The laying of metal with their hands

If you want to put a metal roof on their own, it should be understood that this process requires strict adherence to a specific sequence of actions. Any, even slight deviations from established rules, can significantly reduce the quality of the placed the roof surface and reduce its service life.

The laying of metal with their hands

The necessary materials and tools ↑

For fast and high-quality styling metal you need to have the following materials and tools:

  • electric screwdriver;
  • a long wooden plank;
  • a marker or a corrector;
  • roulette;
  • hacksaw or metal shears;
  • jigsaw.
It is important! Never use in the process of laying the grinder.

High temperature which is present during operation of the instrument, destroys the polymer coating of the roofing material, and as a result it formed the place is undergoing a rapid process of corrosion and rust.

As for the fasteners, at the laying of metal is to use only galvanized screws with rubber gasket.

The laying of metal with their hands

Work on fixing the sheet metal screws easier to drill, or electric drill with special nozzles.

If in the process of laying roofing material on the surface of the sheet metal has been scratched, they immediately need to paint, matching the tone with the metal.

The laying of metal with their hands

Preparation for laying ↑

The resulting surface is fully consistent with the project future roof after mounted the rafters, should conduct a thorough measuring of gradients of the slant of the roof. If they revealed a slight deviation from the initially specified parameters, they must be eliminated with the help of additional elements.

It is important! To the laying of metal was performed correctly, the taper angle of the surface of the roof shall not be less than 14 degrees.

The laying of metal with their hands

The dimensions of the sheet metal is determined depending on the distance between the ridge and the eaves. In order that the sheets did not go very close to the edge, it is necessary to add 50 mm to the length. If the surface of the roof is more than seven meters, then use the method of joining several sheets of roofing material.

Sheets of metal need to be laid with overlaps. Using the long shingle will help to reduce the number of joints, but to perform such actions yourself, you need only if you have some experience in similar works.

The laying of metal with their hands

Insulation and ventilation ↑

In the operation of the roof, no serious problems requiring rework the entire surface, you should know some features when laying metallocherepichnoy roof:

  1. If for one day, there are significant atmospheric fluctuations, on the inner surface tiles metal roofing condensation.
  2. Also high humidity under the base of the roof, can lead to the evaporation rising from the first floor of the building.

The laying of metal with their hands

If you are aware of such features and to take measures for their elimination, there can be wetting of the insulation and reduces its technical characteristics.

Also due to incorrect arrangement of the vapor barrier and the insulation layer, the roof can freeze on the roof surface ice is formed, the wooden rafters begin to rot on their surface blooms of mold. All these factors negatively affect both internal and external decoration of the building.

The laying of metal with their hands

To avoid such problems should be guided by the following rules:

  • you only need to pack a dense and thick layer of insulation;
  • you must use the film or membrane to protect against moisture and condensation;
  • be sure a vapor barrier that protects insulation from moisture;
  • to equip the under-roof space with natural ventilation.

Put a metal roof ↑

Roofing material dock in groups of four sheets at a time. When applying you need to ensure that the sheet metal in the same row was offset with a slight slope. On the first sheet, all subsequent can be stacked in the right and left direction. It all depends on the ease of installation in each case. As a rule, the laying begin with the side where no sections or junctions.

The laying of metal with their hands

Laying the tile, we should ensure that the capillary groove on the leaves was definitely closed. For this purpose the edge of the sheet should be laid under the previous laid a sheet of metal. This method is very convenient and easy to implement, and so it is used for self-Assembly works. The technique of stacking the sheet on the sheet, to prevent the slide of metal, but it is possible the possibility of damage to the surface of the material.

It is important! Regardless of what form is the roof, the sheets of roofing material is aligned strictly along the line of the cornice.

In General terms, the algorithm of paving material are prescribed as follows:

Metal roofing is collected in a single row, using 3-4 sheet. All the elements are joined together by short screws.

The laying of metal with their hands

Each sheet in the assembled panel is attached with one screw to the crate. In the process, sheets of metal assembled in a row can be rotated around an axis, the leveling arrangement with respect to the slant of the roof.

If the metal is stacked in several layers, the first number of sheets is aligned strictly along the eaves.

All subsequent rows are stacked on top of each other, moving from the bottom point from the eaves to the roof ridge.

Collected in a number of sheets are stacked in the following order. The first sheet at the eaves served the second, then the second sheet of the first row, moving horizontally, is attached another sheet of metal. The last sheet of metal in turn is offered the following.

The laying of metal with their hands

This is done as long as the resulting square sheet will not be adjusted plumb. After all the line laying level checked, they can be fixed to the sheathing fasteners, wineva increments through one wave.

Styling features of the triangular shaped roofs ↑

Before you start installing the siding, it should be noted the center line of the beveled surface of the roof and hold on to it a conditional axis. This line will become the main guideline for laying tile. The collected leaves are placed on both sides of the axis, moving from the eaves line to the ridge.

The laying of metal with their hands

Laying metal tiles on the roofs of the triangular form requires trimming on oblique ridges. In order to simplify the task of marking the sheets, it is necessary to make pattern – Chertok. Chertok is a wooden rectangular frame, in which all the sides are connected by hinge means. Size chertka must match the settings used metal. With the help of this device you can mark the cut line on desired panels of metal.

Device, skylights, and cross-cutting outputs ↑

Pass-through outputs are intended to ensure the tightness of the design and installation of such items is clearly spelled out in the manufacturer’s instructions. In places where the elements of the output pass through layers of vapor barrier or insulating layer, the joints should be thoroughly treated with a sealant or glue, special tapes.

The laying of metal with their hands

Dormer Windows are designed to provide air circulation in the attic. To ensure the tightness of the joints between the Windows and the surface installation of the roof, they set a special universal sealer, and carefully treated with a sealant.

How to store metal roofing ↑

According to regulations, the roofing material of similar appearance should be stored in cool areas as much as possible protected from direct sunlight, rain and other precipitation.

If metal is to be stored for more than a month, in order to avoid loss of performance properties of the material, it should be stacked in piles. Panel, be sure to shift wooden slats that between them have circulated the air.

The laying of metal with their hands

Conclusion ↑

The laying of metal is not difficult, but requires accuracy, patience and careful observance of all instructions and recommendations given by the manufacturer of the roofing material.

Some important nuances when laying the metal with their hands will know in the next video

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