special place, because most of the parts are metal and therefore subject to corrosion. To reduce the risk of rust, keep the tools and clothing in good condition for several seasons, it is recommended to build the shed, which is the most inexpensive but effective construction. How to build a shed without additional assistance, and tell you detailed instructions with pictures and videos.

How to build a country house of cabins ↑

In some cases, you must create a small building that will allow to spend free time summer resident in the room. To achieve this goal it is not always necessary to give preference to a new home with all the amenities. Sometimes the construction of such facilities has been delayed for several years. To simplify construction, it is recommended to build a mini house from the cabins. Make it pretty easy, just take the advice offered by our video.

Of course, in each case, uses a special approach to construction, but the obligatory condition is the presence of 4 mandatory conditions:

  • the creation of the Foundation;
  • the construction of the walls;
  • finishing external walls;
  • – installation of heating.

The Foundation for the future of the house ↑

The main advantages of the cabins as a country house, is the ease of most buildings. This condition implies that there is no need for special Foundation. To build a shed from timber is not difficult, if you create the Foundation of the columns.

How to build a shed with your own hands from timber or metal

In some cases, immediately mounted, and a small porch. It is created for ease of entry to the premises. If necessary to construct a global approach to the house, it creates a small but noticeable terrace. In this case the Foundation under it is mounted in a separate order.

The construction of the walls ↑

The shed involves the creation of walls of lightweight material. In most cases, it will be used only in the summer, and therefore the walls will be created quickly, without hassle and emphasis on insulation. To build the shed on the drawings will not be difficult if to prepare in advance the needed material. The walls, in most cases, subjected to only a small finishing inside and outside. A detailed description of the installation can be seen on video.

If the owner of the building desires to the full house, the walls should. Here is a special crate. It is recommended to apply a slim profile, although sometimes it is sufficient to use a small beam. Mount these objects involves the use of special plates that have the holes for the screws. The width between the two walls should imply further installation inside of their Windows.

To build a 6×3 shed with their hands and use high-quality thermal insulation of the erected walls. In this case, the crate needs to consider also the width of the insulation material. The expected time in the spring or fall, the construction will require use of mineral wool. The thickness of one Mat must be at least 10 centimeters. If the house will be used in the winter season, it is necessary to mount at least two layers of this material. If the installation process will be performed correctly, the resulting construction can be used for temporary residence.

How to build a shed with your own hands from timber or metal

Finish exterior walls ↑

When the construction of the cabins timber is finished, there is a perfectly reasonable question about how to begin to decorate it. The first thing to pay attention is needed on the exterior wall of the house. Guests can avail themselves of various proposals. As the shed is either a temporary solution dwelling or building under the inventory, the majority of vacationers selects the cladding material in the form of siding. The first focus is on the relative ease of installation and cheapness of the material.

How to build a shed with your own hands from timber or metal

Sometimes the best option is to use a special siding that resembles a log. Often used and ground material. As in DIY stores you can find several option build, to choose the optimum will not be difficult. In some cases, the shed not only looks beautiful but has its own style.

Heating in the building ↑

Manual for the construction of cabins does not tells about how to create the heating. Unfortunately, the modern building of the house of huts does not imply that a large number of options for the heating system. Often in this structure decided to install the stove called «stove». Although many people this device is associated with a very awkward construction, is actually the effect of it a lot.

At the very least you can purchase a heater that works from the mains. If you install about 2 convector 1 000 watts of power, they are able to provide the necessary heat for the room.

How to build a shed with your own hands from timber or metal

Expansion of existing buildings ↑

To build the shed on the plot, as the instruction is quite simple. But sometimes there is a need to expand the existing premises. In this case, it is sufficient to construct an addition on the same foundations and of the same material. In some cases it is permissible to combine two similar structures, and sometimes more, together. The only condition is the installation of additional interior doors.

How to mount the frame and wall ↑

To shed gave people the ability to feel full inside, we will discuss the detailed description of the construction of the frame and the construction of walls.

After the floor will be covered with joists, you must consider the installation of vertical and shear lag. The main frame is erected, as a rule, assembled from timber with a size in millimeters 150х100. It is used for flooring, as well as creating angles.

Their hands to build the shed at the cottage with quality parameters is only possible after laying, and most importantly the right of fixing the lag. On each of them, in the end, is a small piece of text. In this way the bars are inserted literally into each other. For a greater probability of their fixation they are secured with screws. In this simple way, an effective frame of the building.

It should be provided before further action, the layout of door and window openings. To make this procedure quite simple with the help of previously prepared drawing. In places where you want to create a window or door, the building will have additional strengthening of the frame.

How to build a shed with your own hands from timber or metal

In the last turn it is necessary to create a framework for future roof. It is common to apply a standard beam of size 50×100 mm. Installation is carried out according to the same technology as in the construction of the walls – a sign and fixing screws. You should ensure that the rafters are slightly hanging outside of the building, but not more than 30 inches. Roofing material can be chosen according to personal preferences.

How to build a shed with your own hands from timber or metal

Types of cabins ↑

In the last part I want to tell you about what are the cabins. Today it is popular to build four types of buildings, namely:

  • Panel;
  • Frame;
  • Lumber and log;
  • Cabins-containers or metal.

If wood does not arise special difficulties, some attention should be paid to cabins that are created of metal or constructed from a container.

How to build a shed out of metal, if you have your own container? Pretty simple if you know how to handle metal and devices that handle it.

How to build a shed with your own hands from timber or metal

This process uses a well-known sandwich bar. It should be noted that this product is suitable only for installation of temporary housing. In this case, the frame is created from metal. It is believed that this structure will allow you to preserve heat in the room will ensure a long safe from various environmental risks. The analogy of warming is the same as in a wooden shed, with the sole exception of material that has already been laid between sheets of metal.

How to build a shed with your own hands from timber or metal

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