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Stoves with a closed heater

The main purpose stoves – steam production. The process occurs due to the ingress of water on the hot stones. All furnaces for baths are divided into two types – open and closed heater. What features has design with closed stove, the advantages of the different types of furnaces depending on the material of manufacture, let us consider in detail.

Stoves with a closed heater

The principle of operation of models with a closed stove ↑

Bath furnace equipped with a heater of the closed type, has a steam door is designed for heat transfer. During the period of combustion of fuel door is in the closed state, it prevents the penetration of steam smoke. Just before bath procedures the door opens and the air reaches steam room +45-60onS. Among the disadvantages of the furnace model with a closed heater is celebrated for a long period of kindling and larger fuel consumption. On average, the process of preparing a furnace with a closed heater to the bath procedures takes 4 hours.

Stoves with a closed heater

Furnaces for baths with an internal location of the heater are constant and periodic action. Closed stove in stoves helps improve the efficiency of the design by the passage through it of the fuel combustion products.

It is important! Operation of the stoves, equipped with a closed heater is allowed only after a full warm-up of the stones and burn-up of soot.

Solving the problem, what stove is better guided by the following parameters:

  • providing heating steam to +45onWith Paul and +80onWith the ceiling;
  • the possibility to obtain moist vapor in the process of watering the heater water;
  • the lack of smoke and carbon monoxide in the steam room;
  • safe operating conditions;
  • economical fuel consumption.

Stoves with a closed heater

Design of periodic action ↑

Thanks to the ability to keep warm for 48 hours, the option of furnaces for baths of periodic action the most popular. Stones located in the middle of the brazier, their heating occurs through the fiery furnace or waste combustion passing through the flue pipe. It provides a warming up of stones, located below, to +1000onWith the upper layer warms up to +650onC. as a result of the impact of smoke on the stones, they are coated with soot, therefore, to operate the steam room is permitted only after the final burning of the fuel. Failure to comply with the constraints imposed on the steam room will be filled with poisonous carbon monoxide. It’s safe to be in the room after 3-5 hours after the commencement of kindling.

Features of functioning of the furnace continuous action ↑

Stove, based on the constant action, includes:

  • ash pit;
  • the firebox;
  • stone filling;
  • fireplace.

In this model, the process of heating the array of stones carried through the wall, separating it from the firebox. Hot rocks reach temperatures of 400-500onWith their heat warmed steam room. Wall stoves of continuous operation, equipped with a closed stove, made of refractory steel sheets with a thickness of 4 mm. Such models have their nuances. Due to excessive heating of the case, due to the small thickness of the masonry firebox, it is equipped with housing made of metal. Between the screen and the casing is the movement of air currents heated from the heated walls of the furnace.

In the process furnace of the bath products mainly fuel burn not completely, it provokes the deposition of soot on the stones. When they receive the liquid, the steam entering the steam contains harmful soot particles, thereby contaminating the air. To avoid problems of bath designs is continuous with a closed heater will allow the enclosure of stones from the smoke oven made of cast iron or steel.

Stoves with a closed heater

The advantages of a closed heater ↑

Regardless of manufacturer and material, oven with a closed stove have a lot of advantages:

  • Due to the presence of the fuel door in the adjacent room, eliminating the presence of unburned gases. The atmosphere of the steam room is filled with aromas of steamed herbs or broom, unpleasant odors do not exist.
  • Stone array is heated uniformly, forming optimal conditions for the production of a light pair, consisting of tiny droplets. It provides a comfortable stay in the steam room. There is scientific evidence of harmful effects on the body excessive convection in the bath of the furnace.
  • Analysis of models with open and closed heater for safe operation indicates the advantage of the first embodiment. This is due to the impossibility of getting a steam burn in the process of adding water to the stones, as well as the location of the combustion chamber with the fuel door in the next room.
  • Full bath protoplennoy oven for a long time maintains the desired temperature even after stopping the process due to the slow cooling of a closed heater.

Stoves with a closed heater

Feature cast iron modifications ↑

The principle of conventional design with an open heater based on the heating of the room due to stones located directly above the roaster. They glowed thanks to the open fire and gave up its heat to the steam room. Despite the high efficiency of the model, a significant drawback was the need for constant maintenance of the flame. With its extinction both decreased temperature. When the cast iron stove has a closed stove, this problem is not present and the period of heating steam is reduced. Characteristic features of the closed stove in a cast-iron models of the following:

  • The stones are placed between two iron sheets. This promotes their rapid heating and slow cooling, accompanied by a gradual distribution of heat throughout the steam room.
  • Passing through the array of stones, the flue gases are additionally heated, reducing the amount of heat it is useless emitted into the atmosphere.
  • Surface cast-iron construction promotes even heating of the steam room, the sharp contrasts possible in the operation of an open heater are missing.
  • Successfully saved the aromas from burning natural firewood used for space heating.
  • High power. The temperature of the rocks reaches +600onWith and are sustained over time, allowing you to fully enjoy the Russian Banya.
Comment! Operation of the steam iron furnace with a covered heater provides uniform heating of air masses, contributing to reduced cardiac stress. This allows you to take a treatment for people with lung problems and heart.

Stoves with a closed heater

The properties of sauna stoves of brick ↑

For the construction of stoves used red burnt brick. The area of the furnace has the thicker the walls (250 mm), the rest of the case can not exceed the thickness in a half-brick or quarter. As fuel is peat or wood, for some models, for example charcoal. Through the use of such fuel, of the brick oven belongs to the models of periodic action.

Stoves with a closed heater

Pre-protoplanets room for several hours, and only after reaching the desired temperature, a visit to the steam room. Advantages brick structure is the following:

  • long heat retention stones to get steam in 9 hours;
  • fire safety;
  • keep the warmth inside during the day;
  • optimally suitable for usage in large rooms.
The Council! Thanks to the ability to overheat to +800S, the most rational set of the brick oven in the premises with area of over 30 sq m.

Avoid rapid cooling of the stones in the process of obtaining a pair will allow you to download stones in the oven periodic operation at the rate of 30-40 kg per 1 cubic meter the steam room. For safe operation of a brick kiln for a long time, it is important to find a professional high level. The installation takes two to three weeks, after which the adoption of bath procedures may develop into a kind of ritual, a revered family or friends.

Stoves with a closed heater

When choosing a design oriented to the heating rate of the furnace volume of the steam room and the number of people while visiting.

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