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How to build a sinkhole of concrete rings

To each country house needed to use the restroom. Without this facility it is impossible comfortable existence. That’s just all kinds of designs, there are many, ranging from the dig in the ground septic tank and ending with the dry toilet.

Unfortunately, each of these options has its drawbacks. For example, when it comes to toilets, just remember the need to periodically clean the tank, and it’s still fun.

Of course, you can purchase a septic tank and a lot of years to forget about the cleaning, but the price of such construction is extremely high. To afford it, not everyone can. It is quite another septic tank of concrete rings. It is a perfect combination of quality and price. Besides the cesspool it is possible without any problem to build with your own hands.

Do the cesspool of concrete rings ↑

How to build a sinkhole of concrete rings

Period of operation of pit latrines with concrete rings is in the order of 100 years. But this figure has become a reality we need to do everything according to the instructions. Such durability is made possible by the concrete used in the construction. It is perfectly resistant to the processes of putrefaction and fermentation.

Choose a place ↑

In the construction of pit latrines with concrete rings a lot of attention should be paid to the selection of the place. To the well of water should be not less than five meters! The same distance to the house. Possibly this can be increased to 10-15 m. the fence is not less than 2 m.

It is important! Avoid planting near structures fruit trees.

A huge role is played by the depth of the groundwater table. Moreover, the data must be collected for one period, and seasonal. Only this will provide a complete geophysical picture.

Unfortunately, to determine the depth of groundwater without special equipment is impossible. The best option is to hire professionals with professional equipment. If this is not possible, then you need to rely on the nearest source of water. To him must be a distance of not less than 25 meters.

When selecting a location for the sump pit from concrete rings need to consider something else, namely the cleaning process. This will require a special machine and it is needed for entrance. In order not to experience difficulties with cleaning this nuance you need to consider.

The preparatory stage ↑

It begins with identifying the dimensions of the future design. The basis of the number of permanent residents in the house of the people. The algorithm of calculation is as follows: one cubic meter one person.

How to build a sinkhole of concrete rings

In the project pit latrines with concrete rings need to consider the installation of drain pipes that will go from the house to the pit. Ideally, they should have been made in the process of construction of the main building. But many buildings were built on the old model with all facilities on the street.

The depth of communication from house to septic tank from concrete rings shall not be less than 80 centimeters. The pipe should be laid at a slight angle. Supply to the concrete tank is on the last stage.

How to build a sinkhole of concrete rings

Of particular importance when creating the sump has a diameter of the rings. Need to make an accurate calculation and to select ring volume. It is best to order them in the factory. In a pinch you can make molds independently. However, this requires a lot of time and some fixtures.

The Council! Order rings with top cap and Luke. This ensures complete tightness design.

Installation ↑

This stage is considered the most important in the process of creating pit latrines with concrete rings. It consists of a series of interrelated actions:

  1. Fill the bottom with concrete. This is necessary to protect the soil from absorbing the damaging nature of the substances. Four parts sand one part cement. The amount of gravel in a solution of one to six. Gradually add to the mixture the water. When it becomes like a thick grey cream, you can assume that the solution is ready.
  2. Pour the mixture on the bottom of the well. Make the surface perfectly smooth. Wait until the solution hardens. This usually takes about 7 days. If the outside temperature is high, take care of the wetting the surface. Otherwise there is a risk of cracking due to too rapid drying. After the concrete hardens completely, you can proceed with the next phase of construction of pit latrines with concrete rings.
  3. Drop the first ring on the bottom and make insulation. You can use old bike camera. You can also use any other kind of sealer to create the sump pit from concrete rings. The best material is liquid glass. Just paste it into the grout and apply to joints. It is best to use two rings. This construction is characterized by great durability and reliability. The main thing is to choose the diameter.
  4. Next, dig another hole. While its depth must be greater than the first. Dip into it two rings, but the bottom did not fill.
  5. Drill the top rings of the two designs holes, lay in them pipes. They need to in a cesspool of concrete rings, the liquid is poured from one container to another.How to build a sinkhole of concrete rings
  6. Make ventilation.
  7. Put the cover with a polymeric hatches.

Actually, this major work on the creation of pit latrines with concrete rings over. Further, it is necessary to withdraw the pipe and take care of correct maintenance of the design.

It is important! Once you make communication not in a hurry to fill the earth. Make the check drain.

To septic tank from concrete rings to work properly, you need the biologics. This is a special mixture containing bacteria and a variety of additives, which contribute to minimal deposition of heavy organic substances.

Biologics can achieve a 98% clearance of waste liquid that is more than a good indicator. Besides recycled substance does not pose the slightest threat to the environment. It can even be used for the irrigation area.

It is important! An interesting feature of this sump is the formation of activated sludge. It accumulates on the bottom and contributes to wastewater.

The construction of pit latrines treat with great attention. If the state building standards will be broken against you will bring a lawsuit for violation of environmental norms and environmental pollution.

Warning! Before you fill the cesspool, give it the waterproofing of joints again.

Pumping ↑

Pumping your pits is as follows. First you need to find a company that provides septic system services in your area. The cost of the procedure is at a fairly high level, so pre-check the price.

How to build a sinkhole of concrete rings

It is important! The recovery process is not a pleasure neither workers septic system service, or you. Therefore, prepare yourself mentally to extremely unpleasant odors during this process. Alternatively, you can just go with family for a while.

To avoid this unpleasant procedure, pour into containers, special tools for cleaning. They will help to overcome the unpleasant emanations of the sump. Bacteria that are added to such drugs dissolve even paper, what can we say about egg shells and vegetable peelings. After this procedure the waste can be used as fertilizer.

Septic tank without pumping in the country ↑

So, first of all, you need to give one important clarification. Cesspools without pumping does not exist in principle. But there are technologies that allow to carry out this procedure every 5-7 years. An excellent example in this context is a sinkhole without a bottom.

This design is used for relatively clean effluent. For example, water from the shower. It is being built on sandy soils and pervious to water. Replaces bottom filter layer. Usually as the filter is the expanded clay or gravel.

Filter removes the insoluble matter. Purified water, in turn, gets in the soil. This technology allows to reduce the speed of filling the tank 2-3 times.

Most advanced sump pit is a septic tank. In principle, septic tank of concrete rings is a kind of its variety, if you look globally. The most advanced design has three tanks. And they really can be made of concrete rings.

How to build a sinkhole of concrete rings

The results ↑

The sump pit allows you to enjoy all the benefits of sanitation in the country house. While its construction may implement with your own hands, if you use concrete ring. The main advantage of this project is the relative cheapness and long life.

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