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Sauna stove with heat exchanger

Thinking about the way the heating water for bath procedures, to install the boiler it is not necessary. With this task perfectly cope heat exchanger.

Sauna stove with heat exchanger

The purpose of the heat exchangers and their classification ↑

Stove equipped with a heat exchanger that performs multiple functions. In addition to its direct purpose, furnace heat exchanger successfully heats water for shower. But if the construction is made in the form of a remote tank located in an adjacent room, the device at the same time heats the room. There are 3 variant of the device of the heat exchanger:

  • Internal. In this case, the stove is equipped with a coil located on the bottom or side.
  • External. Made in the form of a rectangular tank, the heating fluid directly through the wall stoves.
  • Outer. Is a sealed receptacle, encircling the chimney flue.
Comment! There are models of the furnace, where the inside coil is installed the water tank, made of stainless steel. The principle of their functioning is similar.

The principle of operation of heat exchangers, designed for stoves that are identical – by contact with the hot surface of a flue or furnace they heat the water for the tanks of large volume, based on the principle of convection. Their operation permits installation of a water tank adjacent to the steam room.

Sauna stove with heat exchanger

Regardless of the design, all the heat exchangers are filled with liquid. Based on the destination device, it can be ordinary water or antifreeze. Supplied with fluid from a connecting container (storage tank or heating system). Connection is made with two fittings on top and bottom. The whole scheme of the device of the heat exchanger is simple: it is based on the natural circulation of heated liquid or by connecting an electric pump.

Professional potters recommend to stop the choice on the open water heating system, without the use of pressure. You should also consider the influence of pipe length on the efficiency of the entire system. Optimum length not exceeding three metres. This is enough to bring a container of heated water in the next room.

Has a value and the thickness of the pipe. To work without the participation of the electric pump, it is necessary that the diameter exceeds one inch. Otherwise stove equipped with a heat exchanger, can not cope alone with the distillation liquid.

Sauna stove with heat exchanger

The rules of the installation design ↑

To achieve maximum performance of the system will allow proper placement of all its elements. The key is to mount storage tank – it is fixed above the level of the heat exchanger. Design connected by two tubes. Their installation is carried out with observance of certain rules:

  • Hot water in big tank via the pipe, installed with a slope of 30on to the horizontal level.
  • The pipe feeding the heat exchanger cold water is lower, the angle of inclination does not exceed 2on.
  • The water tank is equipped with a valve for intake of hot water.
  • Drain water is installed on the bottom of the tube.
Attention! Containers are filled with water before the beginning of kindling stoves. Failure to do so threatens the depressurization of the welds. When filling with cold water the heated tank, there is a risk of an emergency.

Sauna stove with heat exchanger

What are the important points to consider when equipped with bath furnace heat exchanger:

  • It is forbidden to fix the pipe to wall with the use of a stationary mounts. This is due to the possibility of increasing the diameter of the pipes during the strong heating of water.
  • The capacity of heat exchanger should match the performance stoves and not have it work significant effect.
  • The external capacitance is chosen such volume that the water it was ready for use 2 hours after kindling stoves. Earlier warming could provoke the boiling liquid and the formation of a high level of steam in the steam room. An excessively large amount is also undesirable due to prolonged heat water.
  • After heating stoves and heat exchanger avoid additional topping up of water.
  • For the connection of heat exchanger pipes, use seals that can withstand high temperatures that won’t melt.

Regardless of whether you buy ready-made heat exchanger for stoves or to produce it yourself, pay attention to the material for its production. It must possess resistance to sharp changes in temperature regime.

Sauna stove with heat exchanger

The working principles of devices for heating water ↑

Each of the three options for the location of the heat exchanger has features.

The inner coil ↑

In domestic equipment, stoves coil of steel pipe it is installed so that the design is not directly exposed to fire and was out of phase with the maximum temperature. Optimally, when the heat exchanger is on the way movements of waste combusted fuel, it will prolong the period of its operation. Among the advantages of the model – to keep the maximum temperature of the liquid for a long time, walls made of bricks or metal retain heat. At the exit of the bath of the furnace design is equipped with connections for pipe connecting it with an external capacitance. Built-in model provides a rapid heating of the water, but this device is not efficient enough due to the decrease of power stoves. The warm-up period, the steam is increased, and flue gas freely escapes through the chimney. The efficiency of such structures does not exceed 50%.

Comment! The exceptions are models bath brick stoves with a heat exchanger, where by a few strokes of movement of flue gases is provided by a heated shower and dressing room.

Sauna stove with heat exchanger

External mounted tank ↑

Capacity stainless steel side mounted stoves, and performs heating of the liquid due to the infrared radiation of one of the walls. Among the noted advantages of ease of installation. However, as in the previous embodiment, this heat exchanger reduces the amount of heat issued by the stove in the steam room. An additional disadvantage of the design is the need to regularly add cold water.

Sauna stove with heat exchanger

The heat exchanger on the chimney ↑

The most advantageous from the point of view of efficiency option. Its minimum performance is 60 %. This is achieved due to the lack of influence of the heat exchanger to the working of the stoves. Heating of the liquid is solely due to the temperature drop of the combustion products. A similar principle of operation of the design used most manufacturers of sauna stoves is made of metal. Available installation method of the heat exchanger has disadvantages: as the evaporation of the liquid will need topping up, and bulky appearance.

Sauna stove with heat exchanger

There is another interesting option for heating water is a model of the heat exchanger located on the chimney, in the form of a flow heater of a small amount (5-10 l). With the help of the pipes it connects with a remote tank with a volume of 60 to 120 L. the Size of the reservoir is chosen in proportion to power stoves. For the preparation of steam ensures heating of the water to the desired temperature.

If you wish, you can choose the combo option when stove is equipped with two heat exchangers – one is built into the furnace, the second is based on the chimney. For heating the bath is the storage tank for water to the design connect the battery or registers.

Sauna stove with heat exchanger

A brief overview of the furnaces ↑

The range of sauna stoves is made of metal and augmented heat exchanger has a wide range of pricing, size, quality, appearance and allows you to purchase the most appropriate model. This provoked the displacement of the brick counterparts because of their bulkiness and complexity of construction.

For steam rooms up to a volume of 18 cubic meters and convenient way of heating is a furnace «Vesuvius» SKIF. The housing of the heat exchanger installed in the side pocket, depending on the needs of the buyer it is equipped with the left or right side. One of the advantages of the model – the presence of the heater in the enclosure surrounding the design. This achieves the effect of a brick oven. For the production of furnace are used high-quality eight-millimeter steel, do not change the proportions at high temperatures.

Sauna stove with heat exchanger

Model «Tornado» more powerful and designed for a room up to 20 cubic meters structural Weight is 125 kg, built-in heat exchanger. Installation of stoves requires the correct calculation of the strength of the Foundation. Side shield allows the laying of the stones weighing up to 240 kg. the advantages of the model – a powerful furnace is made of cast iron. Heating stones in the side compartment up to the maximum temperature and to prevent overheating of the air provides a convenient cover. The competition for the domestic models are the Finnish producers.

Sauna stove with heat exchanger

Long-term operation of heat exchangers for stoves achieved under the condition of correct installation of the system and compliance with the rules of operation of the design.

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