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What battery is best for houses and apartments

Climatic conditions in most parts of the Russian territory are forced to invest a lot of money in trouble-free operation of heating systems. The market offers a variety to choose solutions to the problem of supplying heat by means of proper application of the heating system. If the apartment uses Central heating, but in winter is pretty cool, it is worth considering what battery is better to choose for an apartment? To actually choose the battery with the mind is a really effective way to increase the flow of heat in the apartment.

What battery is best for houses and apartments

What battery is best for flat ↑

It is better to choose the battery best suited to your heating system. And here it is necessary to treat with the maximum attention to technical characteristics and parameters heating of communications, condition of the pipes, valves taps and valves. Better if battery will help you choose the specialist, not the seller.

Individual heating apartments ↑

If you are a happy owner of an individual heating system, in this case, most likely, the batteries were selected and matched with masters and experts involved in the design, installation and commissioning the boiler and system heat removal. If the node generating heat works without problems, then the most that should do is to choose and add the desired number of registers to the existing.

Usually it is a modern aluminum or different constructions, different- bimetallic battery, light, beautiful and easy to use. With a simple device – a steel radiator nipple a separate section going into the battery the required heat output. Sometimes installed manual controllers, allowing you to select the degree of heating of the battery.

What battery is best for houses and apartments

The advantages of such a scheme are obvious:

  • High heat output, allowing for minimal size and weight to obtain effective heating of premises;
  • Long service life, amounting to high-quality products at least 20-25 years;
  • Beautiful design and compact size allow you to fit almost any decor.

In modern devices heating almost always set faucet Majewski, allowing their own forces to remove air from the heating sections, thereby to normalize their work. Especially useful this device for radiators, included in the Central heating system.

In individual systems, the pressure of the coolant in the registers and pipes rarely exceeds a few atmospheres, so fluid leaks in the joints and sealing gaskets is not seen even after a dozen years of operation.

Sometimes with the installation of individual boilers owners instead of modern aluminium constructions of batteries can choose the cast-iron registers. This makes some sense. The iron battery at least twice cheaper, can be used in heating for at least 30 years of service. Despite the fact that you can choose any option.

It is important! The use of modern batteries are made of cast iron allows them to be used as a heat accumulator, which greatly reduces the load on the boiler.

Central heating system ↑

Almost the entire housing stock built during the Soviet power, were connected to the Central heating system using cast-iron registers. In those days the question of which battery is better, not even raised, it was nothing. In any case, the old Soviet «the pot» should change more modern for the following reasons:

  • Despite «healthy» appearance, over half of the cast-iron buildings exhausted the resource, under a thick layer of paint hidden pockets of corrosion and fistula, able at the most inopportune moment to throw the owners of the flooding of the apartment;
  • The internal cavity of the at least one third clogged with scale and salt deposits from water circulating in the heating system;
  • A thick layer of paint reduces the efficiency of heat transfer at least twice.
Note! Attempts to wash out or burn the old cast iron registers provide a small increase in the heat transfer heat better, but the amount of leakage of water through the perforations is increasing dramatically. It is better to choose a new battery.

What battery is best for houses and apartments

Modern cast iron radiators is structurally similar to the old Soviet ways, but lighter and more durable. You can select the battery, painted a double-layered soil, or a special powder paint with high heat transfer coefficient. In some cases, you can choose individual appearance «iron» for a specific interior style. But the cost of such products may be higher quality bimetal heaters.

Steam options ↑

Steel construction batteries have been used in centralized systems when changing from water to steam heating. Product design has changed, instead of 6-10 solid cast iron registers, you can choose the battery in a circuit of several steel tubes high pressure, with lots of thin fins that increase the heat transfer surface. Steel is much inferior to cast iron in capacity to conduct heat, but due to the high temperature most of the energy is transferred by radiation. Therefore, the use of steel in the radiator did not affect the efficiency of heating.

What battery is best for houses and apartments

Interesting! In multi-storey buildings and housing of Germany applies heated with the use of such systems, this significantly reduces heat loss during transportation.

In addition to tubular structures, in heating systems used radiators, in which the registers are made of two thin steel profiles with stamped channels fluid motion. Battery turns thin and graceful, with a very high heat. It is impossible to choose the design with an arbitrary number of registers. You can choose the finished product with a length of from 0.4 to 3.0 m.

This option is ideal for small country houses with individual electric boiler. Due to the thin wall energy from the coolant is transferred to the room air very quickly, without the cost of heating massive parts, as in the case of cast-iron heaters. The tap controller allows you to select the degree of heating of the battery.

Unfortunately, such options panels required to select and use special antifreeze for heating systems, providing a low content of oxygen and salts. Also they do not tolerate the operation of individual boilers in high-cycle heating-cooling.

Heating of a private house ↑

The specificity of the improvement of the private housing enables you to select and apply a variety of heating systems, from heat pumps to ordinary burning wood or coal. Depending on the boiler you can choose which is better radiators, the most simple and convenient for private home. In addition to the above fabricated steel panels to heat the house can be almost any safe design.

What battery is best for houses and apartments

The main factor that allows you to choose any option, is the budget or the availability of funds for the acquisition and installation of modern batteries. In addition, not all construction heater is able to operate equally effectively in the privacy of the home. These exceptions include steel steam radiators. In terms of use instead of a pair of liquid coolant to their flow resistance will be much higher, efficient heat below, respectively, to choose the more suitable option.

You can choose aluminium radiators in the heating system, but do not use water as a coolant, especially in natural circulation.

Otherwise, the amount dissolved in the coolant of oxygen and carbon dioxide will lead to a slow but constant reaction of aluminum with water, resulting in a vertical pipe bends are formed in the gas tube. Water can be replaced with a special solution with the dissolved compounds that prevent the destruction of the aluminum, which is prone to corrosion, particularly in the construction of articles of copper or bronze. Should check the system for nodes of non-ferrous metals before you make a choice in favor of aluminum.

What battery is best for houses and apartments

The oldest kind of battery are structures made from thick-walled steel pipes with diameter 120mm, sometimes with additional ribs in the form of round steel plates. As well as cast iron design, they are completely insensitive to the composition and quality of the coolant. To select the heating mode is impossible. These batteries can easily survive the discharge of water from heating systems for the long term, under condition of preservation with a special solution.

What battery is best for houses and apartments

Cumbersome and unattractive appearance led to the almost complete abandonment of their use in residential areas.

What to choose from the battery ↑

To summarize, it is safe to say that almost all modern radiators have excellent heat transfer characteristics, and is what to choose. But among equals, the most suitable for the modern private home or apartment will be bimetallic heating system. With excellent performance characteristics they are more versatile and more reliable.

What battery is best for houses and apartments

Recognized leaders in the production of various heating systems are considered to be an Italian company. Subject to availability of financial opportunities to choose ecig battery companies Global Group, SiRa, known models, Global Style Extra, and Sira Gladiator, Sira RS. Among Russian manufacturers, we can recommend products company Charging. They produce licensed models of the development Global Group of appropriate quality.

On the question of which bimetal radiators are better for apartment, can be answered quite simply – it is better to choose quality products. Would be an obvious mistake to buy cheap Chinese devices of different constructions, focusing only on the advice of friends or reviews online. Aluminium and steel constructions of Chinese manufacturers contain large amounts of sulfur and phosphorus that is in contact with a water environment conducive to severe corrosion of rebar and pipes.

If you intend to buy a product made in China, please attention to the products of the company Tenrad using German manufacturing technology and quality control.

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